HTML/JS based tool for creating, testing, and learning about Regular Expressions.

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jonschlinkert whence Add context awareness to your apps and frameworks by safely evaluating user-defined conditional expressions. Useful for evaluating expressions

phenax A typescript library for writing type-safe regular expressions using named capture groups.

egoist @egoist/path-parser This module is entirely extracted from vue-router, it's basically a light-weight version of path-to-regexp with path ranking suppo

mathiasbynens emoji-test-regex-pattern emoji-test-regex-pattern offers Java- and JavaScript-compatible regular expression patterns to match all emoji symbols and se

aloisdg A curated collection of awesome Regex libraries, tools, frameworks and software

francisrstokes Super Expressive is a JavaScript library that allows you to build regular expressions in almost natural language - with no extra dependencies, and a lightweight code footprint (less than 3kb with minification + gzip!).

kitten The magical sticky regex-based parser generator 🧙

geongeorge iHateRegex 😈 don't just use; understand. - a regex cheatsheet for the haters. Chat with us on Telegram Features 😎 Visual represe

dominictarr stack-expression stack expressions are similar to regular expressions, but can parse nested structures. I had tried out a few parsing libraries. I tried nearley, it was easy to write the grammar but hard to debug the a

areknawo ReX.js Your RegEx companion. The JS Library for writting complex RegExps with help of autocompletion! import { Matcher } from '@areknawo/rex' // Trivia example of usage const expr = new Matcher() .find('Reg')

gskinner RegExr About is an online tool to learn, build, and test Regular Expressions. It was created by Grant Skinner and the nice people at Features Results update in real-tim

node-modules china-mobile-phone-regexp The regular expressions for China mobile phones. Install $ npm i china-mobile-phone-regexp --save Usage const phone = require('china-mobile-phone-regexp'); /

Andarist regexgen.macro Convert your set of strings to optimized RegExps at build time with babel macros. Installation npm install --save-dev regexgen.macro Usage import regexgen from 'regexgen.

yuanchuan Match Erlang-like pattern matching in JavaScript (use at your own risk). const { match } = require('@yuanchuan/match'); const sum = match( ([]) => 0, ([H, ...T]) => H + sum(T) ); // 10 sum([1, 2, 3, 4]);

nadrane Build Your Own Regex This is a test spec driven guide to help you build a simple regex engine. This regex engine supports the following syntax: Syntax Meaning Example matches

javallone Regexper Code for the site. Contributing I greatly appreciate any contributions that you may have for the site. Feel free to fork the project and work on any of the reported is

kevva astral-regex Regular expression for matching astral symbols Install $ npm install astral-regex Usage const astralRegex = require('astral-regex'); astralRegex({exact: true}).test('🦄');

mbasso natural-regex Create regex from natural language Attention - This project isn't completed yet. There might be breaking changes until version 1.0.0. Feel free to contribute, see TODO to get started

devongovett regexgen Generates regular expressions that match a set of strings. Installation regexgen can be installed using npm: npm install regexgen Example The simplest use is to simply pass an array of

lukehaas Regex Hub The project is hosted here: Adding a new pattern The patterns are contained in the file src/data/index.js Each pattern requires the following details: nam

taijiweb rewrap a regexp wrapper, less pain and more fun with regexp :) feature compose the regexp by string, regexp, rewrap object compositional method refer to the predefined regexp get match by named path

CJex Regulex Regulex is a JavaScript Regular Expression Parser & Visualizer. Try it now: This project is under reconstruction! Features Written in pure JavaScript. No backend requ

sindresorhus escape-string-regexp Escape RegExp special characters Install $ npm install --save escape-string-regexp Usage const escapeStringRegexp = require('escape-string-regexp'); const escapedSt

SimpleRegex SRL-JavaScript JavaScript implementation of Simple Regex 🎉 🎉 🎉 Because of the JavaScript regex engine, there is something different from Simple Regex Support as to assign capture name

amobiz RegexGen.js - JavaScript Regular Expression Generator RegexGen.js is a JavaScript regular expression generator that helps to construct complex regular expressions, inspired by JSVerbalExpressions. RegexGen.js i