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callmearta clubhouse-desktop This is an unofficial desktop client for the currently trending ClubHouse. Any bans on the accounts is possible so use it at your ow

sveltejs vite-plugin-svelte This is the official svelte plugin for vite Packages Package changelog @sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte changelog Got a question? / Nee

GoogleChromeLabs wasm-bindgen-rayon is an adapter for enabling Rayon-based concurrency on the Web with WebAssembly (via wasm-bindgen, Web Workers and SharedArrayBuffer

jose-elias-alvarez nvim-lsp-ts-utils Utilities to improve the TypeScript development experience for Neovim's built-in LSP client. Motivation VS Code and coc-tsserver are

chalice-dev Awesome AWS Chalice List of resources for using AWS Chalice AWS Chalice (join us in our community Slack channel) is Amazon Web Services' premier solut

oslabs-beta JanusQL Tool for GraphQL API Security and Performance Testing Description JanusQL is an easy-to-use Electron powered GUI for GraphQL API security and

pinojs thread-stream A streaming way to send data to a Node.js Worker Thread. install npm i thread-stream Usage 'use strict' const ThreadStream = require('t

tinkerun Tinkerun A new way of Running Tinker. Simplify the Web Artisan's workflow. inspired by Tinkerwell Download links Github Releases Features Connections:

dogegarden Client-side implementation of DogeHouse API. ๐Ÿถ Website . Contributing ยท Discord ยท Documentation NPM Package Our NPM package is the quickest and easie

jsjoeio Twitter Stripe MRR Twitter Stripe MRR Node script to calculate your total monthly revenue from Stripe (using payouts) and update your Twitter bio (loc

heybereket Project Structure Our main branch is made using create-react-app, and is the version currently in Production. The next branch is a re-write of the pro

taniarascia Chat App A chat application using React, Redux Toolkit, Socket.io, and Tailwind CSS. Setup Install dependencies Install the dependencies for the clien

oslabs-beta Atomos is an open source dev tool for Recoil that provides real-time visualization of the component tree and atom-selector relationships to facilitate debugging of a React application.

CitizenLabDotCo CitizenLab is a digital democracy platform that facilitates community participation and co-creation. Participants can post ideas, contribute to discussion, or choose to vote and prioritize community projects

spcanelon Materials to create a calendar file from the rstudio::global(2021) schedule online

prebid Setup and manage header bidding advertising partners without writing code or confusing line items. Prebid.js is open source and free.

daithimorton Download your reddit data.

nuxt-contrib URL utils for humans ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

nishantpainter A virtual offline Kanban Board for your personal projects and work flows.

fireship-io A bare minimum Socket.io implementation. Learn about Websockets & Socket.io on Youtube.

vercel Virtual Event Starter Kit Demo: https://demo.vercel.events This virtual event starter kit was used to run Next.js Conf 2020, which had almost 40,000 l

ourcord โœจ ourcord โœจ About Ourcord is a new and alternative discord library for js that focuses on speed and simplicity while retaining low level functions of

TheAtomicProgrammer SRT ๐Ÿ“ˆ Explanation What is SRT? It is a momentum indicator mainly for the stock market. It calculates the strength and speed of the variable/stock pri

basecamp df20 Overview This is the code that handles the email ingest/processing for the Hey Email Research Labs (HERL) Dumpsterfire. All ingest, scanning, fil

roziscoding zod-express-guard Small package intended to use zod to make express request type-safe. Installation Zod, Express and @types/express are peer dependenc

robocorp GitHub action to update a robot in Robocorp Cloud This GitHub Actions uploads a robot to Robocorp Cloud. It updates a robot existing in Robocorp Cloud

klaxit Cookie Consent A lightweight JavaScript plugin to handle cookie consent. It is designed to help you comply with data privacy laws like EU Cookie Law,

praveenscience Getting Started with Create React App This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: np

ueberdosis Unicode character search for macOS & Windows.

ipfs Check on your node stats, explore the IPLD powered merkle forest, see peers around the world and manage your files, without needing to touch the CLI.

nocobase NocoBase is still in early development and is for preview purposes only and is not suitable for use in a production environment.

mizchi No bundle frontend by service-worker