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davidguttman Video Download Tool UI Explore the screenshots » Report a Bug · Request a Feature . Ask a Question Table of Contents About Built With Getting Started

SamPatt RCVS-hack RCVS-hack is a sophisticated tool to convert and decode HTML source code. RCVS-hack gained fame in October 2021 when it was successfully dep

ongov Open Verify App Open source repository for Ontario's official app (Ontario Verify) that is used for verifying COVID-19 vaccine certificates. Overview

sindresorhus ts-extras Essential utilities for TypeScript projects Still early in development. Ideas for additional essential utilities welcome. Type-only utilitie

healeycodes 🕹️ DOOM via Checkboxes My blog post: DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes Play it now (desktop Chrome/Edge only). The Pitch I don't think you can really say

Hamzaoutdoors “Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it.” - Lao Tzu Corona Tracker A SPA web application for che

askonomm Shh A CLI password manager designed for efficiency. Install Locally curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/askonomm/shh/master/installer.sh | bash

humanwhocodes Number to Words by Nicholas C. Zakas If you find this useful, please consider supporting my work with a donation. Description A function that accepts

testjavascript Work in progress, to be released in 10/2020 Node.js Integration (Component) Tests - Best Practices And Examples Best practices including examples for

LFSCamargo Tunnel What is Tunnel Tunnel is a React Context API abstraction that allows you to make persistance into AsyncStorage and localStorage, and also allow

shubheksha Companies that provide Visa Sponsorships The aim of the list is to gather data on companies that sponsor employees from other countries. It's well kno

justjavac auto-green 自动保持 GitHub 提交状态常绿。 a commit a day keeps your girlfriend away. 原理 使用 GitHub Actions 的定时任务功能,每隔一段时间自动执行 git commit,提交信息为 "a commit a day kee

mut-ex 👍 nice nice is an easy to use, highly configurable extension for Awesome WM that adds beautiful window decorations (and extra functionality!) to clie

alpine-collective Alpine Magic Helpers A set of magic helpers to use with AlpineJS About This adds three magic helpers to use with Alpine JS. More to come! Magic Helper

MilesMcBain nycr_meetup_talk That Feeling of Workflowing 20200810 Video Slides Demo Stuff Original Stat 545 makfile example Live coded drake graph {drake} {dflow}

umaar Learn Browser Testing End to end testing and browser automation. Quick start Please use Node v14.4.0 or above. npm install Then, cd into any directory

pinguluk img-to-html img-to-html is a Python script that converts every pixel from an image, to a HTML element. Installation Download the imgtohtml.py script a

textuel 👨‍💻 우아한 테크러닝 React&TypeScript 3기 교육일정 : 2020년 9월 1일(화)부터 4주간 매주 화,목 19:30~22:00 강사 : 우아한형제들 김민태님 (웹프론트엔드개발그룹장) 장소 : 온라인 (zoom 이용) ❤️ 참여자 Kim MinSu K

hexploitable r2con2020 - r2frida workshop files Material git clone https://github.com/hexploitable/r2con2020_r2frida.git git submodule init git submodule update Pr

harvest-finance Harvest Finance The history of agriculture has been marked by technological advancements that allowed human populations to scale by maximizing the ava

decimals Sequence Website: https://decimals.app/sequence Community: Decimals Slack Documentation: https://docs.decimals.app/ Sequence is an API that store vali

pomber IntersectionObserver Debugger A script you include during development that shows the root, target and intersection every time an IntersectionObserver

WenyanLiu Displays the China Computer Federation (CCF) recommended rank of international conferences and journals in the dblp, Google Scholar and Connected Papers search results.

multiprocessio Build dashboards on data from every kind of database, file, and API.

dblens DB Lens is an open-source database client that helps you to explore database, understand data relations more quickly with automatic ER diagrams, visualise and analyse internal DB metrics such as index utilisation sequential scans,

lmk02 Boeing 787-XE - A Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 Mod We have just started working on a mod for the Boeing 787-10. There is a lot of effort going into

danroth27 Blazor samples for .NET 5 CSS isolation JS isolation Lazy loading Virtualization Protected browser storage Catch-all route parameters Influencing the

PaulieScanlon MDX Embed MDX Embed allows you to easily embed popular 3rd party media content such as YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram posts and many more straight

sthouvenot iambezos References for iambezos.com https://www.bloomberg.com/billionaires/ for CEOS - Data calculated as of 8/20/2020 https://www.investopedia.com/p

RangerMauve co-hyperdrive Share a hyperdrive with others. A multiwriter hyperdrive implementation How it works Build on top of multi-hyperdrive for combining driv

gjgd Should I play f6 ? (TLDR; not unless you're 2000 elo or higher) GM Ben Finegold notoriously says "Never play f6 [as black, or f3 as white]" We're goin

sutanlab Hadith - API Simple Islamic Hadith API with Indonesia Translation. Deployed in: https://api.hadith.sutanlab.id Data Source tafsirq.com Your contributi

artpi Roam private API This library is a helper to automate your Roam Research adventures. How does it work? It logs into chrome and performs actions on fro