Data Visualization

Data visualization tools for the web.

Newest releases

Aqro A vanishing effect for particles and magic lovers using Threejs, GSAP and custom shaders.

rossning92 Head Tracked 3D Display

LingDong- Squiggy is a lightweight vector brushstroke library. It has a set of configurable components that helps you build very customizable brushes. It is small (~17KB) and does not have dependencies.

janosh Random collection of 104 standalone TikZ images accumulated over the years. Mostly about physics and machine learning.

honzaap A system design tool that allows you to simulate data flow of distributed systems.

wmitsuda A blazingly fast, local, Ethereum block explorer built on top of Erigon

Netflix The Netflix Data Explorer tool allows users to explore data stored in several popular datastores (currently Cassandra, Dynomite, and Redis).

andronov04 🖼️ Generate Piet Mondrian Art

thu-vis JittorVis is an open-source library for understanding the inner workings of Jittor models by visually illustrating their dataflow graphs.

megagonlabs Data programming by demonstration for information extraction and span annotation

sadanandpai Responsive visualizer built using React for popular algorithms

woj-ciech Create visualization from Shodan query

MarkMindLtd A local-first, non-linear, outliner and mind map tool

marcusraitner Dieses Scriptable-Skript erzeugt ein Widget, das den Verlauf der 7-Tage-Inzidenz und die Auslastung der Intensivbetten am aktuellen Standort anzeigt. Zusätzlich angezeigt wird der aktuelle Wert der 7-Tage-Inzidenz des zugehörigen

PAIR-code Know Your Data is a tool to help researchers, engineers, product teams and decision makers understand datasets with the goal of improving data quality, as well as helping mitigate fairness and bias issues.

sonnylazuardi Convert your design to 3D Globe. Create an Interactive 3D globe based on your flat world map design.

haishanh The site is served with HTTP not HTTPS is because many browsers block requests to HTTP resources from a HTTPS website. If you think it's not safe, you could just download the zip of the gh-pages, unzip and o

fireship-io 3D Scrolling Portfolio Website with Three.js

GoodManWEN Automaticlly updated language performance banchmarks in visualization. Data source from debian's the computer language benchmakrs game.

lana-k Sqliteviz is a single-page offline-first PWA for fully client-side visualisation of SQLite databases or CSV files.

iheyunfei no-graph lets you see the connections between pages by Relationship Chart

looeee Repo for the book Discover three.js!

thoughtspile Grafar is a javascript library for reactive, 3D mathematical visualization (data visualization capabilities coming sometime). Built on top of WebGL (via Three.js).

observablehq Observable Plot is a JavaScript library for exploratory data visualization.

dynamicwebpaige Thinking in Data is a curated set of VS Code extensions for data analysis, visualization, and collaboration, inspired by and including the brilliant Thinking in Code extension pack. If you are a data scientist or machine learning

rururu Simulation and modelling environment for virtual sailing.

metricsgraphics MetricsGraphics is a library built for visualizing and laying out time-series data. At around 15kB (gzipped), it provides a simple way to produce common types of graphics in a principled and consistent way. The library currently s

casouri To use vundo, type M-x vundo RET in the buffer you want to undo. A undo tree buffer should pop up. To move around, type: f to go forward b to

brianpeiris model-browser is a command line tool available on npm, for browsing local 3D models via a web browser. It currently only supports GLB files.

hyperledger Hyperledger Explorer is a simple, powerful, easy-to-use, well maintained, open source utility to browse activity on the underlying blockchain network. Users have the ability to configure and build Hyperledger Explorer on MacOS and

nextapps-de Professional window manager for the web: lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies, fully customizable, open source! Demo  •  Getting Star

estevanmaito A multi theme, completely accessible, with components and pages examples, ready for production dashboard.

scale-tone az-func-as-a-graph Visualizes your Azure Functions project in form of a graph. Accepts links to GitHub public repos or local paths (in which case you'