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medusajs Medusa is an open-source headless commerce engine that enables developers to create amazing digital commerce experiences.

vbuterin Blogmaker This is an ultra-simple self-hosted blog publishing solution. Dependencies pandoc rsync How to use See the posts directory for what a post s

maraisr relay-sentry Relay log function that enriches Sentry with Relay lifecycles and GraphQL data ⚙️ Install yarn add relay-sentry 🧱 Usage import { logFunc

antfu npm ping... NPM name availability check in CLI (package & org) npx npm-ping my-awesome-idea https://www.npmjs.com/package/my-awesome-idea 404 - No

WebReflection geo2city A tiny, portable, offline search and reverse geocode, also used in Life Diary ❤️ , based on simplemaps.com's World Cities Database basic data

cassidoo A spooky, crowdsourced, mad-lib, Choose Your Own Adventure story built with Next.js, XState, Hasura, and Netlify Forms + Functions. What is this? This

tzarc Djinn Split Keyboard The Djinn is a 64-key split keyboard -- dual 4x7 with a 4-key thumb cluster. It also has a 5-way tactile switch under the thumb.

leerob Next.js + AWS S3 Upload This is an example of a Next.js application allowing you to upload photos to an S3 bucket. Getting Started Option 1: Use an ex

oslabs-beta Korean README 한국어 | Japanese README 日本語 About GatsbyHub is an open-source extension for Visual Studio Code that offers an interactive GUI for Gatsby-c

molenzwiebel Impostor This is the source code for the Discord bot and Among Us client that compromise Impostor. Note that Impostor is not intended for self-hosting

twowaits Make-pull-request It's an initiative by Twowaits Technologies to help create more awareness about Open Source and help introduce many more students to

Tzahi12345 YoutubeDL-Material is a Material Design frontend for youtube-dl. It's coded using Angular 11 for the frontend, and Node.js on the backend.

homerchen19 🌈 🗂 A browser extension which gives different filetypes different icons to GitHub, GitLab, gitea and gogs.

ronami 🌳 TypeLang A tiny language interpreter implemented purely in TypeScript's type-system Introduction This is an extremely simplified language interpret

timhutton I'm experimenting with how to visualise the geodesics in spacetime under general relativity. Please help with suggestions! Live demo: https://timhutto

benawad vscode-stories-api https://github.com/benawad/vscode-stories How to run on your computer Have PostgreSQL running on your computer Create a database ca

LAB-MI Générateur de certificat de déplacement Développer Installer le projet git clone https://github.com/LAB-MI/attestation-deplacement-derogatoire-q4-2020

benawad Stories for Visual Studio Code Context: https://youtu.be/ApR-kNXxLUs Stories is a simple way of sharing code snippets with other developers. Getting S

odensc ttv-ublock Blocking ads on Twitch with uBlock How-to: Click on the uBlock icon, then click the dashboard icon. Image example Click the checkbox next t

Drag13 HabrSanitizer Home for the Chrome extension to sanitize Habr.com from graphomaniac authors No external code, no tracking, 100% open source Install To

ArugaZ 🥟 Help me! Trakteer bantu kontribusi dengan cara pull request atau request di issues, makasi My Whatsapp Getting Started This project require NodeJS

emergencymeeting Sabotage A Discord bot for Among Us, written in Node.js. It's primarily built to make it easier to share your current private room code, but it can do

zacanger Forked from https://github.com/ovity/octotree so that community development can continue under the original license. See https://web.archive.org/web/2

pch Kindle Highlights Formatter Website: https://kindle-formatter.vercel.app/ A simple tool for cleaning up Kindle highlights exported via the desktop app

learnwithsumit সহজ বাংলায় Node.js টিউটোরিয়াল সিরিজ Table of Contents Update Node Windows Mac Install and Update Yarn Windows Mac VS Code Editor Setup Extensions Se

netlify Next.js Build Plugin This build plugin is a utility for enabling server-side rendering in Next.js on Netlify. It wraps your application in a tiny comp

MacSchierer Covid-19_Ampel, Ein Scriptable Widget Ein Scriptable Widget zum Anzeigen der 7-Tage-Inzidenz und zusätzlichen Infos zu einen ausgwählten Region Deutsc

vicky1999 cryptography.js cryptography.js is a cryptographic library for Javascript and NodeJS. It implements various cipher and decipher techniques which can b

funbox @funboxteam/phantom-lord Handy API for Headless Chromium, inspired by CasperJS. Useful for automated testing, website scrapers creating and other task

argenos nldates-obsidian Create date links using natural language processing using chrono and some custom parsing. To create a date link, select the text you

KonfHub OSS-Days What is OSS Days? 📢 OSS Days (Open Source Software Days) is a two day (30 & 31 October, 2020), virtual, developer-focussed, community driven

kamranahmedse Community of developers and designers in UAE makers.ae is the community of developers and designers in UAE focusing on open-source, practical knowledg

mafintosh binary-message-stream Simple duplex stream that allows you to send messages, including binary messages. npm install binary-message-stream Usage const