A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development

A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development

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affilnost Angular 5 Example Shopping App + Angular Material + Responsive Made with ❤️ LIVE DEMO UI Description The app provides a possibility to maintain shopping lists. Produc

llSourcell ⚡️ Fast In-Browser Object Detection 👀 Detect objects in images right in your browser using Tensorflow.js! Currently takes ~800ms to analyze each frame on Chrome MBP 13" mid-2014. Supports Tiny YOLO, as of righ

sindresorhus electron-better-ipc Simplified IPC communication for Electron apps The biggest benefit of this module over the built-in IPC is that it enables you to send a message and get the response back in the same call. This would us

shiffman TensorFlow.js Examples XOR vanilla neural network Doodle Classifier This repo is experimental and in progress. It is an "MNIST"-style classification example using the Google QuickDraw dataset, p5js, and tens

magenta Magenta.js is a collection of TypeScript libraries for doing inference with pre-trained Magenta models. All libraries are published as npm packages. Learn more about the Magenta project at our blog and main TensorFlow repo.

wasdk WebAssembly Studio This repository contains the WebAssembly Studio website source code. Running your own local copy of the website To run a local copy, you will need to install node.js and webpack on your computer

propelml NumPy file parsing and serialization for TensorFlow.js See https://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/neps/npy-format.html for more information about the file format. API: import { parse, serialize } from "tfjs-npy" parse(ab: ArrayBuffe

stripe Typographic: Stripe Billing Demo Typographic is a sample web application for a hosted webfont service built with Stripe Billing and Elements. This is a complete Stripe integration that subscribes users to multiple plans (with mon