A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

Newest releases

kobra-dev Kobra is a visual programming language (like Scratch) for Machine Learning

bedimcode Responsive Portfolio Website Using Html, Css and JavaScript, With a beautiful user interface.

hasinhayder WindiCSS + Vite boilerplate to quickly start developing your windicss/tailwindcss projects

owenvachell Custom Obsidian CSS with WYSIWYM editor, inspired by Red Graphite and California Coast themes

iheyunfei no-graph lets you see the connections between pages by Relationship Chart

starkbeyjs Merhaba Discord.js Sever; Sunucunda +18 ses kanallarına gereksiz girişleri kontrol etmek mi istiyosun ozaman bu altyapı sana özel 🤍

Deffro Using the latest Software Engineering practices to create a modern and simple app.

MaiconGilton React Native Tip is a simple package inspired in MaterialUI-Tooltip that helps you to show a quick tip to the user and highlight some important item in your app. It is useful to explain the user some funcionality.

gitbrent This library creates Open Office XML (OOXML) Presentations which are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and other applications.

codermother A small web app that imitate the desktop web version of google site, you can search whatever you want.

mjcella Facet is a flexible live coding system for controlling and applying synchronized algorithmic transformations to a Max patcher from a web browser.

TimDaub A simple Photoshop template or .png file to demo your web application as an image within a nicely looking browser window in Mac OS Catalina 1920x1080

georstat React-Native image caching in file system with progressive loading for iOS and Android

queensferryme A minimal, latex-style hugo theme for personal blogging

virtualvivek A RN library provides Image blur shadows, highly customizable and mutable component. Supports Android, iOS and Web.

corona-warn-app Utility to generate QR codes for Event Registration (incl. from the CLI).

auroral-ui Purple, pink and blue are the main colors of this theme. These colors combine give us a futuristic feel. The color scheme is inspired by Adam Argyle's theme.

cpinitiative A realtime collaborative IDE with code execution and input/output. Designed primarily for Competitive Programming and USACO, with basic mobile support for coding on the go.

mhmd-22 Easily add gestures functionality with simple native DOM events

statsig-io This is a zero-dependency, super small, IP address to 2-letter country code lookup library. There are already several libraries available, but none met our requirements for binary size and speed.

Stefanye Collection of common CSS mistakes, and how to fix them

gvergnaud 🎨 An exhaustive Pattern Matching library for TypeScript, with smart type inference.

yeojz One Time Password (OTP) / 2FA for Node.js and Browser - Supports HOTP, TOTP and Google Authenticator

github GitHub's Web Component collection.

iTwin The iTwinUI package is a CSS (Sass/SCSS) library for building beautiful and well working web UI components with support for multiple color themes within Bentley Systems & iTwin.js applications.

Viglino Icon font set for use with GIS and spatial analysis tools

cibernox This i18n library for Svelte.js has an API identical (or at least very similar) to but has a different approach to processing translations.

looeee Repo for the book Discover three.js!

thesephist Merlot is a web-based writing app that supports Markdown. It replaces iA Writer for me as my primary blogging and writing app, while filling in some other use cases I had in mind like sharing drafts. In fact, this very README was

zaaack A vscode extension to make your vscode become a full-featured WYSIWYG markdown editor

kevinjycui A simple image/video to Desmos graph converter run locally

cobidev ⚡️ A minimal Gatsby portfolio template for Developers

katherinepeterson is an online editor to help developers make readmes for their project.