Image Processing

Image Processing

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transitive-bullshit lqip-modern Modern approach to Low Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) using webp and sharp. (demo) This approach is extremely fast and produces much sm

starkblaze01 Tweets as an Image To get recent tweets as an image of any user This project is created using Canvas, Puppeteer, and Twitter API for integration with

codrops Diagonal Thumbnails Slideshow A simple slideshow with tilted thumbnails and large titles that animate when navigating. Article on Codrops Demo Install

poloclub Magic Crop A free online tool that uses AI and the rule of thirds to automatically crop input photos into square headshots at a smart ratio without se

handtracking-io A practical hand tracking engine.

eduardolundgren A modern approach for Computer Vision on the web

sradc QR-to-QR Version 0.0.0 You can get the app on Android from Google Play or Github Releases. This novelty app enables a pair of phones (that have front

kekkorider ThreeJS starter This is a general template for ThreeJS applications. It uses Parcel to create the bundle and Tweakpane for live updates. Before we sta

Coder-forfun Hacktoberfest 2021 Kindly maintain patience, our team will accept every valid Pull Request and will merge it in main branch!!! Link To HacktoberFest 2

Cyanilux Shader Graph Custom Lighting Some custom lighting functions/sub-graphs for Shader Graph, Universal Render Pipeline. v8.2.0, Unity 2020.1.2f1. (Hopeful

codrops Inline Menu Layout with Gallery Panel An inline menu layout with a playful hover animation and a gallery content preview panel. Article on Codrops Dem

staaky Strip An Unobtrusive Responsive Lightbox Strip is a Lightbox that only partially covers the page. This leaves room to interact with the page on larger

yandex-cloud Ẏagr Yagr is high performance HTML5 canvas chart renderer based on uPlot. It provides high-level features for uPlot charts. Features Lines, Areas, Col

LingDong- PSVG - Programmable SVG Doc | Playground | Examples PSVG is an extension of the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format that introduces programming lang

nkoehring 250kb-club An exclusive members-only club for web pages weighing no more than 250kb. Inspired by Bredley Taunts But why? I love the idea of

LeonardsonCC Fantom Kittens Gallery This is just a simple gallery to see your Fantom Kittens NFTs authenticating using MetaMask. What this exactly do Authenticatin

bugbearnft 👋 Welcome to! BugBear is a collection of 10,000-pixel bear NFTs-unique digital collectibles living on the blockchain. An NFT collectio

devforth Copy text from the raster images

baku89 Tethr is a JavaScript/TypeScript library built on WebUSB for controlling digital cameras from browsers.

raunofreiberg inspx Pixel perfect layout inspection. Built for React as a proof of concept. Setup Install the package: npm install inspx --save-dev Wrap the root of

11ty IndieWeb Avatar API A runtime service to extract avatar images from: <link rel="apple-touch-icon"> <link rel="icon"> favicon.ico (added September 20,

codrops 3D Letters Menu Hover Effect A rotated 3D like letters and image hover effect for a menu based on the animation seen on One up Studio. Article on Codr

i5ik JS Paint ~~ as a cross-platform native desktop app. In other words, the "🎨 Classic MS Paint, REVIVED + ✨Extras".exe hehe

wzulfikar Hashvatar Create hash avatar of your handler. Inspired from this tweet: Usage Use this format to get your hashvatar: # Format https://hashvatar.vercel

scripting artDownloader A collection of great art in one big folder. Download and point your screen saver at the folder for a live art show. The story I had som

idrawjs A simple JavaScript framework for Drawing on the web

blascokoa LootRarity Experience Farmer Best practice is to use a VPS and put a cronjob for let it farm every day. Initialize new node project (npm init -y) Run:

biati-digital GLightbox is a pure javascript lightbox. It can display images, iframes, inline content and videos with optional autoplay for YouTube, Vimeo and even self hosted videos.

Labelflow The open platform for image labelling

hayhaydz Refining the image viewing experience. Focussing on what matters most. The image in front of you.

EtherDream Web2Img is a tool to bundle your web files into a single image, and extract them via Service Worker at runtime.

HashLips Create generative art by using the canvas api and node js, feel free to contribute to this repo with new ideas.

vanruesc A post processing library that provides the means to implement image filter effects for three.js.