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GeoNode GeoNode is a geospatial content management system, a platform for the management and publication of geospatial data. It brings together mature and stable open-source software projects under a consistent and easy-to-use interface a

metricsgraphics MetricsGraphics is a library built for visualizing and laying out time-series data. At around 15kB (gzipped), it provides a simple way to produce common types of graphics in a principled and consistent way. The library currently s

itsrennyman Open Source Cookieless Analytics Platform - Designed for Humans & Developers

cruip Mosaic Lite is a responsive dashboard template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React. It comes with several pre-coded charts (built with Chart.js 3) and widgets, and it's a great starting for anyone who wants to cre

ZerioDev A simple Dashboard for Discord bots under development.

rocketseat-experts-club Repositório com o código base para a live de criando micro front-ends com Webpack5 e module federation

khalby786 Utterances is a lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues, for blog comments, wiki pages and more.

tw-in-js Intelligent Twind tooling for VS Code

egoist Writing front-end and back-end API in a single project allows faster development (imo), this plugin essentially brings Next.js' API routes to your Vite app.

calebporzio A simple command to build a Tailwind CSS file for your project (with JIT compiling and watching)

marchinho11 🏝 Сервис персонализированных предложений для сайта туроператора TUI

CaptainCodeman Firebase SDK Packages are lazy-loaded from the CDN. This ensures that the application starts up quickly (rather than waiting for the large firebase bundles to load) and also auth can load and initialize before other packages (e.g.

brilliantconsultingdev Zero-dependency TypeScript library for functional programming to reduce risk of unhandled errors when building software

mattfreitas Short URL with Serverless + Redis + Netlify

jitsi A low-level JS video API that allows adding a completely custom video experience to web apps.

ixartz 🚀 Landing Page Template written in Next.js 10+, Tailwind CSS 2.0 and TypeScript ⚡️ Made with developer experience first: Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.

arnav-kr Shikijs - A JavaScript Library for Syntax Highlighting on the way with the themes you always wanted.

egoist @egoist/path-parser This module is entirely extracted from vue-router, it's basically a light-weight version of path-to-regexp with path ranking suppo

Dalvii Plex library image export Export Plex libraries at image format for a better preview of what you have on your Plex. Items will be set in 7x7 format. C

expo use-unmount-signal useUnmountSignal is a React Hook to cancel promises when a component is unmounted. It uses the W3C-standard AbortSignal API to noti

mrwweb Clicky Menus! A project by Mark Root-Wiley, MRW Web Design Clicky Menus lets you create a progressively-enhanced, accessible one-level dropdown menu t

ptkdev-boilerplate 👔 svelte-spa-boilerplate Create single page application with this friendly Svelte boilerplate made with typescript and love This is a github template

surma as-inliner as-inliner allows you to inline the contents of a file into your AssemblyScript. This all happens at build time as either a string or a Sta

cachecleanerjeet amazon-scraper Serverless Amazon India Scraper made with Cloudflare worker Features Product Page Search Page No Limitation Unlimited Requests Api Endp

one-aalam Next.js Starter Kit Boilerplate to quckly get up and running with Next.js with Typescript as the language choice Tailwind CSS for quick styling withou

BnademOverflow About Us : BnademOverFlow A great community with genius people who love to be beside the computer and understand how its works, we are into a new chal

bsharper ATV Desktop Remote A simple menubar app that allows you to control an Apple TV from your desktop Download I've created macOS and Windows releases avai

pedrorivald CSS-Studies Tecnologias Imagens Desktop Mobile Modo Escuro Autor Aplicação com interface baseada em Neumorphism | Geração de códigos CSS para Gradient

egoist 💛 You can help the author become a full-time open-source maintainer by sponsoring him on GitHub. rollup-plugin-deno This plugin uses Deno's Node.js c

cassidoo Next.js Context Example Here's an example of using React Context and useReducer with Next.js for state management. If you'd like to read more, check o

cryptohack CryptoHack Typora Theme Ever look at the CryptoHack blog and wished your notes could look like that? Me too! What is this? A dark theme for Typora bas

jasnell Node.js awaitable timers Extracts the Node.js awaitable timers (from require('timers/promises')) implementation from Node.js. See:

Leask StarLink Signal Status 🛰️ Starlink Signal Status Dashboard in your terminal. Requirement You can use slss dashboard only in the Starlink network. Thi