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ahmetozantekin TARAFINDAN evet tarafından yet another open source license generator. Installation Install with npm or yarn. npm i -g tarafindan yarn global add taraf

egoist 💛 You can help the author become a full-time open-source maintainer by sponsoring him on GitHub. tsno Features Super duper fast TypeScript support De

lukeed A tiny (2.8kB) and fast utility for getting a MIME type from an extension or filename Features Lightweight – 2.8kB gzip Only includes standard mime ty

wwwtyro sdf-csg Generate meshes from signed distance functions and constructive solid geometry operations. This library is heavily based upon Inigo Quilez's 3

bobbylkchao graphQL-express-MySQL-example Very easy graphQL example made by Bobby Chao. The folder has been organized, the module has been split, and it can be di

ajsantander Solidity Trivias This repo contains condensed demos and explanations for the Solidity trivias being shared on twitter via the profile: https://twitter

NullVoxPopuli ember-popperjs A single <PopperJS> component with easy to use API for creating popovers, tooltips, etc. Compatibility Ember.js v3.25 or above Ember CL

danielesteban terrain A fast heightmap based voxelizer NPM package three-terrain Editor # clone this repo git clone https://github.com/danielesteban/terrain.git cd

UltiRequiem Y2J - YAML to JSON and vice versa Simple CLI tool and library to convert YAML to JSON and vice versa. CLI Tool Installation deno.land/x: deno install

Nishant-Bhosale HackSprint PS16 Binary Beasts Our Problem Statement - Develop a web application 👨‍💻 that can help manage a Gaming 🕹 Parlour. The manager should hav

rancher-sandbox Rancher Desktop is an open-source project to bring Kubernetes and container management to the desktop. Windows and macOS versions of Rancher Desktop are available for download.

mikker svgnft A helper library for generating fully on-chain NFTs (ERC721) on Ethereum. Being on-chain is fun! Example See example/. Override tokenUri with s

encodeArnab 🔖 lazyCode Hey there, my amigos, 👋 this open source project is different because we're taking your obsession with creating your Competitive coding /

rajatt95 OC_MasterSeleniumFramework With further updates - This project is designed and developed with the help of - Udemy course (OmPrakash Chavan - Selenium

Azure sqlmi Azure SQL Managed Instance scripts & tools Folders & Projects: how-to/ contains the SQL MI scripts from the how-to series at https://aka.ms/sqlm

jeffersonlicet 🔮 PancakeSwap Prediction Bot Run simulations(backtesting) and place bets on realtime (soon) Roadmap ✅ Call contract ✅ Auto fetch historical data (and

marko-js @micro-frame/marko A Marko tag for building SSR friendly micro frontends. Installation npm install @micro-frame/marko How it works This package expose

basava1134 Your First Contribution to Open Source Code Code in your own language Hacktoberfest 2021 Join Hacktoberfest 2021 From Here Support open source through

msgul Sofa (StackOverflow Answers) Extension Sofa is an open-source MIT-licensed vscode extension that is designed to speed up your coding time by bringing

uwidev Life Discipline Projects Welcome to Life-Disciplines-Projects v0.1 (LDP) is a life-management framework built within Obsidian by uwi. This note serves

hauleth PhoenixBakery Better compression for your Phoenix assets. This is set of modules that implement Phoenix.Digester.Compressor behaviour which can be use

gavv pull-request-artifacts This GitHub Action uploads specified build artifacts (arbitrary files) from a PR to given repo and posts a PR comment with link

Kindelia Kindelia: a minimal decentralized computer In 2013, the first smart-contract blockchain, Ethereum, was proposed, extending Bitcoin with a stateful scr

neg4n Next.js API OG Image · Simple library with purpose of providing easy way to dynamically generate open-graph images using Next.js API routes. If you're

devyumao Unstable Island Farming Yumao and Ovilia's entry for Ludum Dare 49. Play! Goal: Grow 40 carrots on the unstable island. Controls: left/right/top/botto

jonathandata1 iOS 15.0.1 RCE V1 Author: Jonathan Scott @jonathandata1 Date: October 9th, 2021 Release Version 1.0 Description When an iOS device has been connected

Anuragtech02 useReactHooks A repository for custom React Hooks. Table of contents What is useReactHooks Pre-Requisites Git & Github React (Typescript) How to contr

wangjia184 Kubernetes Pod Inspector Unlike other dashboardes for Kubernetes(Lens / Rancher / etc), Kubernetes Pod Inspector allows to check the file system and p

sirilius Watermark KTP Watermark KTP adalah sebuah alat sederhana untuk menambahkan watermark pada KTP. Dibuat dengan JavaScript, HTML, dan CSS. URL : https://

shiffman Twitter-Bot-A2Z Sign up for a Twitter API account, get keys. Add Account Activity API / Sandbox with a dev environment/label. Sign up for ngrok accoun

mhart ts-eager Fast TypeScript runner and register hook with eager compilation. Similar to ts-node, except it uses esbuild – an extremely fast TypeScript tr

tannerlinsley What is this? It's an example repo I used to teach a workshop about React Query! The main branch contains the initial code we started with The with-re

p0fi GitLab Stats for Scriptable Note: This script requires at least Scriptable version 1.5.2! What's this? This is a simple GitLab status widget for Scrip