A PHP 5.3+ mathematics library, providing functionality for large numbers

Moontoast Math Library Moontoast\Math is useful for working with integers that are larger than (or may become larger than, through mathematical computations) PHP's max integer value for a given system. On 64-bit systems, this n

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sindresorhus get-range Lazy number range generator Useful for iteration. Similar to the Python 3 range function. Install $ npm install --save get-range Usage const getRange = require('get-range'); for (cons

R-js libRmath.js This is a 100% Pure Javascript ( TypeScript ) re-write of Statistical R nmath "core" numerical library found here. This is a manual re-write, "emscripten" was not used. Summary libRmath.js port contains al

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MikeMcl A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic. Features Integers and decimals Simple API but full-featured Faster, smaller, and perhaps easier to use than JavaScript versions of Jav

zadvorsky Ranger Ranger.js is a small, standalone library for working with ranges of numbers in Javascript. Ranger provides all the utility methods you'd expect, including clamp, wrap, map, and random. These methods are available statical

chancejs Chance Chance - Random generator helper for JavaScript Homepage: http://chancejs.com Many more details on http://chancejs.com but this single library can generate random numbers, characters, strings, names, addresses

observablehq @observablehq/array This library provides methods for operating on columnar data represented as parallel arrays. Most operations involve computing an indexโ€”an array of integers, each in [0, length - 1]โ€”and then using the index to

arguiot TheoremJS A Math framework for computation in JavaScript TheoremJS is a mathematical framework that is packed up with tons of useful mathematical functions. It is composed of functions in most mathematical field