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Sus-OS SusOS Linux A parody utility OS inspired by Among Us ඞ. Check out some screenshots! General Info SusOS is a meme operating system inspired by the Amon

krikun98 Skean The Skean is a 44-key split keyboard inspired by the Jian (stagger, pinky and controller footprint) and the Corne (thumb cluster). The module pl

shortwave Watchable A small library to expose state into React. Features 🧑‍🏫 Easy to learn: Small API surface - all you need are two classes and a hook to get

artalar usePureCallback This is not a NPM package, this is simple snipet to copy paste it. Just copy the code below and paste it to your project. You can find

faker-javascript Faker A set of javascript packages that generates fake data for you. Install $ npm install --save @fakerjs/faker Usage import faker from '@fakerjs/fa

hannahcode Wordle Clone Go play the real Wordle here Read the story behind it here Try a demo of this clone project here Inspiration: This game is an open source

codeAdrian clay.css Extensible and configurable micro CSS util class and SASS mixin for adding claymorphism styles to your components. About Claymorphism is a fr

nurcinozer 100 Days of Web3 Challenge This is a list of the content I shared about Web3 for the upcoming 100 days. Day Topic Content 1. Fundamentals of Blockchai

lucacasonato Proper String Split Image from @DasSurma Status Champion(s): Luca Casonato Author(s): Luca Casonato Stage: 0 Motivation The string split method in Jav

statamic Multisimplicity A Multilingual focused Starter Kit for Statamic 3 Overview This kit is designed to be a starting (or learning) point for building simp

sinanbekar This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Started First, run the development server: npm run dev # or yarn dev Open http://

dahlia JSON Hash This package contains the following JSON utilties for Deno: digest.ts provides cryptographic hash digests of JSON trees. It guarantee that d

BeeXD Pterodactyl-status-to-discord Posts The server status from Pterodactyl panel to discord webhook Requirements Node.js npm A Code Editor Git Installatio

OlivierDijkstra useTabs Reusable way to create smooth tab highlights. Installation Install my-project with npm npm install @olivieralexander/usetabs Usage/Examples

jaydip1235 React Firebase Material-UI insta reels app Website link : here P.S :- Open the website in laptop or desktop browsers This website is made for my learn

timll spotify-group-session Brings Spotify Group Sessions to the desktop client. Installation Install Spicetify Download group-session.js and save it to Spi

PiotrRynio BoardMap Status: Work in progress. Work on the project started on 10-01-2021. Our Crew Mentor: Piotr Rynio Agnieszka Przybyłowska Patryk Święcicki Rad

hotdogking2007 invenjs javascript inventory system library example #1. var inven = require("./invenjs.js") var test = new inven.inven("asdf"); //your filename test

fidr Qh Easy Rails-style query helper for iex. use Qh Qh.configure(app: :my_app) q User.where(age > 20).limit(10).all [%MyApp.User{age: 22, name: "Bob"},

VulcanJS NPM Packages - The Right way This repository aims to demonstrate how to build NPM packages the right way. my-package should import the shared code, bu

orenelbaum babel-plugin-reactivars-solid babel-plugin-reactivars-solid is a Babel plugin that lets you use a Svelte like syntax with Solid (a React version is a

adrianhajdin Restaurant Landing Page Live Site Stay up to date with new projects New major projects coming soon, subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date h

foxpage Low-code, made simple and fast Try live demo Foxpage is a lightweight front-end low-code framework. Features 🖥️ Visualization. Provides visual page e

srenatus opa-wasm-browser demo This is a simple static html file invoking npm-opa-wasm in the browser. It'll pass the windows' fragment hash as input to test.r

itsrennyman About Plock 🌈 Plock is a responsive masonry layout implementation for React. Very simple to use and easy to understand. Can I see a demo? 👀 The demo

sliit-foss Getting Started with Create React App This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: ya

notnavindu 🦄 Pinatastore A simple module to store and retrieve simple JSON data from a decentralized databse. (Pinata IPFS) Pinatastore uses a structure similar

danielcocos React Native Expandable Chips List A react native component that lets you build a dynamic expandable chips list. Installation Run npm install react-na

DanielPower Zustand Opine Opine Definition transitive verb To state as an opinion Purpose An opinionated Zustand store. Automates naming of actions for Redux Dev

manishbsta react-native-template A React Native starter template project with built-in navigation & redux toolkit. What's included? @react-native-async-storage/a

pimeys Fresh Prisma packages for NixOS Currently heavily under construction, and only the following packages are available: @prisma/language-server for the l

restarone Original code (manifest v2) by Installation Make sure you have node.js and npm installed, then run: npm install scri