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kadetXx Insect ๐Ÿ›  Highly customisable, minimalistic input x select field for React. โšก๏ธ Features Tiny size (~4kb Gzip) 100% responsive. Highly customisable. Su

carstenlebek Shopify Node App Starter This is a starter template for embedded shopify apps based on the shopify cli node app. Contributions to create the perfect s

LXSMNSYC solid-styled Reactive stylesheets for SolidJS Install npm i solid-styled babel-plugin-solid-styled yarn add solid-styled babel-plugin-solid-styled pnp

scicloj ClojisR Clojure speaks statistics - a jisr between Clojure and R How to pronounce it? The beginning of the pronunciation is the same as Clojure, but t

clojurewerkz Envision Envision is a small, easy to use Clojure library for data processing, cleanup and visualisation. If you've heard about Incanter, you may see

pink-gorilla Pink Gorilla Notebook Pink Gorilla Notebook is a rich browser based notebook REPL for Clojure and ClojureScript, which aims at extensibility (developm

techascent tech.ml.dataset API Documentation Get Started Now tech.ml.dataset is a Clojure library for data processing and machine learning. Datasets are currentl

scicloj Versions tech.ml.dataset 5.x (master branch) tech.ml.dataset 4.x (4.0 branch) [scicloj/tablecloth "4.04"] Introduction tech.ml.dataset is a great and

alanmarazzi panthera Hic sunt leones Latin phrase reported on many maps indicating Terra incognita, unexplored or harsh land. What Dataframes in Clojure. Through

Netflix PigPen is map-reduce for Clojure, or distributed Clojure. It compiles to Apache Pig or Cascading but you don't need to know much about either of them

cpitclaudel Outlier Detection in Heterogeneous Datasets using Automatic Tuple Expansion Clรฉment Pit-Claudel, Zelda Mariet, Rachael Harding, Samuel Madden Abstract

clojurewerkz Statistiker Statistiker is a simple way to do Statistics in Clojure. The goal is to have an implementation of all popular algorithms for mining datase

joshuaeckroth clj-ml A machine learning library for Clojure built on top of Weka and friends. This library (specifically, some dependencies) requires Java 1.7+. Ins

ptaoussanis CHANGELOG | API | current Break Version: [com.taoensso/touchstone "2.0.2"] ; Stable See here if you're interested in helping support my open-source wo

antony-a1 ivory ivory: (the ivories) the keys of a piano Overview ivory defines a specification for how to store feature data and provides a set of tools for q

JefferyHus Profanity Description This library is targetting bad words and curses found in a text content. This library is targetting local languages or dialects.

marcellkiss Angular Esbuild Example 50x faster builds with esbuild, production build within 200ms instead of 10s Enjoy this: Instead of this: Simple angular-cli e

draeder Entangler A time-based one-time password (TOTP) generator and authenticator for Gun DB Entangler generates a 6 digit passcode every 30 seconds. It gen

skclusive solid-material-ui solid material ui port (porting from blazor port) In preparation for solid hack Turbo Mono-repository is used for component package

megamind4089 STeMCell STM32 breakout in promicro footprint Features: Pro micro footprint STM32F4x1 series MCU Support swapping TX/RX pins Jumper to enable/disable

tarmo888 Wordle2Townscaper Wordle2Townscaper is meant to convert Wordle tweets into Townscaper houses using yellow and green building blocks. You can download

MLH-Fellowship MLH Prep Project Over the next 2 weeks, you'll be building a React App that works with various APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that talk to

mafintosh turbo-hash-map Fast Map built for keys that are always fixed size uniformly distributed buffers. npm install turbo-hash-map Uses a prefix trie to map

cherryApp Angular Esbuild Blazing Fast & Esbuild based Angular compiler Content Comparision Features Installation Usage Arguments Documentation Contributing Mai

AndrewSink STL-to-ASCII-Generator Try it out: STL to ASCII Generator The STL to ASCII Generator is a lightweight and easy way to convert an STL file (3D model) i

onbjerg Foundry Book A book on all things Foundry. Contributing Feel free to contribute wording, sentences, chapters and guides! The book is build with mdbook

lendle OnlineLearning An implementation of online mini-batch learning for prediction in julia. Learners A Learner is fit by repeated calls to update!(l::Lear

fnando email-provider-info Find email provider service based on the email address. Installation This package is available as a NPM package. To install it, us

yuchenshi Senko Project "Senko" is a web-based implementation of the Hanabi board game. Online Demo The frontend uses TypeScript, Stylus, Mithril, Rxjs, and Mat

marcusyoda TS-PRINT Useful library for debugging in node, with formatted colors and dates, is intended to be intuitive. TECHNOLOGY: WHO SHOULD USE: Any developer

narze Thwordle Wordle clone, but it's Thai. TODOs Show rule & special rule for Thai language Share (Copy result) Word of the day Save result (localstorage)

afreemanio smoothe-braine No folds! Report Bug Request Feature Content smoothe-braine Content About The Project Built With Features Contributing Contact License