Keyboard Wrappers

libraries for handling keyboard shortcuts in JavaScript.

Newest releases

crsnbrt KeySim - design and test virtual 3d keyboards.

ParamagicDev A modest js library that dispatches low-level keyboard events in the form of CustomEvents.

hodgef The slick virtual keyboard for Javascript. Compatible with your JS, React, Angular or Vue projects.

jamiebuilds A tiny (~400 B) & modern library for keybindings.

lukeraymonddowning A gorgeous, simple, tiny JavaScript package to add keyboard bindings into your application.

ccampbell Simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in

jaywcjlove Hotkeys HotKeys.js is an input capture library with some very special features, it is easy to pick up and use, has a reasonable footprint (~3kb) (gzipped: 1.73kb), and has no dependencies. It should not interfe