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fireship-io Comparison of 10 frontend JavaScript frameworks

growthbook GrowthBook - The Open Source A/B Testing Platform

prisma-labs Bema is a framework for writing benchamrks. It focused on your workflow of writing and maintain benchmarks over time. Under the hood it uses Benchmark.js as its engine but layers many features on top.

kdy1 Fair benchmark for js tools.

glaucia86 Diferentes demos em relação ao uso do Playwright para realização de palestras sobre o assunto

storybookjs Testing utilities that allow you to reuse your stories in your unit tests The problem You are using Storybook for your components and writing tests fo

storybookjs Testing utilities that allow you to reuse your stories in your unit tests

sorry-cypress An open-source, on-premise, self-hosted parallelization for cypress tests

kettanaito This library empowers example-based testing. That is a testing approach when you write a bunch of actual usage example modules of your own library and wish to run tests against them.

krasimir The motivation behind the package is to provide a simple interface on top of Puppeteer. In terms of interaction with the page and running expectations.

evanw This is a fuzzer to test the correctness of various top-level await JavaScript bundling strategies.

felangel A mock library for Dart inspired by mockito

javierbrea Enables fail fast in Cypress, skipping the rest of tests on first failure.

rjdestigter Model based testing with Jest, XState and Puppeteer or Playwright made easy

oslabs-beta An Electron-based desktop application to assist in performance monitoring and interdepency visualization of a GraphQL Schema.

Miodec Monkey-type is a minimalistic, customisable typing test, featuring many test modes, an account system to save your typing speed history and user configurable features like themes, a smooth caret and more.

zachleat After you make a fast web site, keep it fast by measuring it over time. Read Use Speedlify to Continuously Measure Site Performance. Created by @zachleat.

Rich-Harris A quick test to see how various bundlers compare when bundling the Lodash source code.

smeijer Most often when there is a regression in a lib that we use, we want to know what the last working version was. This project helps you find that version!

hediet Highlights statements that write to stdout when they are executed. Statements that have a Logpoint on them write to stdout when they are executed ;) Shows the text that was written to stdout next to the statement.

testing-library 🐸 Simple and complete DOM testing playground that encourage good testing practices.

responsively-org A modified browser that helps in responsive web development.

isabellalealx TestCafe é uma ferramenta NodeJS para automatização de testes em Javacript e Typescript.

ngneat A Powerful Tool to Simplify Your AngularTests Spectator helps you get rid of all the boilerplate grunt work, leaving you with readable, sleek and streamlined unit tests. Features ✅ Support for test

addyosmani Automating Web Perf measurement with Puppeteer 🕹 Puppeteer is a Node library which provides a high-level API to control headless Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol. This repository has recipes fo

thomasdondorf Puppeteer Cluster Create a cluster of puppeteer workers. This library spawns a pool of Chromium instances via Puppeteer and helps to keep track of jobs and errors. This is helpful if you want to crawl multiple pages o

syscolabs Kasaya (beta) A "WYSIWYG" (well, kind of) scripting language and runtime for browser automation Write test scripts using English-like statements. NO coding required to implement those statements. N

volument Baretest is an extremely simple JavaScript test runner. It has a tiny footprint, near-instant performance, and a brainless API. It makes testing tolerable. Install npm install --save-dev baretest With pnpm pnpm

appium Appium Desktop Appium Desktop is an app for Mac, Windows, and Linux which gives you the power of the Appium automation server in a beautiful and flexible UI. It is a combination of a few Appium-related tools: A

testing-library Svelte Testing Library Simple and complete Svelte testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. Read The Docs | Edit the docs Table of Contents The Problem

fuzzitdev Jsfuzz: coverage-guided fuzz testing for Javascript Jsfuzz is coverage-guided fuzzer for testing javascript/nodejs packages. Fuzzing for safe languages like nodejs is a powerful strategy for finding bugs like unhandled

prprprus softest The softest is a test tool for recording browser interactions and generating test scripts, simple and practical. It allows you to get test scripts without writing code. 🔍 Why When I

goldbergyoni 👇 Why this guide can take your testing skills to the next level 📗 45+ best practices: Super-comprehensive and exhaustive This is a guide for JavaScript & Node.js reliability from A-Z