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WebReflection A DOM de/serializer based on LinkeDOM idea and the JSDON specification

brunocrosier Explore all of the official Next.js examples

wooorm xdm is an MDX compiler that focussed on two things: Compiling the MDX syntax (markdown + JSX) to JavaScript. Making it easier to use the MDX syntax in different places

mistlog TypeType is designed to generate complex typescript type with ease.

antfu Ensure git status matches with conditions before continuing your workflow.

christianalfoni Make your reducers more explicit and constrained

Darkempire78 A chrome/firefox extension that allows you to open github repositories in VSCode with Github1s

zvizvi This extension adds to any Github repository a new drop down menu which offers links to a number of online services that allow viewing the source code of the repository in an IDE like interface.

gkandemi Kablosuzkedi Kanalındaki Docker Serisi için Hazırlanmış Dokümantasyondur

rahuljoshi44 GraphVega is an open sourced options analytics platform that analyses and projects the P/L of a multi-legged options position with variation of the stock price under changes in volatility and days till expiration, using a black-sc

gao-sun Use VSCode to view and commit changes on GitHub repos, in your browser. Inspired by github1s.

hamitaksln Obisis Gano Calculator is an chrome extension that re-calculates Erciyes University GPA with selected success score.

cawfree ⚛️ 🏡 Returns the local address of your actual development machine.

toplenboren A tool, that let you set any command from package.json as a pre-commit hook.

Jarred-Sumner git peek is the fastest way to open a remote git repository in your local text editor.

ameerthehacker ⚡ Blazing fast dev server powered by sandpack

dougallj Apple G13 GPU architecture docs and tools

jevakallio Run your web app inside VS Code

bradtraversy GraphQL Blog API built with KeystoneJS

kentcdodds Give me MDX/TSX strings and I'll give you back a component you can render. Including all your dependencies.

ardalis Sample code for the Pluralsight DDD Fundamentals course (coming soon) by Julie Lerman and Steve "ardalis" Smith

Superalgos Free, open-source crypto trading bot, automated bitcoin / cryptocurrency trading software, algorithmic trading bots. Visually design your crypto trading bot, leveraging an integrated charting system, data-mining, backtesting, pape

delvedor This project is a small but feature complete application build with Fastify and Svelte, and it aims to show all the core concepts of Fastify, best practices, and recommendations.

mdn WebExtensions are a way to write browser extensions: that is, programs installed inside a web browser that modify the behavior of the browser or web pages loaded by the browser. WebExtensions are built on a set of cross-browser AP

vinliao Fast-arrow, a VSCode snippet to write arrow function fast

bobzhang A demo project showing close to zero cost when adopting ReScript since version 9

dawsbot 🚁 Aggregates all known Ethereum airdrops and POAPs on one page

davestewart Recover your lost Great Suspender Tabs, The Great Suspender Recovery Tool

tgcallsjs An example bot using tgcallsjs.

conwnet One second to read GitHub code with VS Code.

rishiosaur ⚡️ An unopinionated language for building APIs ridiculously fast.

dabit3 A Next.js authentication starter built with Tailwind and AWS Amplify

Nyarime One-time encrypted message self-destruct after reading.