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oscarmorrison markdown page Create a webpage with just markdown (and one js script)! Installation Create a new html page, my-page.html Add the following script tag at the very top of the page Write some ma

github Paste Markdown objects Paste spreadsheet cells as a Markdown table. Convert pasted image URLs to Markdown image link syntax. Installation $ npm install @github/paste-markdown Usage import subs

jxnblk mdx-deck MDX-based presentation decks (Beta) npm i -D mdx-deck πŸ“ Write presentations in markdown βš›οΈ Import and use React components πŸ’… Customizable themes and components

Mr0grog Google Docs to Markdown This is a very minimal webapp for converting a Google Doc to Markdown. It uses Remark and Rehype (both part of Unified) to do the conversion. Live Demo

mixmark-io Turndown Convert HTML into Markdown with JavaScript. to-markdown has been renamed to Turndown. See the migration guide for details. Installation npm: npm install turndown Browser: <scri

Canner canner-slate-editor πŸ“ Rich text / WYSIWYG editor focus on modularity and extensibility, build on top of Slate framework with beautiful designs and high-level APIs. Features 😍 20

marktext Mark Text πŸ”† Next generation markdown editor πŸŒ™ A simple and elegant open-source markdown editor that focused on speed and usability. Available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

benweet StackEdit StackEdit is a full-featured, open-source Markdown editor based on PageDown, the Markdown library used by Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites. StackEdi

egoist Docup Introduction Docup is a single JavaScript file that fetches Markdown file and renders it as a beautiful one-page documentation. The idea is inspired by my another project (Docute) which in turn is insp

nhn GFM Markdown WYSIWYG Editor - Productive and Extensible 🚩 Table of Contents Collect Statistics on the Use of Open Source Documents Standard and Extensible Features Examples

aras-p Documentation CSS style for Markdeep Markdeep is a sweet Markdown processor script that allows you writing extended Markdown files, and have them vieweble formatted directly in the browser. No Markdown processors to run

josephernest Writing Writing is a lightweight distraction-free text editor, in the browser. Live version: Writing. Installation Just open index.html and that's it! There is no server code. Is that so simple

mikeal Markdown Element HTML Element for markdown content. Usage: <body> <script src=""></script> <mark-down>

ryanflorence Render Markdown JavaScript Renders markdown files to HTML with highlighted code blocks BUT ALSO RENDERS THE JAVASCRIPT ONES. Why? I've got a bunch of little JavaScript UI libs that don't need much more tha

titpetric Pendulum A simple editor for markdown/txt files. Supports saving changes into git repositories hosted anywhere (git add, git commit). Docker image and built binaries are provided. Written by @TitPetric and licensed und

jxnblk No longer maintained see for a better alternative live-doc Convert markdown to live React demos Built with: react-markdown, React Live, Rebass, and styled-components

geekplux Markvis Make visualization in markdown. Documentation Online Editor Preview Quick Start Install yarn add markvis --save npm install markvis --save

hackmdio CodiMD CodiMD lets you collaborate in real-time with markdown. Built on HackMD source code, CodiMD lets you host and control your team's content with speed and ease. Table of Contents HackMD Codi

PlatziDev Pulse Editor A React markdown editor, extensible and fully customizable Installation To install this editor just run: yarn add pulse-editor Or with npm: npm i -S pulse-editor Usage exampl

hackmdio CodiMD CodiMD lets you collaborate in real-time with markdown. Built on HackMD source code, CodiMD lets you host and control your team's content with speed and ease. Table of Contents HackMD Codi

egoist marked3 This is a fork of marked Why? Actively maintained Rewrote in ES6 and bundled with Rollup for smaller size (15KB) Support more GFM extras like task lists Install yarn add marke

ruanyf Turpan is a wrapped markdown renderer based on markdown-it and a lot of its plugins. markdown-it-abbr markdown-it-block-embed markdown-it-container markdown-it-deflist markdown-it-emoji markdown-it-emphasis-alt mar

hackjutsu Geek Profile Write your profile in Markdown and publish it on GitHub Page. Demo: Bootstrap yarn Customize your Profile Customize your profile/CV/res

developit Snarkdown is a dead simple 1kb Markdown parser. It's designed to be as minimal as possible, for constrained use-cases where a full Markdown parser would be inappropriate. Features Fast: since it's basically

xcatliu Pagic The easiest way to generate static html page from markdown Getting Started Installation npm install pagic -g Markdown + Layout => HTML Let's say we have a project like this

frontarm mdx-util A collection of utilities for working with MDX mdx-constant Exports a constant from MDX files that don't explicitly define it. Useful for implementing front matter with gray-matter. mdx-loader A batter

amitkaps visdown Visualisation Markdown Demo -> Allows you to write json specification in simple yaml and uses marked and vega-lite (or vega) to convert those specific code blocks in to svg.

laobubu MarkdownIME MarkdownIME is a fresh and fast way to make text formatted, and a minimal & powerful web rich-text editor. MINIMAL: No 3rd-party dependency. No buttons or stylesheets. Only require one div[contentEdi

goessner Markdown+Math What is it ... mdmath allows to use Visual Studio Code as a markdown editor capable of typesetting and rendering TeX math. In fact it now reuses the built in markdown viewer. KaTeX works i

Siddharth11 iTunes Remote Remotely control iTunes on Mac without Internet! Multiple clients can access the remote independently, and the UI will always be in sync ✨ Built using WebSockets, AppleScript, React, and Redux

vdw HideSeek A simple, yet customizable quick/live search jQuery plugin Demonstration page Documentation (wiki) Features Search in text or title/alt attribute Highlight Navigation Ignore eleme

nijikokun Generate Schemas Effortlessly convert your JSON Object to JSON Schema, Mongoose Schema, or a Generic template for quick documentation / upstart. Schema Outputs Generic JSON Schema Mongoose Schema BigQuery Sch