Secure XSS Filters

Newest releases

ollipal classified.html is a portable encryption solution

MinaProtocol Mina is a new cryptocurrency with a constant size blockchain, improving scaling while maintaining decentralization and security.

geohot Compute the digits of pi on the Ethereum blockchain and preserve them in an NFT. You get your digits. Some NFTs will contain multiple digits if you spend the gas. Free to mint, and "unlimited" supply.

Accudio Cead (pronounced kee-yed)is a cookie and tracking consent manager that is extremely simple and lightweight. It is designed to help websites implement a simple Accept or Deny dialog that will actually enable or disable tracking.

ed3ath CryptoBlades Tracker

nadimkobeissi An open letter against Apple's new privacy-invasive client-side content scanning

PeculiarVentures PKI.js is a pure JavaScript library implementing the formats that are used in PKI applications (signing, encryption, certificate requests, OCSP and TSP requests/responses). It is built on WebCrypto (Web Cryptography API) and requi

js-cookie A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling browser cookies

rioastamal Gembok Authenticator is software based (virtual) authenticator to generate 2-Steps authentication token using browser. It is written in HTML and Javascript so it should works on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers. I

SySS-Research One-stop TLS traffic inspection and manipulation using dynamic instrumentation

sergiodxa Simple Authentication for Remix

dethcrypto 🔌 TypeScript bindings for Ethereum smart contracts

dabit3 Example project implementing authentication, authorization, and routing with Next.js and Supabase

jackyzha0 🔗 Zero-config peer-to-peer encrypted live folder syncing tool that respects your .gitignore.

yuis-ice Securely collect browsing history over browsers.

dabit3 An authentication system built with Ceramic & IDX

mandatoryprogrammer An easy-to-setup version of XSS Hunter. Sets up in five minutes and requires no maintenance!

Dan6erbond Authentication library for use with SvelteKit featuring built-in OAuth providers and zero restriction customization!

yeojz One Time Password (OTP) / 2FA for Node.js and Browser - Supports HOTP, TOTP and Google Authenticator

SocketDev Streaming encryption for, based on Encrypted Content-Encoding for HTTP (RFC 8188)

TesseractCoding Bringing an all Open-Source Platform to study Data Structures and Algorithms ⚡

vercel-solutions Login with Yubikey or TouchID on your Chrome browser.

eggprotocol EGG Protocol multiplies yields by enabling assets escrowing on cross-chain smart contracts.

oslabs-beta Onyx is authentication middleware for Deno, inspired by Passport.js

Rvn0xsy Watering hole attacks Phishing attacks Automated deployment.

RenwaX23 Powerful Chromium Browser to find XSS Vulnerabilites automatically while browsing web, it can detect many case scenarios with support for POST requests too

tomquirk 🔏Zuccnet - End-to-end Encrypted Facebook Messenger

mxstbr Passwordless authentication with magic links for Passport.js 🔑

huumn git-remote-gitern is a git remote helper that end to end encrypts git repos without a custom remote receiver and without additional user key management.

vfsfitvnm Frida module to dump, manipulate and hijack any IL2CPP application at runtime with a high level of abstraction.

luisfontes19 Tool to generate csrf payloads based on vulnerable requests

fauzan121002 The purpose of EncryptLab is to make it easier for developers to understand how each encryption works with tools and example code in Node.js.

lukeed A tiny (~90B) isomorphic wrapper for crypto.randomBytes in Node.js and browsers.