A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development

A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development

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aeksco 🖥️ A Web Extension starter kit built with React, TypeScript, SCSS, Storybook, EsLint, Prettier, Jest, Bootstrap,x & Webpack. Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave. Getting Started Run the

talkol Spider-Man VR Experience Virtual Reality experience based on WebVR, works best with a VR headset like Oculus Quest. Instructions Use the headset browser to visit the site - https://spiderman.webvr.link Click on t

danieldelcore CommitPal A delightful CLI tool for building commit messages which conform to your project's specific commit message format. Install ⬇️ Install globally npm install -g commitpal Get start

Asabeneh 30 Days Of JavaScript Author: Asabeneh Yetayeh January, 2020 Day 2 >> 📔 Day 1 Introduction Requirements Setup Install Node.js Browser

c9fe bepis Bepis is a crazy new way to write static HTML + CSS in JavaScript. It Is On Npm Examples Just some simple examples you can play with it online here. w` main, style ${'nav { position: s

prevwong craft.js Live Demo Page editors are a great way to provide an excellent user experience. However, to build one is often a pretty dreadful task. There're existing libraries that come with a fully wo

mafintosh fuse-memfs In memory filesystem backed by FUSE and Javascript npm install -g fuse-memfs Usage fuse-memfs ./mnt # mounts an in memory filesystem at ./mnt (needs to exists) Javascript API You can access t

thomas-lowry Figsvelte A boilerplate for creating Figma plugins using Svelte. This starter project has everything you need to start developing a Figma plugin usign Svelte. Your JS, CSS, SVG and image assets can be bundled on build. The packa