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SarnaxLii HEX BOT 🔴 Source code ( Due to the large amount of source code, I will gradually update it. ) 🟢 If you don't want to fork, you can download the full

Strawberry-Software-Industries SecureCloud Your new Cloud. Free and Open Source. What is SecureCloud? SecureCloud is a free and open source cloud that makes storing files on your (h

mmmago Legal Notice 1. I am not resposible to anything worse that could happen to your bike because of this app 2. Be careful that lifting the 25km/h limit c

publiusfederalist hsencrypt nodejs library to encrypt or decrypt messages using handshake names hsencrypt uses handshake names, a handshake node, and a handshake wallet

EthanHaid I'm Okay 👌 Team: Legacy Edition, NWHacks 2022 Demo This past year we've seen everything from forest fires to floods ravage families from across the g

baguscodestudio BCS Questionare This allows for easy exports and callbacks for configurable quizes or tests. Features Easy export and simple clean ui 0.00 ms (duh its

zackmark29 IQ.COM M3U8 PARSER/SAVER INSTRUCTIONS Import the bookmarklet into your browser bookmarks (Or select all the code below and drag and drop into your boo

cbonoz NFTpay Make your own blockchain-hosted invoices - hosted for free on IPFS and fulfilled by cryptocurrency. Built for the NFThack2022 hackathon. Benefi

minimouli Api Deployment Using You'll need the following dependencies: Docker Kubernetes A little work need to be done to achieve the deployment. The two api-se

gaetan20 Advanced and complete discord.js 13 handler Presentation DiscordJs13-handler is the solution for all the discord.js developper who want a complete han

the0bone Collection of Links for 3D printing Useful for beginners as well sometimes for advanced printers. These links are being provided as a convenience and

cometkim rescript-vitest ReScript bidnings to Vitest Usage Config Configure with plain vite.config.js. You can use vite-plugin-rescript to build ReScript autom

austintgriffith 🌊 Scaffold Ocean a scaffold eth build to show movement on-chain The owner can launch() ships that move at a dx/dy. live example: http://scaffoldocean

eviau htmlfreewrites the goal: to create a few relatively simple HTML/CSS only websites for other people to use. first example: minimalist art website avail

DevBash1 DownloadJS A JavaScript Library for downloading files on our web page. Installation Add DownloadJS from the script tag <script src="path/to/download.j

cartographia Geospatial Intelligence Library This repository contains a curated list of open source intelligence tools and resources focused on geolocation and chr

sinwoobang dms-psql-post-data Ultimate Script to complete PostgreSQL-to-PostgreSQL Migration right after AWS DMS task done TL;DR Sequence, Foreign key, Index, an

TermuxHackz Php-Webshell/Backdoor A PHP webshell created by us TermuxHackz Society. For educational and/or testing purposes only. Can also be used for ctf challen

elkevinwolf Dynapic is a tool for generating images with dynamic content. You can use it to generate headers or profile pictures for your Social Media profiles, O

iagocavalcante VidaSaudavel To start your Phoenix server: Install dependencies with mix deps.get Create and migrate your database with mix ecto.setup Start Phoenix e

11ty eleventy-plugin-directory-output Group and sort Eleventy’s verbose output by directory (and show file size with benchmarks). Sample output from eleven

amirlb מדויקת: משחק מילים משחק ניחוש מילים שמבוסס על Wordle של Josh Wardle. הקוד ורשימת המילים ברשיון AGPL (רשימת המילים נגזרה מפרויקט Hspell ומהעבודה של eya

karthik558 Simple "glassmorphism" themed website Only index.html page added (rest all later) Edit this template for your own use (give credit) Special Thanks to

Ahmed-Magdy-S ProCamp API Backend API for ProCamp application, which is a bootcamp directory website Usage Rename "config/config.env.env" to "config/config.env" and

very-lame-username Reverse reCAPTCHA v2 If you want to access the v1 version, build it yourself from here (: Version 2 changes the following: 2 correct answers in a row

ZeframLou TokenMigrator A simple contract for migrating from an old ERC20 token to a new ERC20 token. Also supports letting migrators get back their old tokens

anuvyklack help-vsplit.nvim Open vim help into a vertical split from the right or left of the current window if there is enough space for it. If space is not eno

jsmlt JSMLT The JavaScript Machine Learning Toolkit, or JSMLT, is an open source JavaScript library for education in machine learning. It implements several

jgreenemi README MLPleaseHelp is a simple ML resource search engine. How To Use You can use this search engine right now at https://jgreenemi.github.io/MLPlease

mil-tokyo WebDNN 日本語 This is the alpha version of WebDNN version 2. The main difference between WebDNN 1.x and WebDNN 2.x is that WebDNN 2.x only accepts ONNX m

jcoglan Sylvester Vector and Matrix math for JavaScript. See the website for documentation. Development Sylvester is built using wake and tested with jstest.

Tom-Alexander regression-js regression-js is a JavaScript module containing a collection of linear least-squares fitting methods for simple data analysis. Installat