It is a web 3D GIS engine.

F3Earth It is a web 3D GIS engine. demo After clone or download to local, you can open examples\simple.html to get a simple demo. Or view it online. It looks as following: Oh no, it looks not so good! Don't worry

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Quartz Mapquery by Quartz Mapquery 0.1.0 is a proof-of-concept prototype release. All of the work on the project leading to this initial release was funded by the Knight Foundation's Prototype Fund. Mapquery is a map data storage and r

apneadiving Google Maps for Rails ¶ ↑ Gmaps4rails is developed to simply create a Google Map with overlays (markers, infowindows…). Yet it's backed on a very flexible codebase which could be prone to accept other map providers. Use it

erdem Django Map Widgets Configurable, pluggable and more user friendly map widgets for Django PostGIS fields. Documentation: Project Home Page:

atmist Snazzy Info Window Snazzy Info Window is a plugin for customizable info windows using the Google Maps JavaScript API. Open sourced by the people that created Snazzy Maps. Features Responsive sizing Th

OpenDroneMap A free, user-friendly, extendable application and API for drone image processing. Generate georeferenced maps, point clouds, elevation models and textured 3D models from aerial images. It uses ODM for processing. Getting Started

Wildhoney FreeDraw allows the free-hand drawing of shapes on your Leaflet.js map layer – providing an intuitive and familiar UX for creating geospatial boundaries similar to Zoopla and others. Included out-of-the-box is the concaving of polygons

sebastian-meier d3.geo2rect Morphing geojson polygons into rectangles The package has two modules: compute (function) and draw (class). For using this one needs to include the d3 and turf.js library. compute Compute for

mourner geokdbush A geographic extension for kdbush, the fastest static spatial index for points in JavaScript. It implements fast nearest neighbors queries for locations on Earth, taking Earth curvature and date line wrapping into acc