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pretzelhands Notebag is a note-taking app that has a razor-sharp focus on keeping you focused making navigation as seamless as possible. It was developed between M

shhdharmen Show off your keyboard shortcuts with style 🦄 . Keyboard CSS Keyboard CSS is a library of ready-to-use, cross-browser compatible keyboard like button

eightants Have you ever wanted to browse Reddit while studying at Starbucks? Or maybe while sitting on the subway to work? In those situations, you might start

GitSparTV Lua Patterns Viewer A tool for inspecting, analyzing and learning Lua patterns. Inspired by https://regexr.com/ and https://regex101.com/. Any help, f

hobofan reacty_yew - Generate Yew components from React component Typescript type definitions This is a proof of concept for automatically generating Yew comp

Saghen Lacer Very simple and powerful state management solution for any application built on Laco and Immer. Set up your stores and subscribe to them. Easy a

ankane setup-postgres The missing action for Postgres 🎉 Faster and simpler than containers Works on Linux, Mac, and Windows Supports different versions Gett

fregante 🛕 ghat Reuse GitHub Actions workflows across repositories You can run ghat once to set up your workflow in a new repo or run it every time you want t

oslabs-beta StratosDB: An all-in-one tool for Cloud SQL Table of Contents Beta Stage Overview Getting Started Main Features Built With Core Team Lice

webfansplz volute 是什么? volute(蜗壳)是一个使用 Raspberry Pi+Node.js 制作的语音助手. 什么是树莓派? 树莓派(英语:Raspberry Pi)是基于 Linux 的单片机电脑,由英国树莓派基金会开发,目的是以低价硬件及自由软件促进学校的基本计算机科学教育。 树莓派每一代

oslabs-beta FilamentQL FilamentQL is a lightweight caching library for GraphQL queries that utilizes a parsing algorithm to detect differences between incoming qu

joshnuss React Hooks in Svelte React Hook examples ported to Svelte. useState In Svelte, const [varName, set] = useState(initialValue) becomes let varName = in

oslabs-beta A low-overhead, open-source Docker log management tool

lf2com Magnet.js Magnet.js is a JavaScript library that groups HTML elements and makes them attractable with each other Demo Basic demo jQuery version Config

cloudgraphdev An instant GraphQL API to query your cloud infrastructure and configuration so that you can solve a host of complex security, compliance, and governan

xmrswapme swapfe Atomic Swap web interface front end with realtime reporting for Bitcoin to Monero atomic swaps. Atomic Swap CLI Developed by the Comit-Network,

suman-shah various-html-elements Html stands for hyper test mark up language . Add any html file you know HTML is the standard markup language for Web pages. Wit

HashLips Welcome to HashLips 👄 All the code in these repos was created and explained by HashLips on the main YouTube channel. To find out more please visit: ?

Brooooooklyn @napi-rs/uuid Fastest (Only on Windows) RFC4122 generator for Node.js. Only v4 available for now. 🚀 Help me to become a full-time open-source develop

joelnet HTML is a Programming Language! html-lang is experimental and currently in development. Proceed at your own risk! html-lang features no build step, no

hctnm2 Hacktoberfest-2021 A beginner-friendly open source repository to create your first pull request. ❓ What's Hacktoberfest 2021? Hacktoberfest is the eas

saber-hq merkle-distributor A program for distributing tokens according to a Merkle root. This program is largely based off of Uniswap's Merkle Distributor. Ra

Mentro-Org Mentro-Community-Blog https://community.blog.mentro.tech We are excited to be a part of 👇 HacktoberFest 2021 📝 Community Blog website is for contrib

mauriciomutte Track Correios 📦 Terminal track Correios 🚀 Demo ✨ Usage npx track-correios [code] 📣 Contributing If you want to contribute please fork the reposit

csandman chakra-react-select This component is a wrapper for the popular react component react-select made using the UI library Chakra UI. Check out the demo h

ShinNouzen Chitoge : The Next Level Void WhatsApp BOTTO A Fully Modular and Efficient Bot ✨ Highlights Fully Modular Design Object Oriented Written in TypeScript

zurichat zc_main This is the Zuri Chat frontend built with ExpressJS (Backend) and React (Frontend) Getting Started. Make sure you have nodejs installed by run

WebGoat WebGoat is a deliberately insecure application

axeumorg AxeumVisual Framework solves the reconciliation (diff) algorithm performance issues that modern virtual-DOM javascript frameworks have by using a built-in templating language

shuding stable-hash A small (496b) lib for stable hashing a JavaScript value. Originally created for SWR. It's similar to JSON.stringify(value), but: value ca

KilledByAPixel The empire is spreading like a plague across the galaxy and building outposts on remote planets. You are an elite rebel soldier tasked with wiping out

jet-lab Jet Protocol Jet V1 Website Note Jet Protocol is in active development so all APIs and behaviours are subject to change. This is experimental unaudite

alshdavid   Rust inspired Borrow Checker, TypeScript inspired Syntax Statically Compiled Binary Multi Threaded & Concurrent Memory Safe Without Garbage Collecti