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lXSPandora Apollo Server Boilerplate Apollo Server is a community-maintained open-source GraphQL server. It works with pretty much all Node.js HTTP server frameworks, and we're happy to take PRs for more! Apollo Server works with any Gr

abettadapur Redux-Saga DevTools Chrome Extension Chrome Extension for Redux-Saga Devtools Usage Install the extension from the Chrome marketplace When creating your saga middlware, pass the extension monitor to the middlewa

browsh-org A fully interactive, realtime, and modern text-based browser rendered to TTYs and browsers Why use Browsh? Not all the world has good Internet. If you only have a 3kbps internet connection tethered from a phone, then it'

pd4d10 Tampery Tampery is a browser extension to tamper browser requests in flight. It is programmable, which means you could write your own script to intercept, block, or modify browser requests. Installation Install i

danielwestendorf BreezyPDF Lite: HTML to PDF generation as a Service Submit a slug of HTML, get a Google Chrome rendered PDF back. A quick to stand up HTML to PDF service powered by headless Google Chrome. Deploy with one click an

jamiemccrindle Async Iterator Extensions A library of async iterator extensions for JavaScript including map, reduce, filter, flatMap, pipe and more. Installation npm install axax # or yarn add axax Why Axax? Async it

numinit armokweb Armok Web Services: play collaborative (or chaotic) Dwarf Fortress sessions in your browser by streaming through xpra. Manage your fort's labors while a friend manages your military. It's like having multiple people at m

joyeecheung Automatic leak detection for V8 heap snapshots This project implements the algorithm used by the Eclipse Memory Analyzer on V8 heap snapshots to automatically detect leak suspects in JavaScript processes. It analyzes a heap sn