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JLL32 create-c Create C projects ready to run and debug with zero configuration Installation Use the package manager npm (comes already with Node) npm insta

pjamar htmls-to-datasette Htmls-to-datasette is a tool to index HTML files into a Sqlite database so they can be searched and visualized at a later time. Thi

dvanoni Notero A Zotero plugin that syncs items into a Notion database when added to a specific collection. Scaffolded with generator-zotero-plugin and built

gdscjgec GDSC JGEC Website Table of Contents About The Project Built With File Structure Before You Start Getting Started Roadmap License Contact About The Pro

gdscjgec Project Name An awesome README template to jumpstart your projects! Explore the docs » View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents Abou

alii typestr TypeScript string library npm i --save typestr Why? Fantastic question. Is it useful? Probably not in production grade apps but I personally l

zeekrey Teini Installation ...if you're not a developer Accounts needed Running Teini should be easy and for free. Although you'll need to create some account

gdscjgec UpTrend A one place destination to check whatever is trending on the top social and news websites at present. Explore the docs » View Demo · Report Bu

yanaiela Text-based NP Enrichment (TNE) TNE is an NLU task, which focus on relations between noun phrases (NPs) that can be mediated via prepositions. The data

aUnicornDev 👾 TABSMONSTER 👾 A Chrome Extension to keep a tab on your Browser Tabs 🎯 Vision and RoadMap The primary mission is to publish a chrome extension on

yashash1511 Windows 11 Settings in React Have a look at win11-settings.netlify.app or below 😄 Demo image (light mode) Demo image (dark mode) Fun Fact : It has a

deepakuniyaliit Hacktoberfest2021 Note - Dear contributors, this repositpry has been excluded from the Hacktoberfest, due to unknown reasons. If you make a pull reque

Developer-DAO DeveloperDAO A community of builders who believe in collective ownership of the internet. Table of Contents What is a DAO What is DeveloperDAO How do

Dreams-d 一 目录 目录 一 目录 二 前言  2.1 语言说明  2.2 学习攻略  2.3 关于 issue 三 排序算法  3.1 选择排序  3.2 归并排序  3.3 快速排序  3.4 RainbowSort 四 recursion I  4.1 斐波那契数列  4.2 a 的 b 次方(基础版)

freedevth Poneglyph (https://freedevth.github.io/poneglyph/) ความเป็นมา การจะเข้าใจความเคลื่อนไหวทางการเมืองไทย จำเป็นจะต้องศึกษาข้อมูลตั้งแต่อดีต ถึงปัจจุบัน แ

theajack Disable-devtool 🚀 Disable web developer tools with one line 中文 | online trial/document | Version Log | Gitee 1. Quick use 1.1 npm reference npm i dis

cedowens SwiftBelt-JXA This is JXA implementation of some SwiftBelt functions (SwiftBelt is a macOS system enumerator that was originally written in Swift. Her

agda agda2hs Compiles a subset of Agda to readable Haskell code. See Test.agda for an example. Future work Compile if/then/else Literals in patterns Map in

nsingla clock with hourly chime and btc stats; built with electronjs

redbtc Octocat ❤ Bitcoin This repo is a demo/playground for an experimental mechanic for GitHub repositories, which enables project backers to be a noticeabl

arnabsen1729 🔥 Website to PDF 🔥 Convert any website to a PDF fast URL: https://w2pdf.netlify.app/ Features Fast ✔️ No Watermarks ✔️ No Ads ✔️ Minimalistic UI ✔️

jthomasmock CMSAC Tidymodels Workshop This workshop provides a gentle introduction to supervised machine learning: concepts, methods, and R code. Participants wil

xcatliu etype Extra types for TypeScript. Most of the time we can be sure that the type of a variable is int. However, there is no int type in TypeScript, so

jamesgeorge007 nuxt-modules-cli Browse Nuxt.js modules from the terminal. Usage: nuxt-modules [options] Options: -V, --version output the version number -h, --

evandcoleman scriptable A collection of my scriptable.app scripts Modified TermiWidget Original by @spencerwooo: https://gist.github.com/spencerwooo/7955aefc4ffa5b

glamboyosa mey A react package that exports hooks for handling the request lifecycle Motivation This package was created for people who don't want to go through

maximilianschmitt Easily write scalable Node.js setup code for Cypress cypress-routines Motivation cy.task() allows Cypress users to run code in a Node.js process. Howe

oppsec 🛸 Discor Fast discord bots creation. 🤔 What is Discor? 🛸 Discor is an NodeJS CLI application to automate the process of discord bots creation. ⚙️ S

Joshandrews43 useExpoUpdates Description Expo has a standalone expo-updates module, however it only updates if a user force restarts their app. This hook sets a lis

fifikobayashi Flash Mint Arbitrage An example of a Flash Mint powered arbitrage executed on the Ropsten testnet between a flash mint DEX, Kyber and Uniswap. Backgro

dai-shi proxy-memoize Intuitive magical memoization library with Proxy and WeakMap Introduction In frontend framework like React, object immutability is impor

willcrichton Nota is a framework for writing academic papers, like LaTeX. It uses the browser's document layout engine and interactive capabilities to make papers easier to both write and read.

felvin-search Your search box is now an app store! 🎉