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trashhalo Astro Command Astro component for static rendering of commands. This allows you build components in any language. Demo Usage --- import { Command } fr

ai Nano Colors A tiny and fast Node.js library for formatting terminal text with ANSI colors. It is 2 times faster than chalk. Both loading and calls. No

willmcgugan Code Reviews I'm offering reviews for free and open source projects. The reviews will focus on API design and general architection of your project wit

reacttips-dev Codebases This is collection of some big project's codebases built with Reactjs that direct downloaded from some websites. They're good for reading an

JuliaAcademy Decision Making Under Uncertainty with POMDPs.jl Introduction to the POMDPs.jl framework and its ecosystem. The course covers how to build and solve d

ryanburgess Manager Interview Questions A list of interview questions for manager roles. Follow Ryan Burgess on Twitter Management How would you describe your man

christianselig Open in Apollo Safari Extension This Safari extension on iOS 15 and higher works to make it easier to view Reddit links in Apollo by automatically ope

danielesteban portals Portals with ThreeJS Dev environment # clone this repo git clone cd portals # install dev depende

DanielGTI 2021-2-T33-AULA Exemplos da aula Comandos do GIT Para criar um novo repositorio local: // para iniciar o repositório git init // para adicionar o ver

mvximenko 🇯🇵 Awesome Made by Japanese Curating the best projects that were made and mainly contributed by Japanese developers > 30k ★ Awesome Android UI by Da

Phuong39 PoC-CVE-2021-30632 PoC CVE-2021-30632 - Out of bounds write in V8 Tested against Samsung Internet Browser v15.0.2.47, which does not yet have Google's

Alaricus perParticles Performant Particles is a demo that was written to handle a comparatively large amount of particles without slowing down to the same degr

HoangTran0410 FB Media Downloader 1 Tool nhỏ viết bằng Nodejs. Giúp: Tải nhanh 1 album ảnh bất kì trên facebook, bạn chỉ cần có id của album ảnh đó là được. Update(

protomaps A vector map renderer and labeler for the web

0x4bd0 Pathfinding visualizer, using A* search algorithm.

linnify JavaScript API Client for interacting with DatafyCMS API.

antfu 😼 Supercharges GitHub navbar for fast navigation

davatron5000 An unpacked chrome extension for Github

Ajaxy Telegram Web Z Local setup mv .env.example .env npm i Obtain API ID and API hash on and populate the .env file. Dev mode npm run dev

RensAlthuis Vertical Overview Description Gnome has had vertically stacked workspaces for a long time. The Gnome 40 update unfortunately made the switch to a hori

ncase Go check out the demo! Stuff To Do? If Nutshell bubble's pretty small, don't recap sentence. Just use "..." Fine-tuned choosing of text to snippet: Ch

MoralisWeb3 Moralis SDK for JavaScript A library that gives you access to the powerful Moralis Server backend from your JavaScript app. Create Server Here For mor

vinceliuice Requirements GTK >=3.20 gnome-themes-extra (or gnome-themes-standard) Murrine engine — The package name depends on the distro. gtk-engine-murrine on A

Luukdegram zwld Experimental linker for wasm object files. The idea is to implement a linker that stays close to wasm-ld in regards to features so that one day t

mmazzarolo React Native Monorepo Tools A set of tools to help you build your React Native project in a Yarn Workspaces monorepo. Check out the "Running React Nat

jpbrab0 Vagas Estágio Este projeto foi inspirado no >>backend-br/vagas<< e é para ajudar pessoas que estão na procura de alguma vaga de estágio em T.I! Criand

AmreshSinha GlassFolio ✨ | Dev Portfolio Made with Pure HTML, CSS and JS Inspired by developerFolio Currently Not Mobile Responsive! Now it is :) Change the conte

dmadisetti toki sona a simple language with a 1000 character interpreter inspired by toki pona example sona program (calculates the first 10 primes) ma SonaPiNan

alexobenauer Cross-reference Navigation plugin for Obsidian This is a plugin for Obsidian that lets you navigate through your notes using their tags. It's a live d

bluxmit Workspaces in docker Good engineers make, great engineers share. Making a tool - environment ready for complex engineering, analytical, operations, da

transitive-bullshit Clubhouse API client and social graph crawler for TypeScript.

AriaMinaei Theatre.js is an animation library for high-fidelity motion graphics. It is designed to help you express detailed animation, enabling you to create intricate movement, and convey nuance.

learnwithsumit A complete guide to CSS Grid Tutorial