:monkey: Front-end tooling in a single dependency

Sagui is the single development dependency that provides the tooling required to build, test and develop modern JavaScript applications. Its main goal is to kill the need of global CLIs and boilerplates, making a reproducible and e

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web-platform-tests The web-platform-tests Project The web-platform-tests Project is a cross-browser test suite for the Web-platform stack. Writing tests in a way that allows them to be run in all browsers gives browser projects confidence that

ozkxr match-json A JavaScript library to test JSON APIs. It is built to test REST API endpoints but, of course, it can used to whatever you want. Install npm install match-json Functionality Match JSON Prim

MicheleBertoli React Fix It Automagically generate tests from errors. ⚠️ This package uses react-component-errors to wrap the lifecycle methods into a try...catch block, which affects the performance of your components. Therefore it sh

lorenzofox3 zora Fast javascript testing library for nodejs and browsers Gitlab mirror installation npm i --save-dev zora If you are interested in a test runner for Nodejs, checkout pta built on top of zora If you are inter

katat VBot A visual regression testing library/tool, aims to quickly automate browser-based tests with minimum development overhead. The article describes more details behind the motivation. Features JSON-based tes

service-mocker Service Mocker Service Mocker is an API mocking framework for frontend developers. With the power of service workers, we can easily set up mocking services without any real servers. It sets developers free from intricate

LINKIWI endpoint Super simple mock API endpoints for static JSON data $ curl -X PUT http://endpoint.example.com/api/endpoint/add -d '{"name": "my-endpoint", "data": {"hello": "world"}}' { "success": true, "name": "my-endpoint",

FancyGrid FancyTrack Build v1.0.5 FancyTrack - JavaScript error tracking library from FancyGrid team. FancyTrack is light alternative to TrackJS service. Pros and Cons It is free and light. But at the moment it overrides windo