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alpine-collective Magic Helpers A collection of magic properties and helper functions for use with Alpine. About This adds three magic helpers to use with Alpine JS. Mo

azu set-env-to-github_env A migration tools convert ::set-env to $GITHUB_ENV on GitHub Actions. For more details, see GitHub blog and documentation. GitHu

rishiosaur 💖 Frens A minimal link shortener powered by Next.js and Vercel. Structure of a route: { url: string name: string public: boolean title?: stri

ayamflow texture-combine A tool to combine different RGB/A channels into a single texture ⚠️ WIP dead simple for now, more features (and styling) to come Usage

mafintosh hyperphone A telephone over Hyperbeam npm install -g hyperphone Needs sox installed. On mac: brew install sox On linux: sudo apt-get install sox Usag

EvilPulsar S2-061 (CVE-2020-17530) some struts tag , attributes which out of the range will call SetDynamicAttribute() function, it will cause ONGL expression ex

tc39 Accessible Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() Proposal for an Object.hasOwn() method to make Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() more accessible. Status

singularseclab Browser Exploits A collection of browser exploitation codes from Singular Security Lab. CVE-2020-16040 & CVE-2020-16041 Target: Samsung Browser Fullch

VFXGamer Sites: For more details visit our Blog. How to use 😀 : You just have to paste the url in the ENTER THE SUSPECTED URL section and SELECT THE RESEMBELI

dustinrouillard Shortener This is nothing special, just a normal run of the mill URL shortener which I use to power dstn.to Uses my Cloudflare worker template The dat

Mundo-Desconocido Contador-Geiger Detector de potencia de Radiación Ionizante con registro de datos en SQL, el proyecto en un futuro tiene previsto incorporar otro dete

dcdunkan Show JSON Bot A Telegram Bot for printing out the JSON data of a message sent or forwarded with support of navigating through the data. Demo ● Channel

Aryamanz29 🚀 Web-Ideas 🚀 Submit your projects and ideas here 🎉 This repository has collection of Web-Dev related projects. Consider leaving a ⭐ here. Check ou

inirey API results Result from api router get router.get('/anime/shizuka', async (req, res, next) => { var Apikey = req.query.apikey if

SampaioLeal DestJS Make beautiful APIs with the NestJS inspired framework for Deno Goals Controllers store and routes creation with Decorators Other methods decor

Anish-Agnihotri Connect Flashbots RPC Quick website to enable users to add the Flashbots Protect RPC endpoint to MetaMask, via the wallet_addEthereumChain method. Cur

StrigaWile discord-xp-stat-botu Discorda kullanılan xp yetkili stat botu 75 stardan sonra paylaşılır. Bot daha %65 bitirildi ana görevini görüyor moderasyon, reg

tcoulter Jackhammer Run a Hardhat Network node from the command line! Install $ npm install jackhammer -g Example $ jackhammer --port 7777 --accounts.count 1

NativeScript @nativescript/* plugins npm run setup npm start @nativescript/apple-pay @nativescript/google-pay @nativescript/payments How to use? This workspace ma

narze Baht.js Convert number to Thai Baht format, but faster & fully typed. Usage Install with npm or yarn npm install baht # or yarn add baht Import and us

alexandera73 PancakeSwap sniping bot Purpose This bot allows you to compete with other trading bots when buying a cryptocurrency. Can be used for fairlaunch projec

bluwy svelte-fast-dimension Fast dimension bindings using ResizeObservers. Why? Svelte currently uses an iframe technique to measure dimensions so it works

shrishail356 Hacktoberfest 2021 Get start by simple easy clonning any websites or apps Join Hacktoberfest 2021 From Here Support open source throughout October! Ha

Sooraj-s-98 🔖 Todo With NextJS A simple todo app built with Appwrite and Nextjs 🎬 Getting Started 🤘 Install Appwrite Follow our simple Installation Guide to ge

mpcen ceN's Coordinate Tracker This is a coordinate tracker for New World that uses Tesseract.js OCR library built with Node.js and a Powershell script. Thi

fuusy A lib for loading PDF in Android using WebView Usage Including in your project Copy... /pdf/src/main/assets/... all files in the path Use val settings

hell-js hell.js 🚀 🚀 A JavaScript framework for the 🔥 next 🔥 generation. 🚀 Benefits Hell 🚀 comes with many benefits. You get to write your code, your way

AlenSaito1 Aureolin Aureolin is a simple, fast, and powerful REST API framework for Node.js with a focus on simplicity and performance. Starter Project Installat

verttj SwayyHome 😺 🙈 details about my setup: OS : Arch WM : sway Shell : Zsh Terminal : Kitty Notify Daemon : mako Bar : Waybar Launcher : wofi 11:11 😻 sc

MrPeker Sign in with Ethereum Sample code for ETH Sign In at https://acik-kaynak.org/oauth-guzel-peki-ethereumu-denediniz-mi/ The related code for Sign in wit

bp2008 DahuaLoginBypass Chrome extension that uses vulnerabilities CVE-2021-33044 and CVE-2021-33045 to log in to Dahua cameras without authentication. Insta

MicrosoftEdge A web browser built with the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control.

elmagnificogi Only For Chinese and Traditional Chinese The filter only for Chinese and Traditional Chinese, i didn't change it for other language.Maybe you could mo