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syamilmj Para Para is an Elixir library that provides structured and declarative way to parse and validate parameters. Para uses Ecto under the hood and theref

validatorjs validator.js - A library of string validators and sanitizers.

icebob ⚡ The fastest JS validator library for NodeJS | Browser | Deno.

didi JavaScript library of validation based on Plugin system and make data validation be easy.

badrap A TypeScript library for validating & parsing structured objects. The API is heavily influenced by Zod's excellent API, while the implementation side aims for the impressive performance of simple-runtypes.

philipnilsson A tiny, composable validation library for forms, APIs & more. You'll like if if you need something

ngneat The Error Tailor offers seamless handling of form errors, saving you the trouble of repeating the error boilerplate. It's fully customizable, so you can control when, where, and how each form field's errors are displayed. Sit back

antonioru It allows to easily create custom and reusable validators from the pre-existing ones by using a functional approach and the composition principle.

bvego Nope 🙅 A small, simple and fast JS validator. Like, wow thats fast. 🚀 Nope's API is heavily inspired stolen from Yup but Nope attempts to be much smaller and much faster. To achieve this Nope on

chenzitw Semantic Validator A functional semantic validator tool for validation of several types and rich content, inspired by prop-types from React. Get started Using NPM or Yarn First, install it via

joeltankam checkif.js This library aims to perform various checks in the javascript environment. Installation checkif.js is distributed as a npm package. npm install checkif.js Doc

sha256 Pristine - Vanilla javascript form validation library {:.hide} ~4kb minified, ~2kb gzipped, no dependencies Demo This documentation is being updated and currently incomplete Usage Include the ja

imbrn The ultimate JavaScript validation library you've ever needed. Dead simple fluent API. Customizable. Reusable. Installation - Documentation - API Introducing v8n v8n is an acronym for validation

confuser graphql-constraint-directive Allows using @constraint as a directive to validate input data. Inspired by Constraints Directives RFC and OpenAPI Install npm install graphql-constraint-directive

semisleep Simple Vue Validator Simple Vue validator is a lightweight yet flexible plugin for Vue.js 2.0 that allows you to validate input fields, and display errors. It watches changes of your model data, validates them and infor

ianstormtaylor A simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript. Usage • Why? • Principles • Examples • Documentation Superstruct makes it easy to define interfaces and then validate Javascript data ag

Jishun react-validated-input Live Demo at Instance based validation component for react, NO FORMS REQUIRED! Supports bootstrap, can support all kinds of input in one (built

zackify React Validify single dependency, simplest way to validate and manage form state with hooks in React + React Native! With full test coverage and TS support. Contents Install Getting Started TypeScript

tarunbatra Install npm install password-validator Usage var passwordValidator = require('password-validator'); // Create a schema var schema = new passwordValidator(); // Add properties to it schema .is().mi

yoshuawuyts validate-formdata Data structure for validating form data. Features minimal GC pressure optimized for unidirectional rendering framework agnostic only a data structure, no opinions on UI about 50

25th-floor Spected Validation Library Spected is a low level validation library for validating objects against defined validation rules. Framework specific validation libraries can be built upon spected, leveraging the

ultimatecourses ngx-errors A declarative validation errors module for reactive forms. Installation | Setup | Documentation | Live demo Overview Why use ngx-errors, how to install and us

provejs A jQuery plugin for client-side validation of html forms. Introduction provejs-jquery is a client-side form validation plugin: Input validators are jQuery plugins. Input decorators are jQuery plugins.

dvx fonz.js A node library that accurately validates phone numbers. It tries its best to abide by NANPA standards, but international numbers are not yet supported. Why fonz.js? Fonz.js validates whether or not

troch react-redux-reformed Forms with React and Redux made simple: start with the bare minimum, no magic, then use composition (components, functions, global and local states) to create more complex forms. This package has

somesocks vet A collection of data validation tools. API vet : object Kind: global namespace vet : object .arrays : object .isArray ⇒ .isArrayOf(val) ⇒ .isLength(len) ⇒

typeis In Javascript, "Everything is (or acts like) an Object" We need to write "typeis.js" due to a problem (type check) arised other than except the conveniences it is a providing to us. typeis.js Typeis. it's t

victorjonsson jQuery Form Validator [DISCONTINUED] Validation framework that let's you configure, rather than code, your validation logic. I started writing this plugin back in 2009 and it has given me much joy over the years. But a

jessekorzan rUhuman jk.rUhuman.js — A simple captcha alternative. Chilled out client-side check for humans and bonus options for doing server-side double check. A small JS file and some CSS. Degrades OK. Responsive. Easi

1000hz Validator, for Bootstrap 3 The Validator plugin offers automatic form validation configurable via mostly HTML5 standard attributes. It also provides an unobtrusive user experience, because nobody likes a naggy form.

ryanseddon H5F Deprecated This hasn't been maintained in quite a while and recently a much better library has been released, hyperforms! I highly recommend you use that. === a JavaScript library that allows

jquery-validation jQuery Validation Plugin - Form validation made easy The jQuery Validation Plugin provides drop-in validation for your existing forms, while making all kinds of customizations to fit your application really easy.