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Kyosodev Chip - The Discord music bot This repo is still a work-in-progress so don't expect much from it now. Join Chip's testing server for help/more informat

romannurik rtcfire (WIP) A simple WebRTC + Firebase Realtime Database JS library for multi-user video chat. WARNING: This library is experimental, and not battle

AutoScreencast Code Sunaba A simple ClojureScript code sandbox (“sunaba” means “sandbox” in Japanese). This app was scaffolded using create-reagent-app, which is pow

nalgeon Генератор счетов Как использовать: Форкнуть или скачать репозиторий Прописать реквизиты своей компании в company.json Скопировать логотип, печать и фа

Blu3Jive001 ✨ Awesome Dotfiles ✨ This is a Windows port of JavaCafe01's AwesomeWM creation, which you can find here I tried to keep to the original as much as pos

Spankercode Spanker V12 Emojili Kayıt Botu Spanker tarafından hazırlanıp geliştirilmiş V12 emojili kayıt botu! Ayarlarınızı ayarlar.json dosyasına girmeyi unutmay

Open-Pix OpenPix Backend Integration Example Pix Example Using the OpenPix Platform. OpenPix Developers Basic OpenPix Backend Integration Example This is a sam

AdguardTeam CNAME-cloaked trackers A CNAME (Canonical Name) is a type of DNS record that defines an alias from one domain name to another. It’s a basic function u

MattIPv4 pogchamp Each day brings a new PogChamp emote to Twitch. View the latest PogChamp of the Day at pogchamp.today. About Following the recent events in t

WilliamVenner 👨‍💻 vscode-glua-enhanced Supercharge your Garry's Mod development experience! GLua Enhanced is currently in ALPHA and may have missing features and

CeoFred log-stripper This is a cli tool for removing all logs from your javascript/typescript files before pushing to production server ,keeping your logs nea

NayamAmarshe ToucheggKDE TouchEgg configuration for Touchpad Gestures like MacOS/Windows for KDE Plasma. Finally, enjoy the multi-touch touchpad gesture goodness o

jmcdo29 NestJS Commander Have you been building amazing REST and RPC applications with NestJS? Do you want that same structure for absolutely everything you'r

biuuu 原神祈愿记录导出工具 中文 | English 一个使用 Electron 制作的小工具,需要在 Windows 64位操作系统上运行。 通过读取游戏日志或者代理模式获取访问游戏祈愿记录 API 所需的 authKey,然后再使用获取到的 authKey 来读取游戏祈愿记录。 工具会在当前目录下的

ea Rooting Bosch lcn2kai Headunit My Nissan Xterra came with a (for the time) modern head unit that has a touch screen, built-in navigation, backup camer

charliegerard whereami.js (Side project not intended to be used in production applications) Node.js module to predict indoor location using machine learning and wif

Barbarossa93 Genome Here you can find the dotfiles for my latest setup on the latest qtile-git. Feel free to create an issue if I'm missing something NOTE: These d

midudev Vacunación COVID-19 Aplicación web que muestra el estado y progreso de la vacunación en España 🇪🇸 contra el COVID-19. Unos enlaces para entender mej

dunleavyjack Mood Ring Mood Ring is a 'mobile first' web app that determines a user's mood based on their recently played music on Spotify. There is also a demo av

jam-systems Jam 🍞 Jam is an open source alternative to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and similar audio spaces. With Jam you can create audio rooms that can be used f

bastien8060 MDPin MDPin is a server and a website. It contains an UI to fake a Android login screen to steal their pin code. It works via a web browser, by going

dulajkavinda Description News from the other side of the political spectrum that challenge your existing biases. Live Live Installation To get started, just clone

rileydakota valheim-ecs-fargate-cdk This is a CDK Project for spinning up a Valheim game server on AWS Using ECS Fargate and Amazon EFS! Uses valheim-server-docke

shoelace-style Shoemaker An elegant way to create web components. Created by Cory LaViska. ⚠️ This project was a fun experiment, but it is no longer being developed

Knave404 Knave Projenin ücretli satılması veya başkası tarafından, başka bir ad ile dağıtılması kesinlikle yasaktır. Bir sıkıntı olursa Knave#0927 Discord dan

rosebilag Roseflix: A Netflix Clone My React.js implementation of Netflix. Movie data was pulled from TMDB and trailer videos from Youtube. View Demo » Report B

ziping-li convue convue is a plugin for vite based on vite and vue3 that gives you a set of experiences for rapid development projects, similar to nuxt and umi.

associatedpress AP Harvester AP Harvester is an open source, collaborative data collection platform designed to help newsrooms gather structured data at the speed of

maykbrito Insta Post Reminder Série de 4 aulas no YouTube para treinarmos Javascript no Browser e app Desktop Assista às aulas Aula 01: Sistema de Notificação A

mschwarzmueller This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Started First, run the development server: npm run dev # or yarn dev Open http://

arshad next-mdx next-mdx provides a set of helper functions for fetching and rendering local MDX files. It handles relational data, supports custom component

android10 Engineering Leadership Content This repository aims to contain information and content about Engineering Leadership and different Engineering Leadersh

threepointone esjest-transform (DEPRECATED, use esbuild-jest instead) A fast jest transform. In your jest configuration, add: module.exports = { // ... transfor