Modals and Popups

Modals and Popups

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kylefox A simple & lightweight method of displaying modal windows with jQuery. For quick examples and demos, head to Why another modal plugin

HubSpot vex Demo    Documentation vex is a modern dialog library which is highly configurable, easily stylable, and gets out of the way. You'll love vex becau

eBay Nice Modal This is a small, zero dependency utility to manage modals in a natural way for React. It uses context to persist state of modals globally s

EinsCMS Simple to use modal / alert / dialog / popup. Created with vanilla JS. No javascript knowledge required! Works on every browser and device! IE >= 9

khanmdsagar It's an alert library build with JavaScript. You can replace your traditional JavaScript alert, confirm and toast with the library.

Aslemammad Xmoji is a customizable Cross-Platform emoji picker for your OS like emoji panel in MacOS.

euvl Vue.js notifications Demo: Install npm install --save vue-notification How to In main.js: import Vue from 'vue'

oncebot Popbox.js Popbox.js is a tiny javascript plugin for creating stackable modals. It is fully customizable and dependency free. Demo Installation Add the popbox.css file to the head of your html. Add th

vaheqelyan Starting with v5.0.0, this component is no longer based on Popper.js, which used react-popper. to use react-popper based popover you must use version 4.1.0 React-awesome-popover Installation vi

hunzaboy Light Modal View the Awesome Demo A simple light-weight yet Powerful and Customizable css modal for content and images. Click here for a DEMO & How to use Compatibility IE9+, Safari, Chrome, Fi

KittyGiraudel A11y Dialog a11y-dialog is a lightweight (1.4Kb) yet flexible script to create accessible dialog windows. ✔︎ No dependencies ✔︎ Leveraging the native <dialog> element ✔︎ Closing dialog on overlay click and ESC ✔︎

ghosh Micromodal.js Tiny, dependency-free javascript library for creating accessible modal dialogs The aim of this library is to make modal dialogs accessible and easy to include in your project wi

rishabhbhatia React Native Awesome Alerts Demo (Watch it on YouTube) Getting Started Installation Basic Usage Props Installation $ npm i react-native-awesome-alerts --save

silvio-r SmallPop A lightweight small pop up widget with no dependencies, create notifications easily with this javascript plugin.Playground in Codepen. Basic Include spop.js and spop.css in your page. <link hr

punitweb BOP BOP - Beauty of Popups is a cross platform pure CSS popups framework. Easy implementation for good looking , responsive popups. Step 1 // Link The CSS <link rel="stylesheet" href="../bop.css" media

voronianski Avgrund Avgrund is a jQuery plugin for your modal boxes and popups. It uses new concept showing depth between popup and page. It works in all modern browsers and gracefully degrade in those that do not support CSS tr

t4t5 A beautiful replacement for JavaScript's "alert" Installation $ npm install --save sweetalert Usage import swal from 'sweetalert'; swal("Hello world!"); Upgrading

peachananr #Subscribe Better by Pete R. Create a better, highly customizable subscription modal or newsletter signup window with jQuery Subscribe Better Created by Pete R., Founder of Travelistly and BucketListly License: Attribution-Share

saribe eModal for Bootstrap eModal is a Easy way to manage modal dialogs using bootstrap. Current Version 1.2.69 Quick Start Link to eModal.js <script src="[email protected]/dist

gao-sun x0popup An alternative to original alert, confirm and prompt. If you are looking for a Promise-based unified UI library for all windows/modals/notifcations/pushes, please check my new project Windowise Lig

fechanique material-modal Vanilla JavaScript Google's MaterialDesign-like modal window Installation <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> <link rel="st

mstellmacher jquery-lwd A lightweight desktop-engine for JQuery Description This lightweight jquery-ui-plugin provides basic desktop functionality. Features Windows Resizable Movable Focus

lancebiu JDialog jDialog is a jQuery plugin for modal dialog. By using this plugin, You can create interesting dialogs easily. It works in all modern browsers. Tested with jQuery 2.2+, file size is under 1KB, MIT Licensed.

RubaXa Ply Amazing layer/modal/dialog system. Wow! Features Demo: Support browsers: Chrome 20+, FireFox 20+, Safari 6+, Opera 12+, IE8+ No jQuery (but then need Promise polyfill)

StephanWagner jBox jBox is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create customizable tooltips, modal windows, image galleries and more. Demo: Docs:

stefangabos Zebra_Dialog A small, compact, and highly configurable jQuery plugin for creating modal dialog boxes Zebra_Dialog is a small, compact, and highly configurable jQuery plugin for creating modal dialog boxes, me

craftpip alerts, confirms and dialogs in one. v3.3.3 A multipurpose plugin for alert, confirm & dialog, with Super powers. Listen keyboard keys Directly load content via Ajax Auto-close dialog after a specified

robinparisi Documentation Documentation and demo can be found here: Introduction Tingle is a minimalist and easy-to-use modal plugin written in pure JavaScript: No dependencie

sweetalert2 [== Become the 🏆 Ultimate Sponsor of SweetAlert2 and place your banner here (100K+ unique visitors per month!) ==] A beautiful, responsive, customizable, accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popu

marcelodolza iziModal Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery. Fast Responsive Animated Lightweight Customizable History Group Mode

sebastiansulinski jQuery confirmation plugin Simple confirmation plugin for jQuery. Demo is available here Installation To make the plugin work you need to include jQuery and styles from within ssd-confirm.css file as well a