A side menu that animates like a jelly! iOS & Android tested.

react-native-jelly-side-menu A side menu that animates like a jelly! iOS & Android tested. Demo Showcase (Youtube link) The video seems stuck at 2.5s when not using Chrome to watch. I will fix it when I have tim

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ggomaeng react-native-product-page Pure javascript product page UI prototype for React Native framework. Inspired from www.dribbble.com. This was a very quick project, so it may not suit all screen sizes--it needs some refactoring to do.

vikeri react-native-background-job Schedule background jobs that run your JavaScript when your app is in the background or if you feel brave even in foreground. The jobs will run even if the app has been closed and, by default, also

jferrettiboke React auth app example Description An app example with authentication using Create React App, React, React Router, Apollo, Redux and Redux Form. Run the app You have to run the server and the client app to

haikyuu React-native Feed An experimental feed app built with react-native. Screenshot Getting Started These instructions will get you up and running. 🏃 Prerequisites You'll need a running

Microsoft BikeSharing360 During our Connect(); event this year we presented 15 demos in Scott Guthrie’s and Scott Hanselman’s keynotes. If you missed the keynotes, you can watch the recording in Channel 9. This year, we built the technolo

matiastucci Ionic 2 OCR Example This is a simple Ionic 2 app using ocrad.js. If you want an Ionic 1 version of this, you can go to the v1 branch. Video Demo Getting Started $ git clone https://github.com/matiastucci/ion

ggomaeng react-native-spotify-ui Pure javascript prototype of iOS Facebook UI for React Native framework. This demo only includes the landing page. I will add more views in the future. Inspiration I was always amazed by the am

ggomaeng #react-native-fan-button Pure javascript fan button for React Native framework. The menu with options expand when clicked on. Android version is broken due to this issue: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/3282 If anyone know