detect and launch browser versions, headlessly or otherwise

browser-launcher Detect the browser versions available on your system and launch them in an isolated profile for automated testing purposes. You can launch browsers headlessly (if you have Xvfb) and set the proxy configuration o

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netshoes O que é o Lind? Avoid HiPPO. Use Numbers. O Lind é uma ferramenta de teste A/B desenvolvido totalmente com Javascript. Requisitos Para rodar o projeto são necessários: - NODEJS - NPM - Gruntjs Configura

paulirish covfefe-coverage (very early) Access the DevTools JavaScript Coverage Profiler data. Right now this script is a little proof of concept, but it does sit on top of: chrome-devtools-frontend for calculation of metrics. ch

bahmutov node-mock-examples Examples of tests that mock Node system APIs: fs, http, child_process, timers Practical working test examples for blog post Mock system APIs. Because mocking the stable, well documented Node system API

Pragmatists angular-test-runner Micro testing library that allows you to practice TDD in AngularJs applications. Installation To install it, type: $ npm install angular-test-runner --save-dev Configuration angula

ReactVT React VT React VT presents a live view of the React component structure of your app, along with current state and props. Users can define assertions and test them in real time while interacting with their application. Once the u

atlassian jest-in-case Jest utility for creating variations of the same test Example import { add, subtract } from './math'; import cases from 'jest-in-case'; cases('add(augend, addend)', opts => { expect(add(opts.

webcomponents Custom Elements Everywhere 🍻 What is this? Karma tests for each of the major frameworks to see how they handle working with Custom Elements. Installation To install all dependencies and build the

d4rkr00t jest-electron-runner Jest test runner that executes tests in Electron's BrowserWindow environment, which gives you access to all browser APIs available there. EXPERIMENTAL. NOT READY FOR ANY SERIOUS USE !!!! Ho