:page_facing_up: A simple router for the browser in javascript

pagex πŸ“„ A simple router for the browser in Javascript. It works with RegExp and Paths: pagex(path, [negate], callback, [pathname]); // Call a function if the current page is exactly `/users` pagex('/users', () =&gt

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visionmedia Tiny Express-inspired client-side router. page('/', index) page('/user/:user', show) page('/user/:user/edit', edit) page('/user/:user/album', album) page('/user/:user/album/sort', sort) page('*', notfound) page()

lukeed regexparam A tiny (299B) utility that converts route patterns into RegExp. Limited alternative to path-to-regexp πŸ™‡ With regexparam, you may turn a pathing string (eg, /users/:id) into a regular expression. An o

makeflow Boring Router A light-weight, type-safe, yet reactive router service using MobX. Why There are multiple reasons pushing me to write Boring Router instead of sticking with React Router. Making React Router work

kevindurb router A simple js router designed to solve one problem outside of any other frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue Installing npm install --save @kevindurb/router Usage import { router } from '@k

router5 Router5 Official website: router5.js.org router5 is a framework and view library agnostic router. view / state separation: router5 processes routing instructions and outputs state updates. universal: works clien

franciscop React Plain Router A tiny React router that works exactly as expected with native Javascript: // App.js import React from 'react'; import router from 'react-plain-router'; // Wrap it and you can use normal anchor links expo

aloisdeniel Using freezed objects as routes with URI serialization.

htunnicliff Next.js API routes are a ridiculously fun and simple way to add backend functionality to a React app. However, when it comes time to add middleware, there is no easy way to implement it.