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marcusyoda TS-PRINT Useful library for debugging in node, with formatted colors and dates, is intended to be intuitive. TECHNOLOGY: WHO SHOULD USE: Any developer

narze Thwordle Wordle clone, but it's Thai. TODOs Show rule & special rule for Thai language Share (Copy result) Word of the day Save result (localstorage)

afreemanio smoothe-braine No folds! Report Bug Request Feature Content smoothe-braine Content About The Project Built With Features Contributing Contact License

labmlai Chrome extension This is the source code of the Chrome extension. Get it from Chrome webstore About 🔎 View informatio

fitzgeraldkd Piano Roll My submission for Qvault's 2022/01/17 hackathon! My virtual instrument is a piano roll with a simple sequencer! Running Piano Roll To run t

KATT Early draft of how a future tRPC-version could look like. Head in to src/server.ts / src/client.ts, try adding/removing/changing queries and mutations.

tmhglnd emoji4max Probably the least useful package for Max8, but lots of fun. Contribute Suggestions for new objects with emoji are welcome. Suggestions for

ranon-rat 3d canvas hello i make this project based in this article of wikipedia that helps me a lot for make this little project. the formulas Im using the per

CherryWaffle LavaLink-Node-Monitor-for-Discord This Bot will help you monitor multiple LavaLink nodes directly on discord [Updates Every 30 Seconds] Setting Up The

stacktrace-error null-hovers A Mindustry mod that turns (most of) the air units into hovercraft with custom sprites and effects. Currently on the chopping block: T2. Y

tigerabrodi Real-time comments prototype Simple demonstration of real-time commenting. Installation After forking it, run npm install, then you need two environme

qbolec Purpose First of all, needless to say this is not a medical advice. Which you should be able to tell, because I'm some random developer on github, not

ruben3d Retro Fligh Simulator Quick and dirty attempt to replicate the visuals of late 80s / early 90s flight simulators, using as a reference MicroProse's F-

viniciusfersil123 This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Started First, run the development server: npm run dev # or yarn dev Open http://

Olmectron Simple Web App GUI for YANBF Generator This was built using Polymer Starter Kit template. Head there to understand about how to fork or contribute to

skillerm munch-page Read: Project in early stage, there are still bugs to be fixed and features to be added. To contribute to the project, fork this repository

Akif9748 Changes: ENTER Intents for client! const client = new Client({ intents: [Intents.FLAGS.GUILDS, Intents.FLAGS.GUILD_MESSAGES, Intents.FLAGS.GUILD_MEMBE

faultables Saweria iOS application's unofficial iOS app built for fun purpose. I'm using an undocumented public API and you can think of this app as a

ClamAV-API-Server ClamAV API Server This repo is based on kylefarris/clamscan. This API server will help you to scan urls and files remotely. Before you use this API yo

ficool2 Hammer++ Issue Tracker Here you can report any bugs or problems you encounter with Hammer++, as well as request any features. Reporting a bug or crash

otaviozin This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Started First, run the development server: npm run dev # or yarn dev Open http://

CRImier ProtoESP ProtoESP hardware and documentation files ^_^ The intention for this repo is to host the hardware source files - eventually. It will also hav

earthstar-project Earthstar Streaming RPC Very similar to JSON-RPC, but also supports streaming. Written to be used in Earthstar (github, docs). This is a "Deno-first"

FahrulID virtual-gamepad Transform your phone into a virtual gamepad. Explore the docs » View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents About The P

ai03-2725 ai03 Plate Generator v2 Yet another mechanical keyboard plate generator. Try it live Available here Features A focus on exceptionally accurate plate g

damiendawreck nestjs-response-schema A package for declaring and enforcing responses in NestJS Installing First, start by installing nestjs-response-schema by runni

PeopleForBikes PeopleForBikes community site. Developping The website is generated using Zola static site generator and the Juice theme. Ref

supasonk 🛰️ Terra Crash Course Beginner Tutorial and Resource for Terra Developer Beginner Resource 📚 Terra Academy Smart Contracts Video 👨‍💻 Official Terr

eth-time ETH Time ETH Time is a new NFT collection created to explore new ways of generating NFTs on-chain. It is inspired by existing projects such as Zora's

CommunityPro Portfolio Template - HTML Build your portfolio using this super easy template. Free to use if you are a member of the community or a contributor to th

hamzzBot DEPLOY HEROKU Heroku Buildpack BuildPack LINK FFMPEG here IMAGEMAGICK here FOR TERMUX/UBUNTU/SSH USER apt update && apt upgrade apt install git -y apt

aldipermanaetikaputra simple-line-reader Simple, buffered, line-by-line file reader with customizable buffer size. Install npm install simple-line-reader yarn add simple-li