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VadimDez 📄 PDF Viewer Component for Angular 5+

pop-os Pop Shell Pop Shell is a keyboard-driven layer for GNOME Shell which allows for quick and sensible navigation and management of windows.

jbreckmckye Node TypeScript Architecture (Work in progress, come back soon!) This is the companion responsibility for the Node TypeScript Architecture GitBook. NT

kahole edamagit Magit for VSCode, inspired by the awesome original Magit. Usage • Settings • Vim Bindings • Roadmap Keyboard driven Git interface Sub hunk st

hotwired Turbo Turbo uses complementary techniques to dramatically reduce the amount of custom JavaScript that most web applications will need to write: Turbo

hotwired Turbo Turbo gives you the speed of a single-page web application without having to write any JavaScript. Turbo accelerates links and form submissions

tw-in-js Twind the smallest, fastest, most feature complete Tailwind-in-JS solution in existence Quick Links (click to expand) Quickstart Rationale Why Twind?

hmans 💥 ⭐️ 💥 ✨ ✨ ✨ ███████╗████████╗ █████╗ ████████╗███████╗█████

muraterzioglu Find Mentor | Discord Bot OpenSource discord bot for FindMentor Network discord server for moderating server, welcoming new users, giving role to user

Botrixlist Botrix An Opensource discord bot list developed by Windows, Awish, Mei-chan, Toxic-dev, PixelSized, Dylan James to hopefully replace this. If you want

todesking Collection of unsoundness in TypeScript Various ways to write unsafe_cast<T, U>(x: T): U, null_as<T>(): T, undefined_as<T>(): T, etc. Most of examples

mikeal IPSQL IPSQL is a decentralized database that can run in IPFS. It implements the SQL schema, data model, and query language. This project is pre-alpha

Dinav69 Doggo A cool multi purpose bot with some fun commands Add It | Join Our Discord How to setup Creating a Bot and adding to your server ◙ Go to Discord

ZhangHanDong Star Rust Continuously Updating! 中文介绍 Inventory of the world’s outstanding Rust open source projects, which are different from awesome-rust. Project i

dogegarden Client-side implementation of DogeHouse API. 🐶 Contribute (soon) · Discord · Documentation NPM Package - Our NPM package is the quickest and easiest

harlan-zw nuxt-build-optimisations Instantly speed up your Nuxt.js v2 build times. Why and how fast? Nuxt.js is fast but is limited by its webpack build, when y

tangxiangmin 合成大西瓜【cocos练手版】 最近微博上曝出了很多瓜,"合成大西瓜"这个游戏也很火热,玩了一阵还挺有意思的。研究了一下原理,发现目前流传的版本都是魔改编译后的版本,代码经过压缩不具备可读性,因此决定自己照着实现一个。 本项目主要用作cocos creator练手使用,所有美术素材和音频材料均来源于

austintgriffith 🏗 forkable Ethereum dev stack focused on fast product iterations

omermorad NestJS + Pact Injectable Pact.js Consumer/Producer for NestJS Table Of Contents About Installation Introduction Getting Started Contributing License A

Ocramius Common repository documentation This repository contains common documentation that details and affects projects that I publish on github.com. Version

ridwanobafunso Suya, a Simple, Fast Cache Middleware(s) for Express ⚡ Introduction Suya is an express middleware(s) that adds caching layer on top of your express AP

jvanbruegge Commithelper A tool to create and lint commit messages. It has two modes prompt and check. The former asks you questions to create a well-formed commi

yeoman Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding for your apps

leshniak 👔 Necktie – a simple DOM binding tool Necktie is a library that binds your logic to the Document Object Model elements in an easy way. It has only ~3

balourdos MemonomenaPeristatika.gr Μεμονωμένα περιστατικά αστυνομικής βίας Άδεια χρήσης Τα δεδομένα υπάγονται στην άδεια χρήσης Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution

5ut DiskCord Upload files of any size on external sites as smaller arbitrarily sized chunks, and access the files reassembled in the browser without any C

lukstei Reddit Hyped Stocks A web application to explore currently hyped stocks on Reddit. Features & Description Overview Hype Chart (on the top) The chart d

eidam Cloudflare Worker - Status Page Monitor your websites, showcase status including daily history, and get Slack notification whenever your website statu

remark-embedder @remark-embedder/transformer-oembed @remark-embedder transformer for oEmbed supported links The problem You're using @remark-embedder/core to automati

WebReflection µconnect Social Media Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash A modern take at disconnected module, dropping IE < 11 support and providing a much better API.

thearkxd Discord Advanced Stat Bot Kurulum İlk olarak bilgisayarına Node JS indir. Daha sonra bir MongoDB hesabı oluştur ve connection linki al. Eğer bunu yapm

anton-trunov Introduction to Formal Verification course at CS Club Class 1 Intro to formal verification slides Intro to functional programming in Coq: source, rend

MichaelKreil Blockchain-plus The ultimate library to tackle the biggest software problem of all: What is the best way to verarschen the Bundesregierung to buy your