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guerrerocarlos WikipediaP2P This Chrome Extension can me installed directly from This extension is based on Webtorrent technologies and handles all Peer to Peer communication using WebRTC. All pull requests and im

codrops Surf Report A simple template of a weekly surf report with an animated SVG graph and a sliding content panel. Article on Codrops Demo License Integrate or build upon it for free in your personal or commercial projec

i-break-codes scrum-board JavaScript Scrum App to manage tasks with ease. Warning : It uses localstorage to store your tasks, make sure you don't clean up your Local Storage for this app atleast. Instructions (How to use Scr

pixelass jsx to document.createElement

anvaka query-state Application state in query string. usage Grab it from npm and use with your favorite bundler: npm install query-state --save Or download from CDN:

sarkistlt GraphQL CMS will build a fully-functional CMS by just using your printed GraphQL schema without any changes in your existed code or architecture. Documentation Example which you can run with one command on your local machine Online

andev-software An extensive IDE for exploring GraphQL API's Features Manage projects Import/export Store queries Query history Custom headers Environment variables for dynamic headers Installing Mac

crackleware Use Chrome Extension: (preferred) Open chrome://extensions/, check Developer mode, click Load unpacked extension..., select directory 'ext'. Click on extension's Options link if you want to change default settings. Go to Slack web page for