A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

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jackyef Tranquil Tranquil is a simple web-app that provides your own mix of environmental sounds, a perfect company to your focus sessions. Features Integrate

midnitefox Nord Theme Ports and Assets A collection of various assets I've created using Nord Theme color palette! Currently includes various minimilistic wallpa

Kudos-Official Kudos-Bot Official Kudos Bot That I Am Working On! Original Bot

mustikdev Selamlar altyapıyı kullanan eleman. Öncelikle bu dosyada lisans bulunmaktadır. Kodları hiçbirşekilde izinsiz olarak kendi sunucunuzda paylaşamazsınız.

oberon-lang This is the specification of the Oberon+ programming language written in AsciiDoc format. The HTML version is rendered using

react-native-tvos TVReanimated This is a demo project that allows the examples from react-native-reanimated to run on Apple TV and Android TV using the react-native-tvo

LunarVim Website for LunarVim Run this site locally Clone the repo: git clone Install: cd LunarVim.c

mercvre Piano Scales Poster This poster is a visual reference to help pianists / producers learn and identify the major and minor scales. How to use this post

Pipe12 Dark mode usando Styled-components Table of contents Objetivo general Introducción a Styled-components Ventajas de usar Styled-components Desventajas

rich-lab panel-manager Provide an easy way to manage your panels. Feature create panels declartive auto generate bord

Mindinventory React Native top-navbar A @mindinventory/rn-top-navbar package is use to create custom navigation for react native apps. user can fully customize navb

halilhanbadem Welcome to Delphi H "Han" B Component Set What is an HB component set? What is it used for? These components include the classes that I have prepared

bobbimanners Applecorn Applecorn is a ProDOS application for the Apple //e Enhanced which provides an environment for Acorn BBC Microcomputer language ROMs to run.

hashrabbit Carrot Pool Enterprise proof-of-work infrastructure & API for blockchain mining. Setup & Install » Demo · Report Bug · Roadmap · Updates Background Ca

jishanshaikh4 Tailwind Toolbox - Profile-Card Profile Card is a single page template for use as a user profile website / card created in Tailwind CSS by Tailwind To

luisleao FrontinSampa 2021 Em breve você vai poder conferir aqui como foram desenvolvidas todas as interatividades via WhatsApp com a plataforma da Twilio. Adi

btholt Please click here to head to the course website. Issues and Pull Requests Please file issues and open pull requests here! Thank you! For issues with p

Mstrodl StackOverflow Copilot Like GitHub Copilot, but worse! Imports the first codeblock of the first answer to a StackOverflow question as an ES Module Usag

adam-james-v Radish A kinda-cool org-mode -> interactive blog post tool written with and for Clojure(script). Here's an example post created with this tool: Radish

lazarusA BeautifulMakie Gallery with easy to copy and paste examples, go to Contributions are welcome as pull reques

jamiepine Prismix The Prisma schema mixer 🍜 Made for Prisma v2 Prisma requires your schema to be written in a single file, Prismix allows you to write as many

lazytanuki This neovim plugin aims at helping you keep track of your keymaps. It is meant to work with the telescope plugin. It helps you search for currently ac

aws-samples Talk DEV to me Talk DEV to me is a monthly show on hosted by Tiago Barbosa and Alex Melnyk, where we invite customers, partners, or Amaz

Shougo ddc-around Around completion for ddc.vim This source collects candidates around the cursor, namely inside current buffer. Required denops.vim https://

l4rz Building a poor man's supercomputer TL;DR I've built a 4x V100 box for less than $5,500. Intro I prefer to use my own gear for personal projects rathe

graphcdn The Future Founder Promise Do you want to build your own startup eventually but aren't quite ready? Work at one of the companies offering the Future F

m8 Experience is gold. There are many different social media platforms on the internet but we need personal blogs again. It's hard to find b

fransallen Awesome Indonesia Daftar produk, proyek, acara dan sumber daya lainnya yang dibuat oleh developer dan founder dari Indonesia. Contents Books Bootcamp

ErickWendel Example of Unit Testing on the Browser with JavaScript, Jest and ECMAScript Modules This is an example of how you can run unit tests using Node.js eve

vuejs @vue/repl Vue SFC REPL as a Vue 3 component. Simple Usage <script setup> import { Repl } from '@vue/repl' import '@vue/repl/style.css' </script> <tem

serco-chen 大A股小白生存指北:怎么优雅地在股市里亏钱 版本:v0.9.1 链接 0.特别声明 不荐股,不荐股,不荐股!也不会有收费群,除了书以外(这个可能性不排除),我不会在其他任何股票相关的事项上跟你收费。 其他关于我个人投资情况的隐私,除非我乐意,我选择保持不透露。如果我真透露了也有可能是我在吹牛b 😄

exiled-apes Candy-Machine-Mint The Candy-Machine-Mint project is designed to let users fork, customize, and deploy their own candy machine mint app to a custom do

lockedbyte CVE-2021-40444 PoC Malicious docx generator to exploit CVE-2021-40444 (Microsoft Office Word Remote Code Execution) Creation of this Script is based o