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preactjs @preact/preset-vite An all in one preset for writing Preact apps with the vite bundler. Features: Sets up Hot Module Replacement via prefresh Enables

payloadartist 🕵🏾 recon This script weaponizes the power of web scraping to collect assets from the Apple bug bounty program's acknowledgements page. Since Apple's

4ndv Замедлен ли у меня твиттер Страничка, замеряющая скорость загрузки картинки с замедленного в РФ abs.twimg.com. Проверить самостоятельно: https://lynx.

Phineas Expose your Discord presence and activities to a RESTful API and WebSocket in less than 10 seconds Lanyard is a service that makes it super easy to ex

r3curs1v3-pr0xy                                                                                                            An automated web hacking framework for web

flathub Steam Link client for desktop Linux This repository contains metadata to build a standalone Steam Link client for desktop Linux. It connects to the fu

bahricanyesil nodejs-starter-template You can use this template when you're starting a new project. It contains general concepts, you can customize it according to

cmod Webster's 1913 Dictionary for macOS A contemporary-update to the CSS styling of dictionary results for the Webster's 1913 English Dictionary. This is

galvez jsontypedef Syntactic sugar for creating JSON Type Definitions (RFC 8927). All types from Learn JSON Typedef in 5 Minutes are covered, preserving orig

GorvGoyl Clone Wars - Open source clones of popular sites 70+ open-source clones of popular sites like Airbnb, Amazon, Instagram, Netflix, Tiktok, Spotify, Tre

boredland manjaro sway edition description i recently saw, that there was a decent manjaro sway distribution for arm. this is my approach to port a lot from tho

qeeqbox API and Web App for analyzing & finding a person profile across +300 social media websites. It includes different string analysis and detection module

bradgarropy 💡 philips hue sdk Philips Hue SDK for managing smart devices. 📦 Installation This package is hosted on npm. npm install @bradgarropy/hue-sdk 🚦 Setu

antonbabenko Chrome Extension - You have passed the certification! I just don't want to see posts about it in LinkedIn newsfeed. See content.js for predefined list

conventional-commits Conventional Commits Parser Reference implementation of Conventional Commits specification. Outputs a tree structure based on the unist specification.

itaditya MSW Storybook Addon Features Mock Rest and GraphQL requests right inside your story. Document how a component behaves in various scenarios. Get a11y,

IceroDev NetBot Le bot Discord du serveur communautaire de NetHeberg Crée avec ❤️ pour NetHeberg Commandes Pour voir la liste des commandes, nous vous invitons

babashka pod-babashka-aws A babashka pod wrapping the aws-api library. Status Experimental, awaiting your feedback. API The namespaces and functions in this po

hatemhosny LocalPen Code pens that run locally! A powerful frontend coding playground that runs totally on the client and can be hosted on any static file server

cybershard AUProximity AUProximity is an open source proximity voice chat platform, primarily aimed at Among Us. I have an open instance hosted on Heroku. This s

PaulBernier CAST(L): compile JavaScript to Lua CASTL (Compile Abstract Syntax Tree to Lua) is a free and open source project that allows you to "compile" some Jav

jalal246 About DFlex DFlex is a real solution to native-like browser API focused on performance and easy implementation. It's not a React solution or a Vue imp

tejado Telegram Nearby Map Telegram Nearby Map uses OpenStreetMap and the official Telegram library to locate nearby users. Inspired by Ahmed's blog post and

probml Book 0: "Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective" (2012) See this link Book 1: "Probabilistic Machine Learning: An Introduction" (2021) See this

codeforcauseorg Edu Client Product focuses on 100% education as well as upskilling developing countries and rural areas. Available Scripts In the project directory, y

hasinhayder Tailwind CSS Boilerplate Setting up a tailwind css based project needs to install the tailwindcss npm package, postcss and autoprefixer - it also requ

koca Vue UseGesture WIP Vue UseGesture is a hook that lets you bind richer mouse and touch events to any component or view. With the data you receive, it b

boschni Normalized Cache This normalized cache provides the following functionality: Data (de)normalization Data subscriptions Data validation Data invalidati

tobyzerner Inclusive Elements Accessible, lightweight, unstyled implementations of common UI controls. Demo Basic interactive UI patterns like popup menus, toolt

walkerke umich-workshop Slides and code for tidycensus workshops given at the University of Michigan in March 2021 This repository contains the materials for t

rstacruz vim-gitgrep Searches the project using :GG <search> and show it in a new buffer. Inspired by Sublime Text's Find in Files feature. Install Install usi

mbcse Decentralized Social Media(Dwitter) HashNode AWS Amplify Introduction In the present world social media has become a very important part of our lives.

mblink fp-ts-react-stable-hooks Stable hooks for react using FP-TS equality checks instead of shallow (reference) object comparison. By deafult React will pe