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oslabs-beta Kafka-Penguin is an easy-to-use, lightweight KafkaJS library for message processing. It provides developers with a single strategy for handling message processing failures by failing fast.

i5ik A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

HearTao Restart your TS server by touchbar with only one key. Build with ❤️.

avoidwork filesize.js provides a simple way to get a human readable file size string from a number (float or integer) or string.

conflux-dao-toc Conflux Plugin for Remix The Conflux plugin for Ethereum's Remix IDE. It support for deploy and interacting on a Conflux network. live site: https://c

suryamodulus PM2 WebUI Opensource Alternative to PM2 Plus FEATURES Secure Login ✅ App Management ✅ Log Viewer ✅ Responsive UI ✅ USAGE git clone https://github.com/

SaraSoueidan Rebuilding and redesigning sarasoueidan.com from scratch This repository is where I will be documenting & sharing the process behind the refactor and

emsifa TAILWIND POS Tailwind POS is a POS (Point of Sales) application built with Tailwind.css and Alpine.js. I create this application in order to exercise

carlosdnba MongoDB4Noobs Report Bug · Request Feature Sobre o Projeto Este 4noobs é para aqueles que já ouviram falar linguagens de banco de dados noSQL e ficara

WebReflection builtin-elements Social Media Photo by zebbache djoubair on Unsplash A zero friction custom elements like primitive. zero polyfills needed nothing to

antfu @antfu/utils Opinionated collection of common JavaScript / TypeScript utils by @antfu. Tree-shakable ESM Fully typed - with TSDocs Type utilities - Th

gqlgo Awesome gqlgen A curated list of awesome GraphQL frameworks, libraries and software using gqlgen library.

vega vega-bundler Utilities for pre-parsing Vega and Vega-Lite specifications and producing optimized module bundles. Both and Vega and Vega-Lite have thei

tomsoderlund nextjs-multi-domain-locale Multiple domains and languages on the same Next.js site This is an example of hosting multiple domains on the same Next.js

tatianamac Welcome! This is the staging grounds for the future tatianamac.com. I seek to build this all in the open with the following principles: Principles Per

denoland setup-deno Set up your GitHub Actions workflow with a specific version of Deno. Usage Latest stable - uses: denoland/[email protected] with: deno-

Halkreen PoE : Second Screen This project was generated with Angular CLI version 11.2.7. It uses Electron as a way to make it desktop ready. 🔍 Overview How do

yutkat dps-coding-now Usage You need create a Personal access token with correct permissions. This plugin requires Personal token permissions with user privi

AbdallahHemdan Conventional Buttons About Conventional-Buttons is a chrome extension that adds a conventional comment button to Github file explorer comments, allowi

patak-js vite-plugin-virtual Virtual modules with HMR plugin for Vite Getting Started Install Vite Plugin Virtual: $ npm install -D vite-plugin-virtual Add to

littledivy deno_compile Experminental deno compile alternative. Notable features: Icon support (Windows). Source protection. Copyright labels. Embedded assets. B

discord Types and helper functions that may come in handy when you implement a Discord Interactions webhook.

Samin100 A recursive GPT-3 general-purpose problem solver.

dabit3 Building full stack apps with Solidity, Ethers.js, Hardhat, and The Graph

OctopusDeploy This is a GitHub Action to create a release in Octopus Deploy. It requires the Octopus CLI; please ensure to include install-octopus-cli-action in your workflow (example below) before using this GitHub Action.

drkPrince 🚀 Agilix - A simplified Kanban Planner. Agilix is an agile planner web app made with React, Firebase, React Beautiful DND, TailwindCSS and React Mark

afonsonf TLA+ Graph Explorer This is a static web application to explore and animate a TLA+ state graph. The application works by parsing a dot file generated

slorber Combine-Promises Like Promise.all([]) but for objects. import combinePromises from 'combine-promises'; const { user, company } = await combinePromise

Shougo ddc.vim Note: It is vaporware!! You should not use it. Dark deno powered completion framework for neovim/Vim8 Please read help for details. DDC is the

mattpocock XState Catalogue XState Catalogue is a collection of professionally designed state machines you can drop into your XState projects. We're accepting co

olivierloverde { Minutes of Javascript } Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents About The Project Minutes listing Contributing License Contact Acknowledgemen

spatie package-sync package-sync helps package repository maintainers keep their package files and settings in sync with a skeleton/template repository. comp