JavaScript libraries for multi-touch gestures.

Newest releases

frameable Minimal dependency-free pan/zoom library

pmndrs react-use-gesture React-use-gesture is a hook that lets you bind richer mouse and touch events to any component or view. With the data you receive, it becomes trivial to set up gestures, and often takes no more tha

hammerjs hammer.js A JavaScript library for detecting touch gestures. Installation NPM npm install --save hammerjs or Yarn yarn add hammerjs or CDN

kornelski Slip A tiny library for interactive swiping and reordering of elements in lists on touch screens. No dependencies. BSD Licensed. Try live demo (best on a touchscreen device) Supports iOS Safari, Firefox Mobile, Chrome

zingchart ZingTouch A modern JavaScript touch gesture library. The library allows developers to configure pre-existing gestures as well as create their own using ZingTouch's life cycle.

AlloyTeam Preview You can touch this → Install You can install it via npm: npm install alloyfinger Usage var af = new AlloyFinger(element, { touchStart: fu