HTML5 video player for the web

Newest releases

fosscord Fosscord is a free open source selfhostable discord compatible chat, voice and video platform

adrianhajdin Medical Pager Chat App powered by GetStream

diego3g Import a list of videos to Mux with ease πŸ“ΉπŸ”₯

jacc Supercharged Discord bot bridging the gap between music streaming services. Create synced playlists through Discord, get links to all platforms a song is on, and more.

bbc Audio Waveform Data Manipulation API – resample, offset and segment waveform data in JavaScript.

openaudioserver A self-hosted, completely private and free music streaming server compatible with Synology Audio Station's web browser interface and smartphone apps

xem 252b screen recorder with sound and video download in HTML+JS

stevenwaterman MuseTree is a custom front-end for OpenAi's MuseNet, the AI music generator. The official app is a toy designed to show off the research. In contrast, MuseTree is designed for real music production, and has been built from the gro

Apurva-tech Video conferencing solutions with Unite using peer-to-peer connections.

saharmor A real-time transcription project using React and a socketio python server. The goal of this project is to enable developers to create web demos and speech2text prototypes with just a few lines of code. Examples can be medical dic

JesseDrain Cross-browser plugin to remove addictive features on YT like thumbnails, comments, & previews

Ballerini-Server Discord bot for lo-fi music radio

marknorrapscm This repo contains the full stack for creating a private, password-protected website for sharing home videos with family. The project (and this accompanying article) aim to make the deployment as easy as possible, taking no more t

itstommi A dynamic, customizable, and real-time Spotify now-playing widget for your README files. If you're not currently playing a song, it'll display one of your recent songs! It's width is sized like other common README widgets, so can

fmeringdal Nettu Meet is an open source video conference web application designed for interactive online tutoring.

cotnw A chrome extension to download movies directly from a Google search.

Presto412 This project is a chrome extension that allows you to mute the audio/video on Google Meet based on a gesture.

Yonle A anonymous Youtube that does not spy on you

b4rtaz This extension allows you to put code snippets into the code by voice. Also, you can execute any Visual Studio command by voice. The extension works with any language, because the file with voice commands is placed in the project

prince776 A web app to code collaboratively with voice chat in real time. Discord + coding = Discode

LinoIten Mount Bookmark is a self-hosted, highly customizable bookmark board that allows you to view any YouTube stream/video in the background.

OrderAndCh4oS Radio player for audio tracks in a tezos wallet.

dfinity A scalable video-sharing service.

LingDong- In goes a midi file or a simple markup format, and out comes ✨ polylines ✨ , which can then be used for animation, plotting and various procedural drawing fun.

Flame-Developers A multipurpose Discord-bot with music, economy, utils, and also auto-moderation.

netless-io Project flat is the Web, Windows and macOS client of Agora Flat open source classroom.

1Lighty Checks GIFs and videos to see if they'd crash your Discord client before playing them.

cachecleanerjeet Download songs from, or enjoy an ad free experience. This extension can do all premium stuffs for free

jitsi A low-level JS video API that allows adding a completely custom video experience to web apps.

steveseguin OBS.Ninja uses peer-to-peer technology to bring remote cameras into OBS. In most cases, all video data is transferred directly from peer to peer, without needing to go through any video server. This results in high-quality video w

cifkao HTML midi-player element – Play and display MIDI files on the web

xqq mpegts.js is optimized for low-latency live stream playback, such as DVB/ISDB television or surveillance cameras.

rzkytmgr This project is made for developers who want to develop Islamic applications. besides that this project also aims to be a charity for developers who d