A tool for studying JavaScript malware.

box.js A utility to analyze malicious JavaScript (requires at least Node 6.0.0). To execute it, simply install its dependencies (npm install) and run node run.js file1.js file2.js folder ... If you are interested in receiv

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filipedeschamps This Node.js module authenticates with Google API and parse Google Docs to human-readable JSON or Markdown without the need to use cumbersome methods like exporting it in HTML via Google Drive API and then parse it back to other formats.

AqibMukhtar in-memory-otp is a lightweight JavaScript package for generating and validating OTP (One Time Password) maintaining high performance using on demand in-memory database.

david-holuck Bitimulate is compound word of Bitcoin and Simulate. This service provides a simulated cryptocurrency trading system. Data used in this service rely on realtime information at Poloniex.

lukeed A tiny (~90B) isomorphic wrapper for crypto.randomBytes in Node.js and browsers.

fauzan121002 The purpose of EncryptLab is to make it easier for developers to understand how each encryption works with tools and example code in Node.js.

luisfontes19 Tool to generate csrf payloads based on vulnerable requests

vfsfitvnm Frida module to dump, manipulate and hijack any IL2CPP application at runtime with a high level of abstraction.

oslabs-beta Onyx is authentication middleware for Deno, inspired by Passport.js