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Lucifier129 coproduct A small library improve better tagged-union supporting for TypeScript Benefits Small bundled size(just 1kb) Easy to use with just a few apis

feliperenan HeexFormatter A code formatter for Heex tamplates. ⚠️ This project is still in alpha stage. There are serveral cases yet to be handled. Installation a

btholt next-course-starter A NextJS starter to get you started creating educational materials using Markdown Get Started Set up Node.js v14+ Clone this repo

nestjskr NestJS 한국어 메뉴얼 NestJS 프레임워크 NestJS는 Typescript 에서 사용할 수 있는 가장 모던하고 세련된 프레임워크이며, 유연하고 세련된 기능을 제공합니다. NestJS는 Typescript개발이 즐겁고 좀더 창의적일 수 있도록 하기 위해서 만들어

bvaughn print-color Helper utility for printing colored text in Node or the Browser. This library was inspired by chalk. I wrote it because I often want to bo

willianjusten Discord Tailwind Just a Discord clone made with TailwindCSS. Initial idea from egghead course with some tweaks to have tests and better component sepa

nilsding WORDle 97 This is an implementation of Wordle for Word 97 using Visual Basic for Applications. Usage Open Wordle.doc with macros enabled Type a five-l

Caisesiume Dentistimo-gateway Manager for communication with all sub-systems Development team Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Drakeaxelrod Asiya-Ismail Kl

Caisesiume Distributed Systems - Dos Testing DoS (Denail of Service) System for Testing and Practical demonstration of systems capability to handle a basic DDoS

Caisesiume Sub-system - Appointment Manager Handles bookings made from the frontend Development team Drakeaxelrod Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Asiya-Is

Caisesiume Distributed Systems - MQTT Broker All communication in the systems are enabled by this broker. Development team DrakeAxelrod Caisesiume JohanAxell Jid

Caisesiume Distributed Systems Development Development team Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Drakeaxelrod Asiya-Ismail Klara Svensson Documentation You can

Caisesiume User Manager sub-system Development team Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Drakeaxelrod Asiya-Ismail Klara Svensson Documentation You can find al

Caisesiume Team 16 Project Documentation Subdocuments Arcitecture, styles and tactics Lessons learned & Conclusion Management brief Strategy & design decision Te

grischaerbe A three.js component library for svelte. Index What is threlte? Getting started Concepts Interactivity Viewport Awareness Reactivity Conventions Refer

tayfunerbilen Wordle Svelte Clone Son zamanlarda popüler olan WORDLE uygulamasını svelte ile yapmaya çalıştım. Bu tarz acaba yapsam nasıl yapardım uygulamarı bana ç

fireship-io Web3 - Full Tutorial The demo contains a basic web3 app and smart contract for minting NFTs. See it in action in the Web3 NFT Tutorial on YouTube. Fol

patak-dev vite-plugin-terminal Log in the node terminal from the browser Open a playground online in StackBlitz Install npm i -D vite-plugin-terminal Add plugin

ZeframLou Foundry template This is a template for a Foundry project. Installation To install with DappTools: dapp install [user]/[repo] To install with Foundry

championswimmer awesome-devs Everytime I come across good Github profiles I index them here NOTE: If you are on the github repo currently, go to the website 👇 to see

bonukai MediaTracker · Self hosted platform for tracking movies, tv shows, video games, books and audiobooks, highly inspired by flox Demo https://mediatracke

vercel Platforms Starter Kit The all-in-one starter kit for building platforms on Vercel. Introduction · Guide · Demo · Contributing Deploy Your Own Read the

ospfranco sol A Raycast/Alfred/Spotlight alternative Don't bother trying to run this, it's WIP, right now only the basic UI is there, no logic, there many bugs/

Tomato6966 Multipurpose-discord-bot A multipurpose bot, a clan bot, a all in one bot. The one bot u need for ur server originally made as Milrato discord Bot and

mehditeymorian webrtc-video-call This project is a video calling application using WebRTC technology. It contains minimum requirements to provide a group video call.

MetaplasiaTeam Contract Viewer English | 中文 Contract Viewer 是一个 VS Code 扩展,他可以帮你从区块链浏览器下载合约代码,只需要一个合约地址即可下载。 目前仅支持以太坊使用 Solidity 的智能合约,后续会支持更多类型。 快速开始 配置一个 API 在 Erh

virginteen replace-nft-avatars a chrome extension that replaces the nft avatars on twitter with subway jared to install Download this repo (Code > Download ZIP).

4ndv HexaGone HexaGone allows you to revert or customize twitter's new hexagonal avatars. It's a collection of a several userscripts, with different clip m

apache OpenWhisk OpenWhisk is a serverless functions platform for building cloud applications. OpenWhisk offers a rich programming model for creating serverl

ottomated Chrome extension to block NFT profiles on Twitter

yetanalytics dl4clj Port of deeplearning4j to clojure Contact info If you have any questions, my email is [email protected] I'm will_hoyt in the clojurians sla

hamdaankhalid Live Streaming!! Welcome to my implementation of live streaming along with real time chat. I'm going to make a live streaming platform that will supoo