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restarone Original code (manifest v2) by Installation Make sure you have node.js and npm installed, then run: npm install scri

24hoster D - Creator 2.0 A Discord Token Generator Demonstration ==> I made this script under 4 days, the idea is t

leopord-lau eevent A small library to get listeners added in elements. Usage After installation the only thing you need to do is import the module: import 'eevent

Fausto-Korpsvart Tokyo Night themes for GTK Tokyo Night Dark Tokyo Night Light Tokyo Night is a GTK theme based on the Tokyo Night colour palette for Neovim and Graphi

dom-the-dev NextJS x Supabase Boilerplate Getting Started Environment variables Create the enviroment variables with the following command cp .env.local.dist .env

fnando @fnando/seagull Minimal template engine with compiled output for JavaScript. Installation This package is available as a NPM package. To install it, u

mateusavila Desafio Front End Pessoas de Tech - desafio 3 Então, a firma cresceu, e o patrão precisa de um fullstack para tocar um projeto. O processo tá tão acel

vinesh27 Jiskord Jiskord is a selfbot wrapper for Discord with almost every API endpoint accessible. This library is inspired by Discum. It is made using Java

vadimdemedes setup-tailwind-rn Add tailwind-rn to your React Native project automatically Usage Run the following in the root of your React Native project: $ npx s

robcaldecott Vie + Cypress + MSW + react-query Demo Example of using Cypress with Vite, MSW and react-query. Uses the appReady pattern to signal to Cypress when th

dbarobin 优质 Mirror 信息源列表 目录 Mirror 信息源列表 什么是 Mirror 如何提交 为什么要收集这张列表 Mirror 信息源列表 列表上的信息源订阅数不多,暂时取消展示 RSS 订阅数。 简介 订阅链接 标签 Shawn

minescope mineping Collect information about Minecraft (both Java and Bedrock) using Node.js. Description mineping is a Javasript library thar provides Minecraf

Shobhit1338 Abstract Collections This Project is made with HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Axios, MetaMask, thirdweb, Rinkeby Test Network, Web 3.0 Technologies, and OpenSe

snow-sr Olá dev! Link da documentação do módulo Discord.js É recomendável olhar as abas "Creating your bot", e "Interactions" pra ter uma noção do que já está

nswarr Installation First, you need git, duh. sudo apt-get install git Then, clone this repo. git clone Then, go

caio-vinicius Vogsphere GitHub Actions Sync your GitHub repository in Vogsphere automagically. Almost-GitOps pattern. About Ever thought about not having to interac

ksowah AMAZON This is an imitation of the Amazon online shopping store. Users can add and remove items from the cart, proceed to checkout and make payments.

josemoraes Proxy with Behavior Proxy with Behavior is a node application that work as a reverse proxy, and enables apply some behaviors to be executed in request

clone1018 WebSubHub WebSubHub is a fully compliant WebSub Hub built that you can use to distribute live changes from various publishers. Usage of WebSubHub is v

defiant00 Soar One-handed chorded keyboard layout. Principals In order of preference: Home row Chorded home row Keys outside of the home row Other chords Layers

dabit3 NEAR Protocol subgraph This project is an example of how you can build and deploy Graph Protocol APIs for NEAR. This subgraph indexes data from Misfit

przpiw Getting Started with Create React App This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: np

un-versed FakeCommitter FakeCommitter is a tool for those who want to be a GITHUB POPSTAR WITH A LOT OF CONTRIBUTIONS DAILY! Or maybe you just want to sync your

bprofiro ToDo: - Criar editor - Criar Toolbar - Adicionar a funcionalidade de toggle aos itens da toolbar - Adicionar extensão de menções de users e tags - Adi

Sametyzc Websocket Example This is a real time app example which is using web socket, dot net core and react. Project Case You are a factory manager and you ha

hesawmgh1098 Discord Radio Bot 🔧 Requirements Discord Bot Token And Client Id Guide Node.js v16.0.0 or newer Features: ✓ Super fast & High Quality ✓ Has more than

MasterIO02 o!rdr server o!rdr is a free and easy-to-use API / website that allows you to render osu! videos of replays using danser. This is an open-source versi

TeoDev1611 Octorg Octocat help you to organize the repositories! Why this? Well exists the ghq tool but is necessary add new functions to this amazing tool, and

jshor colors.js This is a fork of Marak Squires' original colors.js project Please check out the roadmap for upcoming features and releases. Please open Iss

rcarneironet Azure CLI Commands This repository contains some Azure CLI commands for your reference, as well as the direct link to the Microsoft official documenta

medusajs Medusa Express Medusa is an open-source headless commerce engine that enables developers to create amazing digital commerce experiences. Built with Me

biantris My Website 🚧 WIP 🚧 Screenshots Lighthouse This website is built using Docusaurus 2, a modern static website generator. Installation $ yarn Local De