Centralized and distributed logging for Web applications and services, extending System.Diagnostics and Essential.Diagnostics, providing structured tracing and logging withou needing to change 1 line of your application codes

TraceHub TraceHub Service optionally accompanied with MVC Web UI or Slim Web UI is to provide centralized logging for Web and service applications through extending System.Diagnostics of .NET Framework. This project delivers Tra

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sindresorhus electron-timber Pretty logger for Electron apps By default, logs from the renderer process don't show up in the terminal. Now they do. You can use this module directly in both the main and renderer process. I

sindresorhus filter-console Filter out unwanted console.log() output Can be useful when you don't control the output, for example, filtering out PropType warnings from a third-party React component. Install $ npm install fi

apex JavaScript client for Apex Logs with support for Node.js, Deno, and the browser.

sabljakovich Mongoose plugin for measuring and logging query execution time.