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IEEE-VIT Hacktoberfest 2020 with IEEE-VIT ❤️ Tic-Tac-Toe-React is a simple Tic Tac Toe Game built using React JS. Support open source software by participating

faarda This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: npm start Runs the app in the developmen

vaibhavmit074 Zoom Web SDK Sample Signature Node.js This is a Node.js / Express server that generates a Web SDK signature via an http request from your frontend for

damiisdandy Pagination in Javascript and React, with a custom usePagination() hook To start working on this project simply run the following commands git clone ht

abhiram2600 keyboard-aware-view keyboard-aware-view is a react-native package that handles the view position based on input position and keyboard so that the text

discord react-dnd-accessible-backend An add-on backend for react-dnd that provides support for keyboards and screenreaders by default. Keep writing the same d

aszx87410 API Mocking demo app 此專案使用 Create React App 建置. 介紹 這個專案模擬一個簡單的登入功能,並示範 mirage 與 msw 兩種不同的 API mocking。 MSW(Mock Service Worker) 官網: 可

martymfly Expo File Manager A file manager app built with React Native & Expo. About The Project With this app you can import/export photos and videos from/to p

osdnk jsi-module-example Example of building JSI module from scratch with Fresh react-native project This module is a very simple minimal example of how JSI

ThomasFKJorna org-roam-timestamps Small package to keep track of the modification and creation time of individual nodes. I created this to use mtime data in org-roa

ifsnow Other React Native Toys Paper Folding Effect Preview Features High Performance : No problem in low-end devices Low Dependenc

codingki React Native + Expo Starter Templates These are my starter templates or my way for building mobile app with react native and expo. I'm tired everytime

postui Aleph.js The React Framework in Deno, inspired by Next.js. Website | Get Started | Docs | ESM | The Aleph (by Jorge Luis Borges) Features Zero Config

rphl Corona Inzidenz Widget für iOS (Scriptable) Auf grund der positiven Resonanz jetzt im Repo zur einfacheren Wartung/Erweiterung Mein original GIST: htt

sangheon-kim 리액트 공식문서 파헤치기 Written By Sangheon Kim Stage1. React 컴포넌트 종류별 정리 리액트에서 적절한 리액트 컴포넌트를 사용을 위한 차이를 알아보자. Let's look at the differences for using the appro

intergalacticspacehighway React native styled variants Compile time interactive, responsive and theming utilities for React Native. Checkout documentation here Run example cd r

invertase React Query Firebase A set of React Query hooks integrating with Firebase. 📚 Documentation • License React Query Firebase provides a set of easy to u

tailwind-mobile Tailwind Mobile - Pixel perfect mobile UI components built with Tailwind CSS with iOS and Material Design components for React, Vue & Svelte

dmtrKovalenko Cypress Real Events Fire native system events from Cypress Why? Cypress default events are simulated. That means that all events like or cy.t

ef-eng react-native-swag-toggle A Swag Toggle for React Native and Expo Web Installation yarn add react-native-swag-toggle Usage import SwagToggle from 'reac

abodmicheal react-js-stickynav A simple react js nav bar onscroll Intro Install npm install --save react-js-stickynav Usage length = navigation length , which is

coderkhalide Uber Eats Clone Uber Eats Clone React Native Tools and technology react-native Stripe payment checkout expo tailwind css yelp API Firebase (Authentica

ngnclht1102 A react native cached, animated and auto chooses the best-resolution image for the current screen. This is a simple react native image component that

plahteenlahti React Native app for managing Netlify sites Download iOS • Download Android iOS Beta • Android Beta Getting Started You will need to registe

kanzitelli RPReplay_Final1632419741.MP4 This starter is a collection of libraries and approaches from my personal experience. No hard judgements ✌️ For more info

ozcanzaferayan Şirket Uygulama iOS Android Web Hibrit mi? Açıklamalar Fibabanka Fibabanka ✅ Var ✅ Var ✅ Var ❌ ✅ Var ✅ Var ❌ ❌ Pil Danışmanlık Yot

tmattio OCaml JavaScript bindings High-quality JavaScript bindings for OCaml. Want bindings for a library? Open an issue! The bindings have been generated usi

100mslive Clubhouse Clone in React Clone the Starter Template git clone -b template You can read this gui

birobirobiro PlantManager - Made With React Native +Expo+TypeScript

tsdmrfth react-native-steve React Native horizontal scroll view component as seen on Clubhouse tags Installation npm install react-native-steve or yarn add rea

mmazzarolo React Native Monorepo Tools A set of tools to help you build your React Native project in a Yarn Workspaces monorepo. Check out the "Running React Nat

nandorojo 🦅 Anchor links and scroll-to utilities for React Native (+ Web)

tunpl Oxycare 🎤 The stack/technologies we're using ReactJS/TypeScript MaterialUI Firebase Before contributing check: 🔴 Pull Request Guidelines The master