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garrettjoecox A configurable Minecraft server wrapper written in Node.js. Using a combination of RCON and the output of the server console it allows you to do some pretty cool things, like making simple server-side plugins on a vanilla Minecraf

phoboslab Twin stick shooter game in 13kb of JavaScript/WebGL

MoritzBrueckner Aura is a fast and lightweight 3D audio engine for Kha to ease creating realistic sound atmospheres for your games and applications. Table of Content

fc01 👾 Sokoban Game in Pure TypeScript Type System

pmgl microStudio is a free, open source game engine online. It is also a platform to learn and practise programming.

simaraconceicao Repo criado para o módulo de JS 2, Gama Academy.

ahmetmert1 Catch the Drop 2D Game

kubowania A game of Mario using JavaScript and Kaboom.js

aquelemiguel 🧐 Guess the game from the Steam review

chacestew U3T is an online multiplayer implementation of the game ultimate tic-tac-toe and a Progressive Web Application.

lo-th Phy game engine for three.js, is a simple language for create and control physics engine.

Platane 🟩⬜ Generates a snake game from a github user contributions graph and output a screen capture as animated svg or gif

reactgular Block merging game built with React, Redux and Tailwind

ertugrulcetin A 3D racing game built with ClojureScript, React and ThreeJS

macabeus 🕹 GBA emulator on your React project - easy and powerful to use!

Gbps Full-chain RCE exploit for Source Engine games

eva-engine Eva.js is a front-end game engine specifically for creating interactive game projects.

eva-engine Eva.js is a front-end game engine specifically for creating interactive game projects.

Luisrosario2604 The goal of the project is to help poker and blackjack players giving them more information about their cards.

marcincichocki Automatically solve breach protocol minigame in Cyberpunk 2077

fre-ben [Game] Multiplayer card game web app

passiomatic Sunny Land is both a learning experiment and ongoing project to showcase Elm's WebGL Playground package potential.

herget The game of Snake written in JavaScript.

clementmihailescu This project is meant to be a tutorial for a Snake game that reverses a linked list. Everything related to the tutorial (i.e., all the code that I, Cl

Cloud9c A lightweight 3D game engine for the web. Built with three.js and cannon-es.

victorqribeiro A pool game in JavaScript using my sphereCollision project

miloyip A web-based knowledge management system for visualizing game related technologies.

nialna A narrative game engine for text-based games. Inspired by renpy syntax, but built to be customisable, extendable and web-focused.

engineer-man Some silly IO style game where you do math and compete against others in real time

kubowania A game of breakout in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

arthurmassanes Flappy bird in JS using Raylib

govizlora Online Cyberpunk 2077 breach protocol minigame puzzle solver using camera