Join the GitHub Graduation Yearbook and "walk the stage" on June 5.

Join the GitHub Graduation Yearbook and "walk the stage" on June 5.

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oakes Introduction Lightmod is an all-in-one tool for full stack Clojure. Do boot run for development and boot build to make a jar file. To build, JDK 8 or above is required. On Linux, you'll also need to install the openjfx pac

FileNation The simplest way to send unlimited files around the world Filenation lets you send files as a link to an email. The files cannot be censored as they are sent stored and transmitted decentralised because it uses

probot Probot If you've ever thought, "wouldn't it be cool if GitHub could…"; imma stop you right there. Most features can actually be added via GitHub Apps, which extend GitHub and can be installed directly on organizations a

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channg umoji πŸ˜€ A lib convert emoji unicode to Surrogate pairs u can use with npm npm install umoji --save use cdn[email protected]/dist/umoji.umd.js method emojiToUnicode emoji

sindresorhus negative-array Negative array index support array[-1] using ES2015 Proxy JavaScript doesn't natively support the use of a negative index to get items backwards from the end, but with ES2015 Proxy it's possible. Take a look