:sunglasses: Everything you need to know about Client-side Storage.

awesome-web-storage Everything you need to know about Client-side Storage. Table of Contents Introduction Browser Support Cookies Pros Cons API Useful resources LocalStor
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jlongster It implements a backend for sql.js (sqlite3 compiled for the web) that treats IndexedDB like a disk and stores data in blocks there. That means your sqlite3 database is persisted. And not in the terrible way of reading and writing the whole image at once -- it reads and writes your db in small chunks.

phiresky sql.js is a light wrapper around SQLite compiled with EMScripten for use in the browser (client-side).

njbmartin DiggyDB goes one step further than simple a key/value TXT record by allowing you to use (or indeed abuse) DNS TXT records by storing JSON data, almost as though it was a MongoDB or AWS DynamoDB!

dbeaver CloudBeaver is a web server which provides rich web interface. Server itself is a Java application, web part is written on TypeScript and React.

michelonsouza The Encrypt Storage is a wrapper for native Storage of browser.