Image Processing

Image Processing

Newest releases

mattdesl gifenc - A fast and lightweight pure-JavaScript GIF encoder

spacedeck Spacedeck, a web based, real time, collaborative whiteboard application with rich media support

viliusle miniPaint - Online image editor lets you create, edit images using HTML5 technologies.

steveruizok Perfect freehand is a library for creating freehand paths

egoist This combines dom-to-image-chrome-fix-retina and changedpi.

recogito A JavaScript image annotation library. Add drawing, commenting and labeling functionality to images in Web pages with just a few lines of code.

steveruizok A disappearing drawing tool for your screen.

jonasstrehle Supercookie uses favicons to assign a unique identifier to website visitors. Unlike traditional tracking methods, this ID can be stored almost persistently and cannot be easily cleared by the user.

mozilla The client-side code for Mozilla Hubs, an online 3D collaboration platform that works for desktop, mobile, and VR platforms.

zalo Use code to create 3D Models with features ranging from simple primitives + CSG to complex revolves, sweeps, and fillets. Cascade Studio exposes the full power of the OpenCascade kernel, while providing a concise standard library

w-okada This repository is the zoo of image processing webworkers for javascript. You can use these workers as npm package.

lhbizarro A tutorial explaining how to build an infinite scrolling gallery using WebGL with OGL and GLSL Shaders.

ramyareye Instagram Fullscreen Live

amandesai01 A tool which makes Editing a WebPage and then Saving it as Image. Easy-Peasy!

nhn 🍞🎨 Full-featured photo image editor using canvas. It is really easy, and it comes with great filters.

foone A generator for Cyberpunk2077 Apology images

investingwolf A utility for creating gradient paths with react-native-svg

gsimone Ombra is a collection of components and abstractions to help working with shaders in react-three-fiber.

joe-bell Beautiful image placeholders, without the hassle 🖼

multiavatar Multiavatar represents people from multiple races, multiple cultures, multiple age groups, multiple worldviews and walks of life.

antfu PSVG - Programmable SVG for Vite

c9fe JS Paint ~~ as a cross-platform native desktop app. In other words, the "🎨 Classic MS Paint, REVIVED + ✨Extras".exe hehe

stasilo Lazy load & transition your React images with some WebGL glsl niceness 🎉

dmtrKovalenko ODiff is a blazing fast native image comparison tool. Check benchmarks for the results, but it compares the visual difference between 2 images in milliseconds. It was originally designed to handle the "big" images. Thanks to Ocaml

Yqnn SvgPathEditor - Online editor to create and manipulate SVG paths

KilledByAPixel A Tiny Sprite Generator by Frank Force

elestio A simple way to take a screenshot of a website by providing its URL. ws-screenshot include a simple web UI but also a REST API and a Websocket API to automate screenshots.

wuba Picasso是58同城推出的一款sketch设计稿智能解析工具,可将sketch设计稿自动解析成还原精准,可用度高的前端代码。

samizdatco Skia Canvas is a browser-less implementation of the HTML Canvas drawing API for Node.js.

22mahmoud Faven - a web tool to help you generate favicons

codrops An experimental animation where an image goes from thumbnail to full width, allowing for a classy entry to an article view. Based on this animation by Akram Khalid.

alias-rahil handwritten.js 👋Convert typed text to realistic handwriting!

jayphelps A polyfill for <img loading="eagle" />. Displays an America Eagle as the placeholder of the image while the your real images are still loading.