A JavaScript application framework emphasizing modularity and encapsulation

Looking for the issue tracker? It's moved to https://enyojs.atlassian.net. Quick Info Core This repository contains Enyo core. We've pared it down to the essentials, so folks can work at the metal. Widget

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krasimir Fluxiny Flux architecture implemented in ~100 lines of code. Flux is an architectural design pattern for building user interfaces. It was introduced by Facebook at their F8 conference. Since then, lots of companies adopte

jsonmaur Announcement Jumpsuit is now offically DEPRECATED. Thanks for your support over the life of Jumpsuit. It served a great purpose, but we now are strongly urging you to use idiomatic (vanilla) redux in conjunction with re

jihdeh #In this Javascript world we live in, awesome people come up with interesting namings and inventions A AngularJS AureliaJs AngularBeans AceJS AnimeJS AnyPixelJS B BananaJS BeanJS BoxJs

mjaneczek Conventional-redux.js Conventional-redux.js is a library for small and medium applications, it wraps the react-redux and provides API based on convention over configuration pattern. It is NOT new flux implementation so everyt

necolas React Native for Web React Native components and APIs for the Web. Browser support: Chrome, Firefox, Safari >= 7, IE 10, Edge. Overview "React Native for Web" is a project to bring React Native's building block

redfin React framework with server render for blazing fast page load and seamless transitions between pages in the browser. Just getting started with react-server? The easiest way to get started is with our yeoman generator:

camwiegert baffle.js A tiny javascript library for obfuscating and revealing text in DOM elements. camwiegert.github.io/baffle ~1.8kb gzipped ⚡ Dependency-free 🎉 IE9+ ✔️ // Select elements

JamesTheHacker Neuron - Electron, ES6, React, PouchDB, Sass, Webpack