A new way of Running Tinker. Simplify the Web Artisan's workflow.

Tinkerun A new way of Running Tinker. Simplify the Web Artisan's workflow. inspired by Tinkerwell Download links Github Releases Features Connections:

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sdgluck objecthistory ❤ Made at @outlandish 🍀 Simple undo and redo for objects. 👉 Use your preferred bundler and transpiler as required. Example const input = history({ value: '' }) input.value =

choojs nanorouter Smol frontend router Usage var nanorouter = require('nanorouter') var router = nanorouter({ default: '/404' }) router.on('/foo', function (params) { console.log('hit /foo') }) router.on('/foo/:ba

seagreen Son A subset of JSON. JSON contains redundant syntax such as allowing both 10e2 and 10E2. This helps when writing it by hand but isn't good for machine-to-machine communication. Piping JSON through multiple programs creates lots

zackargyle *** THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED *** Service Worker Toolchain A collection of service worker generation tools. Configurable and forkable. Includes the following packages generate-service-w

jscomplete Graphfront Use a PostgreSQL database schema information to generate a GraphQL schema. This is a work-in-progress project. It requires a super recent version of Node.js and using it in production is not recommended.

captainsafia goops goops is a command line tool that adds a .gitignore file to your current working directory. It's a little more helpful than that though, goops will analyze the files in your directory and determine the best .gitignore for y

feross clipboard-copy Lightweight copy to clipboard for the web The goal of this package is to offer simple copy-to-clipboard functionality in modern web browsers using the fewest bytes. To do so, this package only support

ezekielchentnik preact-pwa A Super fast progressive web app with a small footprint & minimal dependencies. Features universal rendering, redux, state-driven routing, preact, & service workers. Crunched & optimized with rollup, buble