A JavaScript utility used to build SQL strings via an Object

sqlobj A JavaScript utility used to build SQL strings via an Object Install $ npm install sqlobj Usage SELECT var sqlobj = require('sqlobj'); var options = { select: '*', from: 'user', wh

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watson progress-string Generate a CLI progress bar as a string that you can then output in any way you like. Installation npm install progress-string --save Usage var progress = require('progress-string')

sindresorhus unique-string Generate a unique random string Install $ npm install --save unique-string Usage const uniqueString = require('unique-string'); uniqueString(); //=> 'b4de2a49c8ffa3fbee04446f0454

sindresorhus crypto-random-string Generate a cryptographically strong random string Can be useful for creating an identifier, slug, salt, fixture, etc. Install $ npm install --save crypto-random-string Usage

diracdeltas niceware A JS library for generating random-yet-memorable passwords, either server-side in Node or in the browser. Each word provides 16 bits of entropy, so a useful password requires at least 3 words. Because the wordlist is

LunarLogic JS Ipsum - put some JavaScript into your mockups JS Ipsum is a random text generator. It takes real JavaScript buzzwords definitions from JS Jargon and mixes them in unexpected ways that will make you laugh and cry inside (at the

Jintin transai transai is a command line tool to help you do Android and iOS translation management. You can extract string files to csv format, or generate string files from csv file for both Android, iOS and Mac. Inst

panzerdp Voca is a JavaScript library for manipulating strings. https://vocajs.com v.camelCase('bird flight'); // => 'birdFlight' v.sprintf('%s costs $%.2f', 'Tea', 1.5); // => 'Tea costs $1.50' v.slugify('What

jakealbaugh Fuzzy Search A JavaScript plugin to find exact and fuzzy matches in a library of strings. Using Generator Babel Boilerplate. Example codepen.io/jakealbaugh/pen/wzzrmX Overview Fuzzy Search provides sea