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halfnelson Will it Scale? - Finding Svelte's Inflection Point from #2546 Theoretically, yes there is an inflection point. Where that inflection point is is the o

d3fc A collection of components that make it easy to build interactive charts with D3

alphardex Welcome to maku.js 👋 A bridge between HTML and WebGL(three.js). Install npm i maku.js three --save Usage Define some images in your HTML, and make th

nilooy ⛹ ⛹ ⛹ Mixamo Character Animation Combiner ⛹ ⛹ ⛹ This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. LIVE HERE 💎 Run Locally npm install npm start n

MITDDC Zork source code, 1978 January This repository contains the source code for a January 1978 version of Zork, an interactive fiction game created at MIT

emmelleppi 🧰 use-r3f-assets A set of hooks for quick prototyping in react-three-fiber. yarn add use-r3f-assets How it works The assets are hosted on github and

minhpq331 Scalable Jitsi Helm Chart Jitsi on Kubernetes made easy. Scalable jitsi helm chart based on this architecture. TL;DR; git clone

d4l3k teslarender Repo for various Tesla internal data visualizations $ http-server -g -c0 -p8899 Access at: http://localhost:8899/?

WebReflection Life Diary ❤️ your albums, your journey, your data Youtube Showcase About Storing images in the cloud, or in our favorite social, is awesome, but it c

AsishRaju 450-DSA Cracker 🚀 Overview 👀 Topic wise question search 🔍 Topic wise progress 🧐 Complete local storage 📂 Mobile first design ✌🏻 Clean UI ⚡ What

AndrewPrifer React Three Editable React Three Editable is a library for React and react-three-fiber that lets you edit your scene in a visual editor while requirin

spite Experiments for digital #inktober 2020 Explorations on cross-hatching, engraving, and similar non-photorealistic rendering. Build with WebGL and three

heyesr RGraph is an Open Source JavaScript charts library for websites. It was started in 2008 and now has support for over 60 responsive chart types across SVG and canvas, multiple data-source import capability, animations, JSON, AJAX s

MyCryptoHQ gas-estimation EIP-1559 gas estimation library, using the estimation strategy of MyCrypto. The library does not depend on a third-party API but rather

ecomfe Liquid Fill Chart for Apache ECharts

finetwork-os Fi UI React components library, initially for Finetwork projects. Built on top of Radix-UI primitive components as base components in order to have ac

tifannyknox mapeamento-dos-estados-municipios-brasileiros Mapa do Brasil com os principais Estados/Municipios brasileiros O mapa contém: Nome do Estado/Munícipio;

ranyitz 🏷 Relabel Interactive bulk renaming tool Why I missed the same search & replace the experience that we have in the IDE for code. Current solutions do

oslabs-beta FlowKat An open source tool for inspecting the flow of your Kafka messages Table of Contents Features Demo Installation Team FlowKat License Features

Ella-Hoeppner Vlojure is a visual programming interface for ClojureScript. You can use vlojure by visiting in your browser. Local Development To work on

0x4bd0 Pathfinding visualizer, using A* search algorithm.

DerSchmale Instant Googly Eyes for ThreeJS!

Zhirrr Islamic Api V2 - Zhirrr Islamic Api V2 adalah Api yang berisi data2 islami yang lebih lengkap daripada versi sebelumnya, yaitu Api Islamic yang pernah

z3tt  Beyond Bar and Box Plots                          Slides and hands-on codes for my talk at the USGS Community for Data Integration and USGS Data Scie

mattpocock A development tool to chart application flows, then implement them in code

loo41 Visual Layout Low Code Platform

chartbrew Open-source web platform for creating charts out of different data sources (databases and APIs) 📈📊

oslabs-beta A visual overview of Kubernetes architecture and Prometheus metrics.

neesjanvaneck VOSviewer Online is a tool for network visualization. It is a web-based version of VOSviewer, a popular tool for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks.

webis-de Summary Explorer is a tool to visually inspect the summaries from several state-of-the-art neural summarization models across multiple datasets. It provides a guided assessment of summary quality dimensions such as coverage, faith

org-roam Org-Roam-UI is a frontend for exploring and interacting with your org-roam notes.

jerosoler Simple flow library 🖥️🖱️Drawflow allows you to create data flows easily and quickly.

peterhanania A fully customizable discord bot with over 183 commands, 12 categories, and a fully customizable dashboard.