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MaiconGilton React Native Tip is a simple package inspired in MaterialUI-Tooltip that helps you to show a quick tip to the user and highlight some important item in your app. It is useful to explain the user some funcionality.

georstat React-Native image caching in file system with progressive loading for iOS and Android

virtualvivek A RN library provides Image blur shadows, highly customizable and mutable component. Supports Android, iOS and Web.

tienphaw Create smooth gradients in React Native

arthurrmp iOS level app clone made with Angular, Ionic & Capacitor.

expo use-unmount-signal useUnmountSignal is a React Hook to cancel promises when a component is unmounted. It uses the W3C-standard AbortSignal API to noti

codeninja02 Turbo Browser, an internet browsing mobile app is built on React Native (version 0.63.4) and has 8 screens in total.

oblador React Native Vector Image - iOS/Android native vector assets generated from SVG.

aladinyo WhatsappyApp WhatsappyApp is a whatsapp clone progressive web application built with react nodejs and firebase it allows you to send messages talk wit

tmcw d3-axis-for-react Using d3 to build charts in React is mostly a wonderful experience. But it's hard to use d3-axis with React: it internally uses d3's

alanmontgomery ionic-ecommerce-example An example of an E-Commerce shop in Ionic React Included in this Ionic React Template/UI Data fetching from JSON files Global

rafaballerini React Hooks Entendendo como funcionam alguns Hooks do React Como rodar o projeto: Você pode clonar o projeto e rodá-lo localmente seguindo os passos a

codingki React native components library

OpenLitterMap OpenLitterMap is an open, interactive, and accessible database of the world's litter and plastic pollution.

eveningkid react-native-popable Popovers, tooltips for React Native. 🤖 Controlled and uncontrolled popovers ✍️ Customizable popover content (text, views) 🌐 Wor

siddharthkp This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Started First, run the development server: npm run dev # or yarn dev Open http://

Lucifier129 Coeffect An effect-management library for React Coeffect 让我们在 React 组件外部管理 Effect,尽情使用 side-effect 和 mutable-state,不受 React 组件的 immutable 和 pure 的限制。

alperkaratas Find Mentor Mobile App The project's aim is to collect feedback from people. Find & match mentors/mentees w/o contract, w/o protocol, w/o ego Helps to

klarna-incubator platform-colors Generate platform native colors for iOS, Android & Web Using colors from the underlying platform primitives is powerful, but maintaini

cawfree 🌌 react-native-wormhole A Wormhole allows your ⚛️ React Native application to consume components from a remote URL as if it were a local import, enab

bobzhang A demo to show ReScript with React under 1K Simplicity is the virtue There are only 3 directories under node_modules, the compiler, the bundler and @r

mlynch Next.js + Tailwind CSS + Ionic Framework + Capacitor Mobile Starter Note: this repo is in active development and not quite ready for production use! T

OsmiCSX Osmi Kit - Latest React Native Hooks Boilerplate Original Concept Original concept of this boilerplate is from Ignite. We're really like the project s

mohit23x Reanimated Config Visualizer Works on Android, IOS and web in both potrait and landscape mode. Live Demo Use the expo app and scan this QR https://exp

ifsnow Other React Native Toys Folding Ticket Preview Features High Performance : No problem in low-end devices No Dependency : Use

OsmiCSX Osmi Kit Boilerplate Battle-tested React Native boilerplate Original concept of this boilerplate is from Ignite. We're really like the project structu

bushblade react-touch-drag-slider Touch and drag slider carousel component for React Touch friendly on mobile Responsive to viewport resizing Supports mouse dra

baronha react-native-multiple-image-picker enables application to pick images and videos from multiple smart album in iOS, similar to the current facebook app.

gobitfly Beaconchain Dashboard is an open source ethereum 2.0 validator performance tracker app for Android and iOS. It utilizes the API. Beaconchain Dashboard is an Angular app written in Typescript, HTML & CSS. It utilizes t

himanchau React Native Book List App

Eduardo-Balistieri App Store shared transition

oasis-engine Oasis is a web-first and mobile-first high-performance real-time development platform. Using component system design, and pursues ease of use and lightweight. This repository is the core engine of Oasis. Developers can independent

AdamGold Frontend for the Dryvo application, built with React Native.