:foggy: Simple gallery upload. Native. Less than 2kb.

simpleGallery.js Easy gallery upload. Native. Just 2kb gzipped. Why Upload, surely, is a hard part in programming, probably you have had problems with that. Why not simplify? No frameworks, just 2kb gzipped! W

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FineUploader Documentation | Examples | Support | Blog | Changelog Fine Uploader is: Cross-browser Dependency-free 100% JavaScript 100% Free Open Source Software FineUploader is also simple to use. In the simplest case, you onl

ThalKod DropIt DropIt is a File Uploader built with nodejs Demo 💾 Installation # clone the repo $ git clone https://github.com/ThalKod/DropIt.git # install the node modules... $ npm install Usage

muwoo 📦 Tinypng desktop application, upload compress image to server simply

ungoldman nano-s3 Upload a file to S3. About Sometimes you just need a small lib to do a simple task. uploads a file to s3 that's it no other features very small! 7.4 KB unpacked compare to aws-sdk's

metowolf Upload images to sm.ms

elninotech Uppload is a better JavaScript image uploader. It's highly customizable with 30+ plugins, completely free and open-source, and can be used with any file uploading backend. Status Build

lynxtaa GraphQL Client with file upload support for NodeJS and browser

danielm A lightweight and very configurable jQuery plugin for file uploading using ajax(a sync); includes support for queues, progress tracking and drag and drop.