Image Processing

Image Processing

Newest releases

NikxDa A component to reveal images on user interaction, written with TypeScript + React.

pouyakary TextKit is a framework for creating Textual Graphics. It provides layers, styling, rich color, text justification, layouts, tables, view-ports, transparency, etc.

chilllab react library for generating avatar

edo0 A focused approach to taming the new Firefox 89+'s Proton design, restituting some elements retired alongside the old Photon UI

baidu A fast mix image javascript tool libary

c7js C7 re-implements the key technology of modern front-end development based on HTML canvas

btahir This starter shows how to use the new Notion API with Next.js. You can capture emails that will populate a Notion database.

javierbyte Create single line SVG illustrations from your pictures

TimDaub A simple Photoshop template or .png file to demo your web application as an image within a nicely looking browser window in Mac OS Catalina 1920x1080

corona-warn-app Utility to generate QR codes for Event Registration (incl. from the CLI).

kevinjycui A simple image/video to Desmos graph converter run locally

tsoding emoteJAM is a simple website that generates animated BTTV emotes from static images.

antfu A simple, frameless browser for screenshots

flyqie Simple Web Image Player

Dalvii Plex library image export Export Plex libraries at image format for a better preview of what you have on your Plex. Items will be set in 7x7 format. C

accurat A small JS layout computation library, to organize space in SVGs and canvases

jakowenko Double Take Unified API for processing and training images with DeepStack, CompreFace, or Facebox for facial recognition. Use Cases Frigate Subscribe

egoist Customizable social media preview image

1Euro7Cent Drawbot for, gartic phone ect Requirements NodeJS 14.16.0 Python 3.9 Requests - pip install requests Initialitation open a command prompt i

NinjaJc01 imagepayloadgen Generate PHP image payloads entirely clientside to bypass poorly written filters. See a hosted version at

kenkawakenkenke Website to generate stick figure gifs from webcam video.

codrops Shape Slideshow with Clip-path An experimental slideshow using clip-path to create shape transitions between slides. Article on Codrops Demo Installat

ElzeroWebSchool JavaScript Bootcamp Content Introduction Introduction And What Is JavaScript ? What You Will Learn ? Setting Up Environment And Tools How To Study The

RenaudRohlinger three-material-editor A GLSL editor for Threejs materials. Automatically detect the WebGL programs and provide live edit for the shaders. The editor c

ozgrozer Convert tweets to images

gabrieldejesus 🎨 A simple application for draw.

SardineFish An optimised raindrop effect on glass with WebGL2

mattdesl gifenc - A fast and lightweight pure-JavaScript GIF encoder

spacedeck Spacedeck, a web based, real time, collaborative whiteboard application with rich media support

viliusle miniPaint - Online image editor lets you create, edit images using HTML5 technologies.

steveruizok Perfect freehand is a library for creating freehand paths

egoist This combines dom-to-image-chrome-fix-retina and changedpi.