A mobile-first JavaScript-driven content and image carousel

Scooch A mobile-first content and image carousel. Demo You can find a simple demo on the Documentation page. More demos can be found inside the examples folder in the repo. Run grunt examples to see them in Chrome

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fatiherikli Josef Producing artworks by artificial neural networks. Who is Josef Josef is a feedforward neural network based on synapticjs and a distant relative of Istanbul's famous robot poet Deniz Yilmaz. How does

dabanlee blurify blurify.js is a tiny(~2kb) library to blur pictures, with graceful downgrade support from css mode to canvas mode. Installation $ npm i blurify DEMO Demo Usage blurify(

David-Desmaisons Vue.ImagesLoaded A Vue.js 2.0 directive to detect when images have been loaded, based on imagesLoaded This directive allows to get a callback when children images are loaded in a container element. Plays nicely with vue.i

tsherif WebGL 2 Examples Rendering algorithms implemented in raw WebGL 2. Currently include: Just a Triangle (vertex arrays) Phong-shaded Cube (vertex arrays, uniform buffers, immutable textures) Particles (vertex arrays, unifor

ccforward progressive-image A dead simple progressive-image module for Vanilla JavaScript and Vue.js 1.0+ & 2.0+ GitHub GitHub - progressive-image NPM NPM - progressive-image update @v1

maierfelix Poxi is a modern, flat pixel art editor for the browser with focus on elegance, simplicity and productivity. Demo Engine features Smart batching WebGL-based renderer

nanostudio-org nanogallery2 nanogallery2 is a javascript library for building beautiful, modern and high-quality image galleries for your website or your blog. Documentation, Demonstrations and Tutorials Visit the nanogallery2 h

photopea UPNG.js A small, fast and advanced PNG / APNG encoder and decoder. It is the main PNG engine for Photopea image editor. Examples of PNGs minified by UPNG.js Try UPNG.js in Photopea - open an image and press File - Save for