Uncategorized useful libraries or tools.

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akutruff TypeScript Needs to Emit Runtime Type Information

yashinu Yashinu Discord Register Bot

ynnoj Simplified server-side Stripe workflows in Next.js

OpesanyaAdebayo I plan to do a series of livestreams on how a basic fintech wallet works. This repo is where all the code will live.

kdrag0n fastboot.js is an implementation of the fastboot protocol in JavaScript. It runs in web browsers using the WebUSB API, which is currently supported by Chrome.

sctb Lumen is a very small, self-hosted Lisp for Lua and JavaScript

spotter-application Productivity tool to launch everything (e.g. switch the next song, connect bluetooth device, set a timer, etc.) so you can stay focused on your current task.

Maxmudjon Get Mi Home devices token Windows/MacOS app

jevakallio A Jest Reporter to group, hide and prettify spammy console warnings

Surnet Generates swagger/openapi specification based on jsDoc comments and YAML files.

GorvGoyl Shortcut Menu Bar - It adds useful buttons like format,save etc to the editor menu bar in Visual Studio Code.

richrd πŸ’“ A web based heart rate monitor that measures pulse from the fingertip using the phone camera.

RCStep Cobalt Strike Shellcode Generator

rasendubi Org-mode parser compatible with unified ecosystem.

mgechev This package exports a PreloadingStrategy, which will preload a lazy-loaded route on mouse over a corresponding router link.

signalapp Signal Desktop is an Electron application that links with Signal on Android or iOS.

lukeed A tiny (727b), correct, general-purpose, and configurable `"exports"` resolver without file-system reliance

TheDeng a middleware for processing many kinds of action,including:plain object,promise,function,array and nested array

menduz Types your URL parameters in compliance with Express.js router

WICG Maintain an open standard for UI and promote its adherence and adoption.

meronokbay A weather app that uses the OpenWeatherMap API to allow users to search for and view the forecast in any city in the world.

azu Subscribe your watched GitHub Repository's releases as RSS feeds on Inoreader

jameslittle230 πŸ”Ž Impossibly fast web search, made for static sites.

Ademking [VScode Extension] Chat with developers around the world.

mithi A "fork" of the original Bare-Minimum Hexapod Robot Simulator 2 modified to be able to control a real physical hexapod robot.

teardr0p ☁️ A netdisk Directory Index, built with CloudFlare Workers.

simongray This is a curated list of mostly mature and/or actively developed Clojure resources relevant for dealing with domain-specific languages, in particular parsing and data transformation with/of DSLs.

izayl 🎢 Automatic update pinned gist to show your recent Spotify top tracks.

kevin940726 Unofficial Dcard clone web application

uhyo An alternative TypeScript standard library with better type definitions.

timkendall TQL – Codegen-free and typesafe GraphQL operations in TypeScript

laurent22 Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

lbragile Merges your tabs into one location to save memory usage and increase your productivity.