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fox-one CoWallet is a cooperative crypto wallet on Mixin Network.

Upstats There are many great Opensource, Hosted Solutions for Status Page, however, I didn't find one that really suit my needs so we created this enhanced one. I want to create a Status Page so amazing that it'll be the last one you ever

kobra-dev Kobra is a visual programming language (like Scratch) for Machine Learning

starkbeyjs Merhaba Discord.js Sever; Sunucunda +18 ses kanallarına gereksiz girişleri kontrol etmek mi istiyosun ozaman bu altyapı sana özel 🤍

Deffro Using the latest Software Engineering practices to create a modern and simple app.

gitbrent This library creates Open Office XML (OOXML) Presentations which are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and other applications.

codermother A small web app that imitate the desktop web version of google site, you can search whatever you want.

mjcella Facet is a flexible live coding system for controlling and applying synchronized algorithmic transformations to a Max patcher from a web browser.

cpinitiative A realtime collaborative IDE with code execution and input/output. Designed primarily for Competitive Programming and USACO, with basic mobile support for coding on the go.

mhmd-22 Easily add gestures functionality with simple native DOM events

statsig-io This is a zero-dependency, super small, IP address to 2-letter country code lookup library. There are already several libraries available, but none met our requirements for binary size and speed.

gvergnaud 🎨 An exhaustive Pattern Matching library for TypeScript, with smart type inference.

github GitHub's Web Component collection.

zlwaterfield Open-source browser extension to 10x Zapier's UX

bytedance This React library guide offers an effective way to construct a smooth onboarding experience.

aoijs Aoi.js - Library that simplifies coding for developing your Discord Bot

osmoscraft A web-based RSS reader running entirely from your GitHub repo.

link-society This library creates an easy interface to build very simple static web components.

fabien0102 Generate zod schemas from typescript types/interfaces

Shamil-FD Toasty is a Discord Bot used to help manage the Salvage's Oasis server. It has many features, including staff inactive notices, staff activity checks and a word blacklist system.

itsrennyman Open Source Cookieless Analytics Platform - Designed for Humans & Developers

rocketseat-experts-club Repositório com o código base para a live de criando micro front-ends com Webpack5 e module federation

tw-in-js Intelligent Twind tooling for VS Code

marchinho11 🏝 Сервис персонализированных предложений для сайта туроператора TUI

CaptainCodeman Firebase SDK Packages are lazy-loaded from the CDN. This ensures that the application starts up quickly (rather than waiting for the large firebase bundles to load) and also auth can load and initialize before other packages (e.g.

brilliantconsultingdev Zero-dependency TypeScript library for functional programming to reduce risk of unhandled errors when building software

mattfreitas Short URL with Serverless + Redis + Netlify

surma as-inliner as-inliner allows you to inline the contents of a file into your AssemblyScript. This all happens at build time as either a string or a Sta

cachecleanerjeet amazon-scraper Serverless Amazon India Scraper made with Cloudflare worker Features Product Page Search Page No Limitation Unlimited Requests Api Endp

one-aalam Next.js Starter Kit Boilerplate to quckly get up and running with Next.js with Typescript as the language choice Tailwind CSS for quick styling withou

BnademOverflow About Us : BnademOverFlow A great community with genius people who love to be beside the computer and understand how its works, we are into a new chal

bsharper ATV Desktop Remote A simple menubar app that allows you to control an Apple TV from your desktop Download I've created macOS and Windows releases avai