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faker-javascript Faker A set of javascript packages that generates fake data for you. Install $ npm install --save @fakerjs/faker Usage import faker from '@fakerjs/fa

hannahcode Wordle Clone Go play the real Wordle here Read the story behind it here Try a demo of this clone project here Inspiration: This game is an open source

nurcinozer 100 Days of Web3 Challenge This is a list of the content I shared about Web3 for the upcoming 100 days. Day Topic Content 1. Fundamentals of Blockchai

lucacasonato Proper String Split Image from @DasSurma Status Champion(s): Luca Casonato Author(s): Luca Casonato Stage: 0 Motivation The string split method in Jav

sinanbekar This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Started First, run the development server: npm run dev # or yarn dev Open http://

dahlia JSON Hash This package contains the following JSON utilties for Deno: digest.ts provides cryptographic hash digests of JSON trees. It guarantee that d

BeeXD Pterodactyl-status-to-discord Posts The server status from Pterodactyl panel to discord webhook Requirements Node.js npm A Code Editor Git Installatio

OlivierDijkstra useTabs Reusable way to create smooth tab highlights. Installation Install my-project with npm npm install @olivieralexander/usetabs Usage/Examples

jaydip1235 React Firebase Material-UI insta reels app Website link : here P.S :- Open the website in laptop or desktop browsers This website is made for my learn

timll spotify-group-session Brings Spotify Group Sessions to the desktop client. Installation Install Spicetify Download group-session.js and save it to Spi

PiotrRynio BoardMap Status: Work in progress. Work on the project started on 10-01-2021. Our Crew Mentor: Piotr Rynio Agnieszka Przybyłowska Patryk Święcicki Rad

hotdogking2007 invenjs javascript inventory system library example #1. var inven = require("./invenjs.js") var test = new inven.inven("asdf"); //your filename test

fidr Qh Easy Rails-style query helper for iex. use Qh Qh.configure(app: :my_app) q User.where(age > 20).limit(10).all [%MyApp.User{age: 22, name: "Bob"},

VulcanJS NPM Packages - The Right way This repository aims to demonstrate how to build NPM packages the right way. my-package should import the shared code, bu

orenelbaum babel-plugin-reactivars-solid babel-plugin-reactivars-solid is a Babel plugin that lets you use a Svelte like syntax with Solid (a React version is a

foxpage Low-code, made simple and fast Try live demo Foxpage is a lightweight front-end low-code framework. Features 🖥️ Visualization. Provides visual page e

srenatus opa-wasm-browser demo This is a simple static html file invoking npm-opa-wasm in the browser. It'll pass the windows' fragment hash as input to test.r

sliit-foss Getting Started with Create React App This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: ya

notnavindu 🦄 Pinatastore A simple module to store and retrieve simple JSON data from a decentralized databse. (Pinata IPFS) Pinatastore uses a structure similar

DanielPower Zustand Opine Opine Definition transitive verb To state as an opinion Purpose An opinionated Zustand store. Automates naming of actions for Redux Dev

pimeys Fresh Prisma packages for NixOS Currently heavily under construction, and only the following packages are available: @prisma/language-server for the l

restarone Original code (manifest v2) by https://anobjectisa.com/?author=1 Installation Make sure you have node.js and npm installed, then run: npm install scri

24hoster D - Creator 2.0 A Discord Token Generator Demonstration ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDc3hI0dVCU I made this script under 4 days, the idea is t

leopord-lau eevent A small library to get listeners added in elements. Usage After installation the only thing you need to do is import the module: import 'eevent

dom-the-dev NextJS x Supabase Boilerplate Getting Started Environment variables Create the enviroment variables with the following command cp .env.local.dist .env

vinesh27 Jiskord Jiskord is a selfbot wrapper for Discord with almost every API endpoint accessible. This library is inspired by Discum. It is made using Java

robcaldecott Vie + Cypress + MSW + react-query Demo Example of using Cypress with Vite, MSW and react-query. Uses the appReady pattern to signal to Cypress when th

dbarobin 优质 Mirror 信息源列表 目录 Mirror 信息源列表 什么是 Mirror 如何提交 为什么要收集这张列表 Mirror 信息源列表 列表上的信息源订阅数不多,暂时取消展示 RSS 订阅数。 简介 订阅链接 标签 Shawn https://submirror.xyz/dao4ever.e

minescope mineping Collect information about Minecraft (both Java and Bedrock) using Node.js. Description mineping is a Javasript library thar provides Minecraf

Shobhit1338 Abstract Collections This Project is made with HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Axios, MetaMask, thirdweb, Rinkeby Test Network, Web 3.0 Technologies, and OpenSe

snow-sr Olá dev! Link da documentação do módulo Discord.js É recomendável olhar as abas "Creating your bot", e "Interactions" pra ter uma noção do que já está

nswarr Installation First, you need git, duh. sudo apt-get install git Then, clone this repo. git clone https://bitbucket.org/nswarr/flipnote-server Then, go