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enes-dev gardolap This is a clone project, we cloned LIVE To check out the live demo of this app LIGHT HOUSE LICENSE MIT License Copyright (c) 2021 e

anarkrypto Confirmy Block This is a experimental script to help confirm unconfirmed Nano transactions. It fetches the first unconfirmed block, increases the PoW

starlightknown - What is LHD: share? Local Hack Day: Share is a week-long celebration of sharing everything you’ve learned as a hacker. If you’ve been hacking with u

abelsiqueira Breakage tests for Julia This is a workflow to test a list of packages when you make a pull request, so you know if the changes you're making so this

wighawag Tutorial for hardhat-deploy based on 1. Setting up the environment Most Ethereum libraries and tools are written in Java

rodydavis object-dom Declarative dom with 1:1 mapping of objects and tags, typed css, reactive updates and no bundler needed. ✅ No Dependencies ✅ ES Modules ✅ F

NTBBloodbath Doom Neovim Features • Install • Documentation • Contribute Table of Contents Introduction Acknowledgements Features Prerequisites Install Getting hel

juancarlospaco GeoGuessrNim Browser Plugin Hide Ads making map view full-page with Free accounts. Filters for the StreetView and Mapillary maps. 100% Nim. Pull Reque

beyondcode Tailwind JIT as a CDN Use the full power of Tailwind CSS' new JIT compiler by including one script tag to your HTML. Usage: Just include this script t

saranascimento Descomplicando o CSS Projeto pensado para te ajudar a entender as funcionalidades do CSS e não mais precisar rezar para todos os deuses para que seu c

tsdmrfth react-native-steve React Native horizontal scroll view component as seen on Clubhouse tags Installation npm install react-native-steve or yarn add rea

wilcorrea vuejs-clean-arch Project setup yarn install Compiles and hot-reloads for development yarn serve Compiles and minifies for production yarn build Run

DjDeveloperr DenoGBA This is a Game Boy Advance emulator made with GBA.js and Pane for Deno. Usage Install using: deno install --unstable -A --name dgba https://ra

DevEntro Discord Bugs, Exploits, Un-Documented Parts of API & Other Miscellaneous Stuff A Collection of Various Discord Bugs, Exploits, Un-Documented Parts of

marnixkoops 🦚 Peacock, a vibrant yet elegant VS Code theme.

ollipal classified.html is a portable encryption solution

maraisr yarn add storybook-addon-grid makes column grids simple ⚙️ Install yarn add -D storybook-addon-grid // .storybook/main.js module.exports = { addons:

Feng373712195 svelte-vite-template 开发基于环境 Git、 Node.Js (v14 以上)、Yarn、Visual Studio Code编辑器 项目技术栈 框架类型 框架名称 文档地址 开发框架 Svelte 开发语言 TypeScript

cblavier PhxComponentHelpers Presentation PhxComponentHelpers are helper functions meant to be used within Phoenix LiveView live_components to make your compon

rocketseat-education Tecnologias   |    Projeto   |    Layout   |    Licença 🚀 Tecnologias Esse projeto foi desenvolvido com as seguintes tecnologias: HTML CSS JavaScript

fireship-io Coinbase Commerce w/ Firebase Accept crypto payments in your webapp with Coinbase Commerce & Firebase Cloud Functions. Watch on YouTube or read the fu

WebReflection ElementObserver A MutationObserver inspired observer for Custom Elements like mutations on any DOM element. import ElementObserver from '@webreflectio

Elminstr Discord.JS Mod-Log Discord.JS için kodlanmış Mod-Log Kodudur Yaklaşık 50 Event Log Tutar Sunucuyu Çok Rahat İzlersiniz. Mod Logun Tuttuğu Eventlerin T

berkaltiok Discord Captcha Discord Guilds New Member Captcha (Verification) System Project Setup Always use yarn to avoid conflicting .lock file issues. Install

ekzhang This is the code for, a web application that aims to make music composition collaborative and accessible to everyone

Tomato6966 Multiguild-Modmail A simple Multi Guild Modmail Bot coded in v13 using the enmap Database Working on any host, like or vps! Its fast and worki

ProHatp Bem vindo ao Carrinho de compras Olá esse é mais um projeto feito por mim do curso da Trybe. Projetinho de adicionar itens no carrinho de compras , de

mcollina dateformat A node.js package for Steven Levithan's excellent dateFormat() function. This module was forked from

praveenscience Community Class Room Intro Motivation Tech Stack Used PreRequisites Installation Instructions Features Marketing Public Pages Basic Design from the Th

mvximenko 🇩🇪 Awesome Made by Germans Curating the best projects that were made and mainly contributed by German developers > 30k ★ Webpack by Tobias Koppers A

araffin Tutorial: Tools for Robotic Reinforcement Learning | ICRA 2022 Hands-on RL for Robotics with EAGER and Stable-Baselines3 Website: https://araffin.gith

eggsy Bu Saatte Çekilir Mi? Çekip çekmeyeceğinde kararsız olanlar, hangi günde olduğunu bilmeyenler, yanlışlıkla bayram gününde günaha girmek istemeyenler i

11ty IndieWeb Avatar API A runtime service to extract avatar images from: <link rel="apple-touch-icon"> <link rel="icon"> favicon.ico (added September 20,