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javascript-indonesias Aplikasi Kode Pos Indonesia Aplikasi yang berisi daftar kode pos di Indonesia. Pencarian kode pos di dalam aplikasi ini menggunakan pilihan provinsi,

mithi Hello 3d World This is a demo application where you can experiment with the parameters you can feed to the renderScene() function of the BareMinimum3d

frontend-id Pemendek pranala Frontend Indonesia Repositori pemendek pranala untuk keperluan komunitas Frontend Indonesia Pemendek pranala ini memanfaatkan fitur r

lithdew alon Alon is an IDE which allows for developers to rapidly build, iterate, test, and deploy decentralized apps and assets on Solana right from their b

ivanvalverde Documentação do projeto "Dados" Trabalho proposto pelo Resilia. Fazer uma requisição para a API randomuser e criar um csv com n usuários a partir da m

kitsonk deno_cache A TypeScript implementation of the DENO_DIR/cache for the Deno CLI. This is designed to provide access to the cache using very similar logi

unjs pkg-types Node.js utilities and TypeScript definitions for package.json and tsconfig.json \⍩⃝/ Install # npm npm i pkg-types # yarn yarn add pkg-typ

ReshyResh Crypto Tracker A single page application meant to keep track of the most popular crypto currencies status. The user can sort the coins by highest gain

solstar-tech Easy SPL Making tokens on Solana easy! Motivation SPL tokens are difficult to get started with. They function differently from other common blockchain

laisfrigerio 🚫 You don't need Jquery Replace jQuery methods with Vanilla Javascript 📝 Table of Content Select something Select something within a parent Add clas

iainnash super simple ethereum -> http bridge for fetching contract info powered by etherscan for ABIs and cloudflare for ethereum endpoints 🚀 use it at ether

SeaVortex SeaVortex-BotList Merhaba arkadaşlar sizlerle BotList botu mu paylaşmak istedim eğer seversiniz ne mutlu bana. Herhan gibi bir hata alırsanız bana ula

gontsa geonames-ua Проєкт з оцифрування та уточнення географічних назв України з Державного реєстру географічних назв України https://land.gov.ua/derzhavnyi-

nanostores Nano Stores Vue Vue integration for Nano Stores, a tiny state manager with many atomic tree-shakable stores. Small. Less than 1 KB. Zero dependencies.

evilseye Zoop Zoop is single page application which displays name-card of all those who contributed to this repository. It is created with a sole intent of hel

PegasisForever Convert Typora flavoured markdown to HTML.

alii mammot For a basic example, see ./examples/basic/src/index.ts. Simple documentation is available in our Discord server. Eventually we will have a site

m1guelpf Proof of KYC An NFT that proves you've gone through a KYC process, while keeping your personal information as private as possible. This project uses S

davidguttman Video Download Tool UI Explore the screenshots » Report a Bug · Request a Feature . Ask a Question Table of Contents About Built With Getting Started

SamPatt RCVS-hack RCVS-hack is a sophisticated tool to convert and decode HTML source code. RCVS-hack gained fame in October 2021 when it was successfully dep

ongov Open Verify App Open source repository for Ontario's official app (Ontario Verify) that is used for verifying COVID-19 vaccine certificates. Overview

sindresorhus ts-extras Essential utilities for TypeScript projects Still early in development. Ideas for additional essential utilities welcome. Type-only utilitie

healeycodes 🕹️ DOOM via Checkboxes My blog post: DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes Play it now (desktop Chrome/Edge only). The Pitch I don't think you can really say

Hamzaoutdoors “Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it.” - Lao Tzu Corona Tracker A SPA web application for che

askonomm Shh A CLI password manager designed for efficiency. Install Locally curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/askonomm/shh/master/installer.sh | bash

humanwhocodes Number to Words by Nicholas C. Zakas If you find this useful, please consider supporting my work with a donation. Description A function that accepts

testjavascript Work in progress, to be released in 10/2020 Node.js Integration (Component) Tests - Best Practices And Examples Best practices including examples for

LFSCamargo Tunnel What is Tunnel Tunnel is a React Context API abstraction that allows you to make persistance into AsyncStorage and localStorage, and also allow

shubheksha Companies that provide Visa Sponsorships The aim of the list is to gather data on companies that sponsor employees from other countries. It's well kno

justjavac auto-green 自动保持 GitHub 提交状态常绿。 a commit a day keeps your girlfriend away. 原理 使用 GitHub Actions 的定时任务功能,每隔一段时间自动执行 git commit,提交信息为 "a commit a day kee

mut-ex 👍 nice nice is an easy to use, highly configurable extension for Awesome WM that adds beautiful window decorations (and extra functionality!) to clie

alpine-collective Alpine Magic Helpers A set of magic helpers to use with AlpineJS About This adds three magic helpers to use with Alpine JS. More to come! Magic Helper

MilesMcBain nycr_meetup_talk That Feeling of Workflowing 20200810 Video Slides Demo Stuff Original Stat 545 makfile example Live coded drake graph {drake} {dflow}