[DEPRECATED] Use last versions of React and Node.js for better performance

With the release of the new version React and Node.js the performance issue has ceased to be so acute. Use last versions of React and Node.js for better performance. [React] Server render The module for rendering rea

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nextapps-de A preview of the new version is available in the branch "0.7.0" for one month (or more when needed) before it goes to the master branch. It would be really helpful when you can test the integration of the upcoming version in your existing projects during this time and give me some feedback.

alexreardon A utility to make binding and (especially) unbinding DOM events easier. I seem to write this again with every new project, so I made it a library

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kamranahmedse You might have noticed that Google recently started highlighting the content of the target page when you land it from the Google's search results. It uses Text Fragments to achieve that. Copy Marker is a chrome extension that let's you simulate the same behavior.

SyedMuhammadRehan I'm a beginner and I created Instagram Clone acc. to my knowlegde These are the just screens of Instagram You have to install the node modules You can change the screens by chaning the function in App.js because i didn't link them through navigation Give star if you like it

developit Today's UI frameworks exert considerable effort attempting to reconcile or "paper over" the many differences between Element properties and attributes.

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