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trungk18 Spotify client built with Angular 11, Nx Workspace, ngrx, TailwindCSS and ng-zorro

hasantezcan Kodluyoruz Earlybird Front-End Talent Bootcamp Kodluyoruz React Bootcamp 2020 Bu repo bootcamp boyunca alacağım tüm notları saklar. Eğitmen: Mehmet Se

discord Focus Rings A centralized system for displaying and stylizing focus indicators anywhere on a webpage. Motivation When working on creating a complete k

matsumonkie izuna Enhances Haskell code review for Github Izuna brings a richer GitHub interface by showing type annotations directly in your browser. Requirement

scitedotai scite-zotero-plugin Welcome! This is a Zotero plugin developed by scite so that you can enrich your library with information from us. It currently let

saineshwar Frapper- Quick Guide for Rapid Application Development in ASP.NET Core Frapper is completed project template with all features which are commonly used

ansoridev Cashierless Pay Perkenalkan project kami Cashierless Pay, yaitu Project untuk menggantikan kasir konvensional di Toko menjadi Toko tanpa kasir, yang t

WebReflection µhooks Social Media Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash micro hooks is a simplified ~0.8K alternative to augmentor, with the following differences:

mfbx9da4 Treasure Game npm run build && surge --domain Demo Description The aim of this game is to demonstrate the power of binary search al

Tahul 🔊🔊 A Vue Hook for playing sound effects.

OpenLitterMap OpenLitterMap is an open, interactive, and accessible database of the world's litter and plastic pollution.

staltz Very similar to zii but without polluting the Object prototype globally. This one allows you opt-in when should the z utility be applied on the target object, allowing you to right-compose functions together.

Rishabh-malhotraa A Real Time Collaborative Editor with an embedded compiler

matthewsmorrison The FIRE (financial independence, retire early) dashboard is an open source dashboard to monitor common financial independence metrics without needing to use complicated spreadsheets. Currently supported metrics include net worth,

lijiejie Swagger API Exploit 这是一个 Swagger REST API 信息泄露利用工具。 主要功能有: 遍历所有API接口,自动填充参数 尝试 GET / POST 所有接口,返回 Response Code / Content-Type / Content-Length ,用于分析接

Z3tt  ggplot Wizardry: My Favorite Tricks and Secrets for Beautiful Plots in R                          Slides and hands-on codes for my talk at the 1st Ou

Hammster Windows Terminal Shaders Shaders for the new Windows Terminal How to use Checkout the repository Set the value for experimental.pixelShaderPath in you

metachris TypeScript + Node.js Project Boilerplate TypeScript + Node.js project with modern tooling (March 2021) to get started quickly and right-footed. Ideal

jackyef Is success determined by luck 🍀 or hard work 🛠️ ? Some people think that it's their hardwork that led them to their success. Others think that luck

Eronmmer Ottoman Paginate 🍨 Introduction This Plugin, inspired by mongoose-paginate, offers a simple, yet elegant way to implement pagination with Ottoman.js.

ErickWendel Semana-javascript-expert03 Seja bem vindo(a) à terceira Semana Javascript Expert. Marque esse projeto com uma estrela 🌟 O código fonte completo de ca

seek-oss 🧁 vanilla-extract Zero-runtime Stylesheets-in-TypeScript. Write your styles in TypeScript (or JavaScript) with locally scoped class names and CSS Var

rzkytmgr This project is made for developers who want to develop Islamic applications. besides that this project also aims to be a charity for developers who d

decentralized-identity ION Tools This repo includes tools and utilities to make working with the ION network and using ION DIDs easy for developers integrating DIDs into the

ngneat Single (CPD) Angular Module Schematics Installation npm i @ngneat/scam --save-dev Usage Component ng g @ngneat/scam:component name Directive ng g @ngn

ricokahler SUPER Pane The Sanity Desk Tool Pane with Super Powers Status: ⚠️ MVP/EARLY ALPHA. There is much more planned for this thing. Stay tuned/Watch Release

edisonywh Backoffice Backoffice is an admin tool built with the PETAL stack (Phoenix, Elixir, Tailwind, Alpine, LiveView). Why did you build Backoffice? I was w

juspay Juspay's EulerHS Framework EulerHS is a free monadic framework for easy building backend and console applications in Haskell. This framework provides

zt8989 Novel Reader 一款基于命令行跨平台文本小说阅读工具,996与10107程序员摸鱼划水必备神器。 添加书籍 实时更换书籍 功能亮点 使用nodejs开发 软件运行于命令行,对Vimer友好,支持Vim方式的Key Binding进行翻页和跳转。 支持Boss Key,方便紧急情况下对界面隐

tpkahlon My Resume A simple project to maintain your resume using Markdown and generate a PDF version via Node. Dependencies Node mdpdf Aliases npm start creat

andyjessop Monorepo Starter Kit A starter kit that provides configuration for a multi-package monorepo with the following features: Packages bundled with Rollup

lukeed svelte-preprocess-esbuild A Svelte Preprocessor to compile TypeScript via esbuild! Gotchas Currently, you cannot have variables using the same basenam

ClearURLs ClearURLs is an add-on based on the new WebExtensions technology and will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy.