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mozilla A Lightweight DIY PaaS for Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services (AWS) "Elastic Compute Cloud" provides low cost, instant on VMs that can be used to

aws-samples aws-sdk-js-sample-media-transcoder A sample cross-platform video transcoder application built using the AWS SDK for JavaScript. License This SDK is di

awslabs Simple Beer Service v5.0 Simple Beer Service is a cloud-connected kegerator that sends sensor data (beer flow, temperature, humidity, sound levels and

bcoe Thumbd Deprecation Warning: this project is no longer actively maintained and is left here as a historical artifact. Please feel free to fork this pro

kirishima-ship @kirishima/fetch Description This code is forked from @sapphire/fetch code, i forked because of they still uses node-fetch instead undici. usage may s

Shivaraj-Padala Wallpik the stock photos & wallpaper web app (Preview) Wallpik Wallpik is a single page application built with HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript & Pexels

Imtiyaz2007 Asteroid Snippets A Java snippet extension for beginners. Features Snippets which are commonly used by beginners. Recommendation Visual Studio Code 1.

SpyLima 🏠 Home -- A local home page for browsers with bootstrap Preview: 🔖 Ways to use: Download this repo Change the git status settings for your wakatime

eagr WIP Writing raw WebGL is extremely tedious. simgl is an endeavor to handle that tediousness. features generate code based on your input: shaders, attr

foobaragency react-global-state This package consists of simple global states made possible by observing browser events. It works well when you need to use global

robby-devo Hi Everyone , I am Robby Dongre 👋 Here are some ideas to get you started: 🔭 I’m currently studying in Masai (A transformation in education. Learn al

zcbenz website-check An utility to monitor changes in websites and send emails when found. Usage: $ npm i -g website-check $ website-check /path/to/config.js

Rediverse eztwitch Twitch API CLI/wrapper EZ Twitch (or Easy Twitch, eztw for short) is a Twitch API CLI. A usable package will be developed soon. What you can

RidhoAnshory nextjs-ts-mui5-scss-storybook-starter 📕 Next.js + TypeScript + Material UI v5 + Sass + Storybook starter 📕 with linting & prettier pre-configured Ma

libpag pag-web The repository store some libpag web demo. Quick look Demo Code Simple - A simple demo to play pag file. Multiple - Play multiple pag files. S

Teselka Neverlose.cc API This is the neverlose.cc market api wrapper written on node.js(ts) Getting started Install for npm npm install neverlose-api Then you

capsidjs Capsule • TodoMVC Spec compliant TodoMVC implementation in Capsule. The entire script size of the application is 3.45 kB (9.87 kB before gzipped), whi

ciniml ATOM Display FPGA Design 概要 本リポジトリには、M5Stack社が製造・販売している ATOM Display に搭載されているFPGA上の論理回路のソースおよび合成手順が含まれている。 ATOM Displayに搭載されているFPGAはGOWIN社の GW1NR-LV9Q

msfeldstein solidity-json Generate JSON strings in solidity without wanting to cry See Test.sol for example usage, and sample-test.js for deployment. //SPDX-Licen

sijey-praveen Pure.js Currently under Development Get Started <script src="https://sijey-praveen.github.io/Pure.js/pure.js"></script> Event $("button").on("click",

BlueAlder Front Run Challenge This is a challenge to showcase a front running exploit on the ETH blockchain. This is built using hardhat network. Challenge Over

boogie MCU Manager (Web Bluetooth) This tool is the Web Bluetooth version of MCU Manager that enables a user to communicate with and manage remote devices ru

scripting myLogseqBlog A cross-platform Node app that publishes a LogSeq journal as a blog via Drummer How to install Download the app from the repo. It's a .zi

React-Avancado This is a Next.js boilerplate using TailwindCSS and other cool stuff. Most of this is taught in this course. What is inside? This project uses lot of

kaansche haxball-extrapolation Haxball adlı web tarayıcı oyununda '/extrapolation' adlı komutun sınırı 1000'e yükseltilmiş halidir. (Oyun bunu 200 ile sınırlam

mikaelvesavuori catalogist 📚 📓 📒 📖 🔖 The easy way to catalog and make your software and (micro)services visible to your organization through an API You were a pe

HarryET Shimmer A Gleam library for interacting with the Discord API Basic Example import gleam/io import shimmer import shimmer.{on_message, on_ready} pub f

prathyvsh Knowledge Atlases Catalogue of portals that map out roadmaps for self learners Metacademy A package manager for knowledge Metacademy uses a dependency

Sus-OS SusOS Linux A parody utility OS inspired by Among Us ඞ. Check out some screenshots! General Info SusOS is a meme operating system inspired by the Amon

krikun98 Skean The Skean is a 44-key split keyboard inspired by the Jian (stagger, pinky and controller footprint) and the Corne (thumb cluster). The module pl

shortwave Watchable A small library to expose state into React. Features 🧑‍🏫 Easy to learn: Small API surface - all you need are two classes and a hook to get

artalar usePureCallback This is not a NPM package, this is simple snipet to copy paste it. Just copy the code below and paste it to your project. You can find