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segfall Wikipedia using only static assets & no backend

ajitid Do fuzzy matching using FZF algorithm in JavaScript

adispezio The ability to write protoype interactions in the Figma plugin API has landed! This update allows plugins to create new prototype interactions in the editor.

dineshsonachalam ✨ A GitHub Action that automatically generates & updates markdown content (like your README.md) from external or remote files.

multiprocessio This library provides an inference of object shape given a JavaScript data object.

antfu Messaging in Web Extensions made super easy. Out of the box.

anarkrypto Open Source, Transparent and Embedded Nano Faucet

NathanCotrim NodeJS Users API - Without Frameworks And Packages

nylas Nylas Components are a suite of UI building blocks that let you build user-facing email, calendar, and contacts functionality in minutes. Use Nylas Components with your Nylas account or by adding standard JSON data.

imabp A tool which helps you to fetch your articles from all the publications like medium and hashnode and show it on your custom blog.

tc39 A proposal to make grouping of array items easier

Clinify-Open-Sauce Welcome to BlueLearn Code Sprint 2021 powered by open source club.....This is the first step to create your first PR...to the open source porjects

idurar Starter Antd 4 Admin App Mern( Node.js / React / Redux / Ant Design ) Crud & Auth , Dashboard

Rudeus3Greyrat A enhanced web storage with env support, expire time control, change callback and LRU storage clear strategy.

adiwajshing Lightweight full-featured typescript/javascript WhatsApp Web API

aws The AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 is a rewrite of v2 with some great new features.

bring-shrubbery Although code in this repository is oriented to satisfy GDPR cookie rules, neither author nor contributors to this repository will be responsible for any non-compliance with the law.

mrbbot Miniflare is a simulator for developing and testing Cloudflare Workers.

filips123 A tool to install, manage and use Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in Mozilla Firefox.

mafintosh Small module that makes sure your catch, caught an actual error and not a programming mistake or assertion.

NathanPB I think that the ECMAScript stdlib is not enough for me, so I'm attempting to rewrite all of the usefull Kotlin's stdlib into Typescript.

edmundhung 🐶 Hosting your own email forwarding service on AWS and manage it with Github Actions

WebReflection A Minimalistic Custom Elements Helper, with optional polyfill included, compatible with every evergreen browser.

Rich-Harris A small utility for managing an undo stack, that you can subscribe to in your Svelte applications

Nodi3d Nodi (β) is an online node-based geometry design tool & social development environment.

getstation One app to rule them all!

hashicorp Analyzes each PR's impact on your next.js app's bundle size and displays it using a comment

saurabhdaware Run TypeScript files at lightning speed ⚡️ esbuild ftw!

thesephist Universal personal search engine, powered by a full text search algorithm written in pure Ink, indexing Linus's blogs and private note archives, contacts, tweets, and over a decade of journals.

ayushgpta Complete JavaScipt Array methods Cheatsheet 🚀

dabit3 A full stack digital marketplace running on Ethereum with Polygon & Next.js

nordigen Connect your bank account to Google Sheets. Track your finances with ease.

nick-thompson Elementary is a JavaScript runtime based on Node.js for writing native audio applications, as well as a library and framework for composing audio signal processes.