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Niminem Neel | HTML/JS GUI Library for Nim Neel is a Nim library for making lightweight Electron-like HTML/JS GUI apps, with full access to Nim capabilities a

Rit-ctrl Sem 5 resources Operating Systems - https://rit-ctrl.github.io/Resources-Sem_5/OS.html Computer Networks - https://rit-ctrl.github.io/Resources-Sem_5/

BrunoBM16 Sans A simple Sans bot which is still in development. Current Features Says game quotes when tagged. A few commands such as !badtime and !check (Shows

nibalizer Falco Workshop (c) 2020 IBM Apache Licensed Content sourced from: Tim Robinson's Kube workshop Spencer's posts on Falco Niklas' OpenShift workshops at

ferd alias_transform A demo library that introduces module aliasing attributes into an Erlang code base. Import it in your project by declaring a build-tim

TinkoffCreditSystems Taiga UI Taiga UI is fully-treeshakable Angular UI Kit consisting of multiple base libraries and several add-ons. It is based on ng-polymorpheus dynam

superfluid-finance Superfluid Protocol (Preview) Welcome to the preview version of the Superfluid protocol. Ethereum Contracts The ethereum contracts is published under

SpooderManEXE Learn Basic Coding This is a beginner-friendly project to help you get started with coding . If you don't know where to start, feel free to watch the

guitsaru RestClient This is an experiment to create a simple REST API client using Phoenix LiveView. Read the blog post To start the server: Install dependenci

twilio-labs SIGNAL Developer Mode SIGNAL Developer Mode is an augmentation for your experience at Twilio's SIGNAL 2020 Conference. It's built on top of the Twilio

pmndrs rafz Coordinate requestAnimationFrame calls across your app and/or libraries. ~600 bytes min+gzip Timeout support Batching support (eg: ReactDOM.unsta

jfmengels awesome-elm-sponsorship Elm profiles to sponsor Profiles Profiles are listed in alphabetical order. Alex Korban (GitHub) - GitHub Sponsors Dillon Kear

CollaboraOnline Collabora Online. Website For many more details, build instructions, downloads and more please see https://collaboraonline.github.io/ Or ask questions

bradtraversy Svelte Feedback App This is the project from the Svelte crash course on my channel # Install dependencies npm install # Dev server npm run dev (http:

bobbylkchao bison-local-data-offline-proxy This opensource project is the local data request proxy. Written by TypeScript, is used to implement offline browsing o

yakkomajuri Teeny: A simple static site generator ⚠️ Disclaimer: This is a tool I built in a couple of hours to generate my personal blog yakkomajuri.github.io. I

SUSE LaTeX Beamer SUSE template Presentation template for Beamer inspired in the SUSE Brand guidelines. Why beamer? Office suites tend to be a pain for pro

Graeme22 adrenaline Control your PC's RGB lighting with your smart watch heart rate monitor! Both color and pulse rate will be impacted. For example, if your h

YDJSIR-NJU 软件工程与计算Ⅰ-2020春季期末复习材料(Ver. YDJSIR) 这部分内容完全是YDJSIR呕心沥血创作得来,所有外部引用均已在内容中明确标注并指出。 YDJSIR深知自己实力有限,也许这份材料是一个刚不挂科的人的认识总结,但是YDJSIR始终秉承分享的理念。欢迎交流或者批评指正! 都快要考试

bryancasler My personally cultivated list of FoundryVTT Modules that play nicely together without creating an overwhelming amount of UI options or causing noticea

leandrotk Advanced TypeScript Destructuring Spread Operator Tuple Type Interface + Extends + Array + Generics + Union = Tuple Union Type String Literal Type and

leonjessen Workshop: Artificial neural networks in R with Keras and TensorFlow Introduction This workshop is introductory and open to everyone assuming basic R/D

vaibhavmit074 React COVID Tracker Want to join the BEST JavaScript Course on the planet and learn how to build the projects like Covid Tracker with JavaScript, Node

Stedi eslint-plugin-stedi-aws-rules Best practices around using AWS SDK in Javascript & Typescript projects. References: https://pages.awscloud.com/rs/112-T

okihita Repositori ini menyimpan Rancangan Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja (RUU Ciptaker) dalam format Markdown. Sumber dokumen diambil dari Repositori Tirto.id per

MWDelaney ZeroPoint It's easier than ever to launch a website! ZeroPoint is built to take advantage of great tools, like Eleventy, GitHub, and Netlify to provid

bcoe Conventional Release Labels Action that automatically adds labels to pull requests based on Conventional Commits. These labels can be used in conjunct

rahulray11 github-fest-2021 This repository was created for Hacktoberfest 2021. You can contribute to any of these projects or change anything. If you share any

aycanogut Introduction This is a collection of some (awesome) resources, mostly focused on front-end web development. Table of contents Design Design-Articles C

opsdisk The Cyber Plumber's Handbook This repo contains the PDF book The Cyber Plumber's Handbook - The definitive guide to Secure Shell (SSH) tunneling, port

bayesoptbook Companion webpage for the book Bayesian Optimization by Roman Garnett https://bayesoptbook.com/ Copyright 2021 Roman Garnett, to be published by Cambr

ugudango consistent-shading Shade consitency for various hues, based on luminance. Installation For the npm package, use: npm install --save consistent-shading

5t3ph ⚡️ 11ty Web Component Generator View the demo Hello World component > Using the Generator Eleventy (11ty) is a static site generator that makes it pos