A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

Newest releases

zaaack A vscode extension to make your vscode become a full-featured WYSIWYG markdown editor

kevinjycui A simple image/video to Desmos graph converter run locally

cobidev ⚡️ A minimal Gatsby portfolio template for Developers

katherinepeterson is an online editor to help developers make readmes for their project.

zlwaterfield Open-source browser extension to 10x Zapier's UX

app-generator Open-source Jinja Template provided by AppSeed on top of Soft UI Dashboard, a modern Bootstrap 5 design from Creative-Tim. The project might help beginners to code simple presentation websites on top of the existing codebase OR mi

Etesam913 📝 A website that make learning CSS grid easy and interactive

renatorib Turn your github issues into a CMS for your blog

bytedance This React library guide offers an effective way to construct a smooth onboarding experience.

aoijs Aoi.js - Library that simplifies coding for developing your Discord Bot

thoughtspile Grafar is a javascript library for reactive, 3D mathematical visualization (data visualization capabilities coming sometime). Built on top of WebGL (via Three.js).

observablehq Observable Plot is a JavaScript library for exploratory data visualization.

dynamicwebpaige Thinking in Data is a curated set of VS Code extensions for data analysis, visualization, and collaboration, inspired by and including the brilliant Thinking in Code extension pack. If you are a data scientist or machine learning

rururu Simulation and modelling environment for virtual sailing.

sparksuite A modern, clean, and very simple responsive HTML invoice template

snipcart Open source list of paid & free resources to learn vanilla JavaScript

phiresky sql.js is a light wrapper around SQLite compiled with EMScripten for use in the browser (client-side).

netless-io Project flat is the Web, Windows and macOS client of Agora Flat open source classroom.

osmoscraft A web-based RSS reader running entirely from your GitHub repo.

1Lighty Checks GIFs and videos to see if they'd crash your Discord client before playing them.

tienphaw Create smooth gradients in React Native

tsoding emoteJAM is a simple website that generates animated BTTV emotes from static images.

antfu A simple, frameless browser for screenshots

link-society This library creates an easy interface to build very simple static web components.

cachecleanerjeet Download songs from, or enjoy an ad free experience. This extension can do all premium stuffs for free

fabien0102 Generate zod schemas from typescript types/interfaces

arthurrmp iOS level app clone made with Angular, Ionic & Capacitor.

flyqie Simple Web Image Player

Shamil-FD Toasty is a Discord Bot used to help manage the Salvage's Oasis server. It has many features, including staff inactive notices, staff activity checks and a word blacklist system.

Luisrosario2604 The goal of the project is to help poker and blackjack players giving them more information about their cards.

njbmartin DiggyDB goes one step further than simple a key/value TXT record by allowing you to use (or indeed abuse) DNS TXT records by storing JSON data, almost as though it was a MongoDB or AWS DynamoDB!

iwfan chore-cli is the super assistant for building a typescript library. It can generate development infrastructure for projects or libraries, such as prettier, eslint, husky etc, or even Github Actions Config files. It can save a lot

aholachek Painless transitions for CSS Grid