Form Widgets Input

Form Widgets Input

Newest releases

couchsurvey An Open-Source alternative to Typeform and Microsoft Forms

dulajkavinda 🗳 minimal-feedback is a blazingly fast and highly customizable component to get user feedback.

PawelDecowski jQuery credit card validation and detection plugin

formio This library is a plain JavaScript form renderer and SDK for

lp-db Login Pages Database forms a knowledge base on login pages related to malicious activities (C2 panels, phishing kits...).

cawfree Super pretty payment inputs for React Native. It exports a bunch of hooks and utility components to help you deliver a sweeter payment experience, faster. It uses bignumber.js to avoid floating point rounding errors.

mihir0699 Want to generate polls instantly and want real-time results without a single refresh, then Insta Poll is here to rescue.

GavinZhuLei A visual form designer/generator base on Vue.js, make form development simple and efficient.(基于Vue的可视化表单设计器,让表单开发简单而高效。)

yairEO Transforms an input field or a textarea into a Tags component, in an easy, customizable way, with great performance and small code footprint, exploded with features.Vanilla ⚡ React ⚡ Vue ⚡ Angular

alibaba Formily-Schema-Editor 从表单数据结构出发,帮助你快速搭建表单

orkestral This is a very simple floating WhatsApp button plugin for jQuery.

codrops A small set of magnetic buttons with some fun hover animations. Inspired by the button animation seen on Cuberto.

moufette-tools Capture feedback in one organized place to inform your product decisions. Let users help you decide, persevere or pivot!

houjiazong Auto-resizing input field for Vue

wojtekmaj Predicts the input value during KeyDown or KeyPress events, before the input is actually changed.

forbesmyester eSQLate Project Purpose eSQLate is an attempt to give small teams a quick and easy form of administration panel which is significantly more powerful than CRUD based systems b

jquery-form jQuery Form Overview The jQuery Form Plugin allows you to easily and unobtrusively upgrade HTML forms to use AJAX. The main methods, ajaxForm and ajaxSubmit, gather information from the form element to deter

ngneat 🦄 The Foundation for Proper Form Management in Angular

muhammed vue-interactive-paycard (npm package (for react & react-native either) is coming soon) A fantastic credit card form with smooth and sweet micro-interactions. Includes number formatting, validation and automatic card

formql FormQL is a framework for building dynamic forms in Angular. It comes with an editor that offers a drag and drop functionality to make it easier for non technical users to maintain the forms as well as an extensible APIs for all

lukeed A tiny (532B) library for handling <form> elements Features Includes serialize and validation methods Compatible with any UI library Fully tree-shakeable Additionally,

TarekRaafat autoComplete.js ✨ Simple autocomplete pure vanilla Javascript library. 🚀 Live Demo v7.2 autoComplete.js is a simple pure vanilla Javascript library that's progressively

github Textarea Autosize Autosizes textarea to size of its contents. Installation $ npm install @github/textarea-autosize Usage import autosize from '@github/textarea-autosize' autosize(document.quer

Volst GraphQL Form Helpers A light-weight (1kb) package for dealing with complicated forms that have nested data and use GraphQL. We use it in combination with Formik, Apollo Client and Prisma, but it is not specific to on

lokesh-coder pretty-checkbox.css A pure CSS library to beautify checkbox and radio buttons. Demo and documentation

final-form 🏁 Final Form ✅ Zero dependencies ✅ Framework agnostic ✅ Opt-in subscriptions - only update on the state you need! ✅ 💥 3.5k gzipped 💥 Installati

uNmAnNeR imaskjs vanilla javascript input mask Features get and set raw and unmasked values easily no external dependencies supports overwrite mode supports web components supports contenteditab

euvl Vue.js 2 toggle / switch button - simple, pretty, customizable. Feel free to ask questions or propose features in the "Issues" section Live demo here Install: npm install vue-js-toggle-button --save Import:

etiennepinchon A-Frame Material Kit 👽 This is real! WebVR is getting even better! Inputs, keyboard, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, switches, forms, toasts and more - following the Google Material design guideline for A-Fr

Gbuomprisco Tag Input Component for Angular This is a component for Angular >= 4. Design and API are blandly inspired by Angular Material's md-chips. Formerly called ng2-tag-input. Demo Check out the live demo.

vuejs-tips The Mask A lightweight (2KB gzipped) and dependency free mask input created specific for Vue.js Docs and Demo JsFiddle Install yarn add vue-the-mask or npm i -S vue-the-mask

paliari v-autocomplete Autocomplete component for Vue.js This component is css-free. The idea is to be used with any framework. Installation Using yarn yarn add v-autocomplete Using np

agilie Check this project on Dribbble GoButton This button is used for displaying an animation while a request is going. It could be run with infinite animation loop or with finit animation as well.