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Samskrita-Bharati zat.am शतम् After groundbreaking "TA-RG-ET संस्कृतम्" hackathon (https://www.iitr.ac.in/sanskritclub/target.html) initiated on गीताजयन्ती २०२० #codeSa

fireship-io 👋 Invite-only Phone Authentication with Firebase & React Use #FOMO to generate massive user growth by building an invite-only phone authentication sy

JoseExposito Follow on... GNOME Shell X11Gestures extension Enable GNOME Shell multi-touch gestures on X11 with this extension. Touchégg must be installed separate

chris-short kubernetesreadme.com kubernetesreadme.com — What to Read to Learn More About Kubernetes Contributing Edit content/post/kubernetesreadme/index.md with

windicss Windi CSS Intellisense Windi CSS IntelliSense enhances the Windi development experience by providing Visual Studio Code users with advanced features s

luruke 🧠 Human GPU Exercises. ❗️ Super beta ❗️ A series of exercises that aims to teach the basic of the WebGL/OpenGL pipeline. The excercises are made to b

BrianHicks nix-script nix-script lets you write quick scripts in compiled languages, tranparently compile and cache them, and pull in whatever dependencies you n

IdleHandsProject TENEX - Open Source Volumetric OLED Display Check out the video! - Click the Image Control up to ten transparent OLED displays using your favourite Fe

ForbiddenProgrammer CVE-2021-21315-systeminformation This is Proof of Concept for CVE-2021-21315 which affects The System Information Library for Node.JS (npm package "sy

pmndrs three-stdlib npm install three-stdlib // Export collection import * as STDLIB from 'three-stdlib' // Flatbundle import { OrbitControls, ... } from 't

toplenboren simple-git-hooks A tool, that lets you easily manage git hooks The package was recently renamed from simple-pre-commit, see releases for simple-pre-co

Fast-Modular-Project Modular code to help you start and deploy your project faster. Starter React.js / NestJS / MySQL As we get bored building over and over same core feat

speedshop A Simple Book Build Pipeline with Pandoc This repository is a simple build process for making books with Pandoc. It was used to publish The Complete G

nvim-telescope Telescope-media-files.nvim Preview images, pdf, epub, video, and fonts from Neovim using Telescope. ONLY SUPPORTED ON LINUX Install Plug 'nvim-lua/pop

ayoubfathi About A collection of special paths linked to major web CVEs, known juicy APIs, misconfigurations.. etc. They could be used for web-content discovery

galaxykate Kate's P5 Sampler I wanted to record a number of my favorite P5/Processing/Generative art tricks for my students to learn. But ya'll are all my studen

innoq Hotwire DEMO A simple Spring Boot Application to showcase the integration of Hotwire into a 'normal' Spring Boot Webapplication Getting started Build

deno-libs 🧙 Wizard Minimal Jest-like unit testing framework for Deno. Features describe, it, expect functions like in Jest colorful output with summary uses De

treeform Thready - a better thread API. ⚠️ WARNING: This library is a WIP and not ready to be used yet. ⚠️ Aim of thready is to make working with threads as si

windwp nvim-ts-autotag Use treesitter to autoclose and autorename xml tag It work with html,xml,tsx,vue,svelte. Usage Before Input After -----

thx GOGOCODE 全网最简单易上手,可读性最强的 AST 处理工具! 官网:https://gogocode.io Install npm install gogocode 快速开始 对于下面的代码 const code = ` const moment = require('mome

sensadesign Sensa Emoji Free, vector, and open-source emoji set 👋 Emoji is our common language. It crosses borders, countries, and dialects. 🙀 However, the ones

antfu Vitesse Theme for VS Code        Font | Input Mono  File Icons | File Icons Product Icons | Carbon                 Demo | Vitesse       Links prism-th

Elenchev Try it with live data: https://elenchev.github.io/order-book-heatmap/ It's better at visualizing less volatile markets. Lower the update interval / ma

module-federation MicroLib (codename Aegis) Microservice Libraries Purpose Get rid of the bad, keep the good. Like any architecture, microservice-style architectures im

macshome The Wisdom of Quinn Informative DevForum posts from everyone's favorite DTS member. Share and Enjoy® (Arranged most to least recently updated. Most re

sbehrends 🎤 P2P Clubhouse Clone built with Next.js and Vercel Voice conversations with pure P2P. Full power of WebRTC to create voice rooms to have a conversat

dmaevsky ⤕ Conclure JS Brings cancellation and testability to your async flows. It is a tiny (core is < 200 lines of code), zero dependencies generator runner.

benso-io Posta Posta is a tool for researching Cross-document Messaging communication. It allows you to track, explore and exploit postMessage vulnerabilities,

oslabs-beta giraffeql.io giraffeQL is an open source tool that visualizes your PostgreSQL relationships to easily configure your database for a GraphQL API. In ot

oslabs-beta Local authentication and OAuth 2.0 middleware for Deno Features A Dashport class that handles authentication and serialization. A local strategy modul

jordwalke No servers, No build Deployable Sites Right From Chrome Markdown features for developers. Offline Search. Workflow Write regular markdown in .html fil

sindresorhus chunkify Split an iterable into evenly sized chunks Install $ npm install @sindresorhus/chunkify Usage import chunkify from '@sindresorhus/chunkify';