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flurry Lyric Linear Regression library in pure Javascript Lyric can help you analyze any set of x,y series data by building a model that can be used to: Crea

omphalos #bayesian-bandit.js This is an adaptation of the Bayesian Bandit code from Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers, specifically d3

NathanEpstein kNear Install npm install knear --save About kNear is a javascript implementation of the k-nearest neighbors algorithm. It is a supervised machine lea

itamarwe Kalman Kalman filter for Javascript. Dependencies The module requires a sylvester.js (https://github.com/jcoglan/sylvester) compatible matrix and vect

luccastera shaman Machine Learning library for node.js Linear Regression shaman supports both simple linear regression and multiple linear regression. It support

emilbayes #kMeans.js Simple Javascript implementation of the k-means algorithm, for node.js and the browser ##Installation npm install kmeans-js ##Example (JS)

primaryobjects LDA Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) topic modeling in javascript for node.js. LDA is a machine learning algorithm that extracts topics and their rel

yandongliu LearningJS: A Javascript Implementation of Logistic Regression and C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithms Author: Yandong Liu. Email: yandongl @ cs.cmu.edu Upd

nicolaspanel node-svm Support Vector Machine (SVM) library for nodejs. Support Vector Machines Wikipedia : Support vector machines are supervised learning models t

lukapopijac Gaussian Mixture Model Unsupervised machine learning with multivariate Gaussian mixture model which supports both offline data and real-time data stre

jasondavies Science.js Science.js is a JavaScript library for scientific and statistical computing. Currently, there are two modules: science.stats, containing va

emilbayes Clustering.js ####Clustering algorithms implemented in Javascript for Node.js and the browser Examples License Copyright (c) 2013 Emil Bay [email protected]

serendipious Decision Tree for Node.js This Node.js module implements a Decision Tree using the ID3 Algorithm Installation npm install decision-tree Usage Import

antoniodeluca DN2A (JavaScript) Digital Neural Networks Architecture About DN2A is a set of highly decoupled JavaScript modules for Neural Networks and Artificial I

benhmoore Knwl.js Knwl.js is a Javascript library that parses through text for dates, times, phone numbers, emails, places, and more. Project Future The future

NathanEpstein D3xter About Simple and powerful syntax to make common charts with minimal code. Highly flexible plotting for deep customization. Sensible defaults bu

rigtorp statkit A statistics toolkit for javascript. Usage Install using npm: npm install statkit Fit a linear regression model using MCMC: var sk = require(

nathanepstein datakit About A lightweight library/framework for data analysis in JavaScript. Usage npm install datakitjs --save Documentation & Examples Reading, Fi

twitter twitter-text This repository is a collection of libraries and conformance tests to standardize parsing of Tweet text. It synchronizes development, tes

jeff1evesque Machine Learning This project provides a web-interface, as well as a programmatic-api for various machine learning algorithms. Supported algorithms: S

fsprojects Vulpes Vulpes is an implementation of deep belief and deep learning, written in F# and using Alea.cuBase to connect to your PC's GPU device. Building

torch Neural Network Package This package provides an easy and modular way to build and train simple or complex neural networks using Torch: Modules are the

torch This package provides a CUDA implementation for many of the modules in the base nn package: nn Modules

clementfarabet nnx: experimental 'nn' components The original neural network from Torch7, nn, contains stable and widely used modules. 'nnx' contains more experiment

LXSMNSYC solid-marked MDX/Markdown compiler for SolidJS Install yarn add solid-js solid-marked Features Supports Markdown and MDX Github-flavored Markdown supp

Pyr33x Hey I'm Pyrex Create A Hello World <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Page Title</title> </head> <body> <div align="center"> <h1><b> Hello World!<

Shivelight pOOBs4-buildroot Introduction This repository contains buildroot external tree for building a minimal Linux image to host pOOBs4 web server and emulat

n1k0 Wordlem A simplistic port of the popular Wordle game in Elm. Allows playing in French. You can play it here. Credits In no specific order: Josh Wardle

microsoft @typescript/analyze-trace Tool for analyzing the output of tsc --generateTrace automatically, rather than following the steps here. Note: The goal is

StudioPetrikas VertUI for FreeCAD Link Vertical UI Setup for FreeCAD Link aka FreeCAD Linkstage3 Prerequistes FreeCAD Link is an experimental branch of FreeCAD creat

ppeetteerrs Obsidian-Zola This repo contains an easy-to-use (read: simplistic) solution for converting an Obsidian Personal Knowledge Management System (read: bun

statykjs statyk Dead simple statyk site generator coming soon™ for the impatient: Clone repo -> run yarn -> run yarn dev --watch TODOS Content folders support