Light and responsive lightbox script with focus on performance.

Magnific Popup Repository Fast, light and responsive lightbox plugin, for jQuery and Zepto.js. Documentation and getting started guide. Examples and plugin home page. More examples in CodePen collection. Optionally,

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ashleydw Bootstrap Lightbox A lightbox module for Bootstrap that supports images, YouTube videos, and galleries - built around Bootstrap's Modal plugin. See the github page for docs: = v5 is for Boo

pexea12 vue-image-lightbox A simple image/video lightbox component for Vuejs NPM Package I use CSS style from react-images Demo! Development (NPM / Yarn) npm

staaky Strip An Unobtrusive Responsive Lightbox Strip is a Lightbox that only partially covers the page. This leaves room to interact with the page on larger

lokesh Lightbox2 The original lightbox script. Eight years later — still going strong! Lightbox is small javascript library used to overlay images on top of the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. D

sachinchoolur lightGallery A customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery. Demo JQuery lightGallery demo. Codepen demo Main features Fully responsive. Modular architecture with built i

DCzajkowski Pure JS lightbox component for Vue.js Table of contents Demo Installation With NPM With a CDN Usage With an ES6 bundler (via NPM) Importing a componen

am283721 Simple Image Lightbox for Vue.js No dependencies required! Inspired by vue-pure-lightbox, however I needed a framework that allowed for a gallery of t

terrysahaidak Currently, I'm refactoring Pager and Lightbox components in order to enable galleries without lightbox as well as an ability to change some of params of both pager and lightbox

RobinCK vue-gallery 📷 VueJS responsive and customizable image and video gallery, carousel and lightbox, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers. E

nextapps-de Web's most easy to integrate lightbox gallery library. Super-lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies. Demo  •  Getting Started  •  Gallery Groups  •  Options  •  Styling  •  API  •  Custom Builds Spotli

nicolas-t Chocolat Chocolat is a responsive lightbox Documentation is here Demo page is here Documentation You can access the full documentation at this page : Documentation Upgrading A few breaking change

littlewin-wang vue-images A simple lightbox component for displaying an array of images Feature Mobile friendly Thumbnail navigation Responsive design Demo & Examples Live demo: https://littl

jackmoore About Colorbox: A customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery. See the project page for documentation and a demonstration, and the FAQ for solutions and examples to common issues. Released under the MIT license. Changelog:

Kelin2025 vue-responsive-components Create responsive components with ResizeObserver. Idea Check out my post on ITNEXT Installation npm install vue-responsive-c

simplesmiler vue-focus A reusable focus directive for reusable Vue.js components Overview It can be tricky to manage input focus. You always have to fall back to a

HCESrl Vue Responsive Image Vue Responsive Image is a Vue component that allows you to quickly insert responsive image tags in your Vue project, provided you

mklan jquery.focus-follow A responsive indicator that follows your focus, while hovering over your elements (for example your image gallery). The elements can have different dimensions and have a different border-radius. Everything get

jbowyers About Responsive Menu jQuery Responsive Menu is a drop-down menu for responsive websites. It is a jQuery plugin that includes a JavaScript file and CSS file as well as sample HTML. Description: Drop-down Menu jQuery plugin fo

FilledStacks Responsive Builder 💻 ➡️ 🖥 ➡️ 📱 ➡️ ⌚️ The responsive builder package contains widgets that allows you to create a readable responsive UI. The package is inspired by the Responsive UI F

theanam Lightbox image image viewer for react with zoom, rotate and move feature with single or multi image. Includes basic touch support.

junyanz Light Field Video Viewer [Project] [Video] [Paper] C++ implementation for Light field video applications (including video refocusing, focus tracking, changing aperture and view) as described in the following paper: