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Loophole-Labs MongoMeili Keep your MongooseJS Schemas synced with MeiliSearch This plugin will automatically synchronise your Schemas with aa MeiliSearch index ever

badicsalex Magyar törvények git repo Ebben a repository-ban a fontosabb magyar törvények (jelenleg csak a Ptk) érhetőek el, könnyen olvasható TXT, HTML, illetve

KyleAMathews check-gatsby-caching Validates your caching headers for your Gatsby site. Run in your terminal npx check-gatsby-caching https://url-of-your-gatsby-sit

maykbrito Welcome to Read 4 me 👋 https://read4me.netlify.app/ 🏠 Homepage ✨ Demo Author 👤 Mayk Brito Twitter: @maykbrito Github: @maykbrito LinkedIn: @maykbri

raimohanska An online whiteboard

anncwb Vben Admin Thin Next 中文 | English 介绍 gitHub 地址 精简版地址 预览地址 文档 预安装 环境要求 UI 框架 修改清单 注意 开发环境 打包 格式化 其他 Git 提交规范 浏览器支持 加入我们 介绍 项目基于ant-design-vue,typescrip

Grew-dev ConsoleChat.io - Underground developer meeting room ConsoleChat turns browsers' console into a global real-time chat that connects developers from web

opencodeiiita Opencode Collaborative 2021 Like us on Facebook About us OpenCode is a month long open source program organised by GeekHaven IIIT Allahabad. OpenCode

alii gitmusic Set your current spotify track as your commit message Installation You can install with npm: npm i -g gitmusic Or with yarn yarn global add g

takahirox online-wgsl-editor online-wgsl-editor is a tiny online WGSL (WebGPU Shading language) editor. You can test WGSL on your web browser. It is good especi

antfu vite-node Vite as Node runtime. EXPERIMENTAL Usage npx vite-node index.ts Options: npx vite-node -h Features Out-of-box ESM & TypeScript support (poss

orta awesome-typescript-derived-languages These projects aim to be (mostly) syntax compatible with TypeScript, but with different end goals than what TypeS

CleverProgrammer ♟ I love chess. I am a chess fanatic. This will be my passion project ❤️ . If you want to build this along with me... Feel free to send pull requests.

neulab Building Language Technology for New Languages This is a community effort meant to be a guide to best practices regarding building language technology

cweijan Database Client For Visual Studio Code

CesiumGS Content pipeline tools for optimizing glTF assets. :globe_with_meridians:

rishikeshreddyakkireddy DesignToDevelopment D2D Welcome to my repository :) I will provide you the design, Can you code? Now a days building things on the internet has more v

ahmadawais 📟 CLI to log your GitHub Stars Contributions with ease. Learn to build Node.js CLI apps. CLI: github-stars-contributions gsc 📦 Add a contribution of

paulmillr noble-hashes Fast, secure & minimal JS implementation of SHA2, SHA3, RIPEMD, BLAKE2, HMAC, HKDF, PBKDF2 & Scrypt. Matches following specs: SHA2 aka SH

JJoriping Sorrygle Text-based MIDI-writing language and its compiler 🔗 Web demo available in Korean Introduction I often chat with my friends via Discord. Howe

epool86 calculateshopee Just open shopee web and login, then copy & paste this javascript, lastly simply run calculate(0); Use calculate.js to calculate in co

0xsequence SLOAD2 & SLOAD2-Map SLOAD2 is a set of Solidity libraries for writing and reading contract storage paying a fraction of the cost, it uses contract cod

dutscher Stencil 2.0.3 + Storybook 6.0.26 + Real Stencil HMR (hot module reloading) DEMO Storybook on gh-pages This is a starter project for building component

xnimorz Enhance window.Selection Demo: https://codesandbox.io/s/selection-range-enhancer-fwuy8?file=/src/index.js This project is dedicated to adding some fun

fcarazo MINT21-machine-learning-course Machine Learning Course for the Máster en Innovación Tecnológica. Madrid 2021. By Fernando Carazo Reference book: Hands

space-voyager-21 Hey Developers! Presenting you all the 'Space-Voyager'. 🏅 💻 Hacktoberfest21 Hacktoberfest is back this year! Hacktoberfest is an annual month-long c

KMKINGMAN KINGMAN DEV Discord Eco is a open source Discord bot coded in JavaScript with Discord.js and Mongoose by KINGMAN. Feel free to add a star ⭐ to the rep

statikdev Solana Mint Lint Command line tool written in Typescript to retrieve mint tokens with metadata from the Solana blockchain. Usage This project uses yar

IEEE-VIT Hacktoberfest 2021 with IEEE-VIT ❤️ Hangman-React is a simple Hangman Game built using React JS. Support open source software by participating in Hack

Opentek-Org bookquotes A simple NPM Package which returns random Lines from people's favorite book with names of the author as well as the book . It provides grea

kuanyui Copy as Org-Mode A WebExtension to copy selected web page into Org-mode formatted text! I develop and release ALL my open-source software projects for

MH15 A static hypertext generator for your blog or website.

andresrodriguez55 FULLSTACK BLOG WITH A BASIC COMMENT SYSTEM (REACT, PHP & MYSQL) LINK In this project I decided once and for all to immerse myself in the world of the