Data Visualization

Data visualization tools for the web.

Newest releases

spreadshirt Interactively explore metrics, create shortcuts for common metrics and reference existing visualizations.

SebastianZimmer NENO is a note-taking app that helps you creating your personal knowledge graph. With NENO, you retain full control over your data because you decide where it is stored: On your local machine, on a cloud storage of your choice, or

maxboeck An analytics dashboard for data.

TomHsiao1260 🦠 A cool Three.js and WebGL practice

antvis 🚀 JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering.

byt3bl33d3r Generate graphs with NetworkX, natively visualize with D3.js and pywebview

imgcook iMove is a logic-reusable, function-oriented and process-visualized JavaScript tool library.

hmans three-elements is a set of Web Components-powered custom HTML elements for building Three.js-powered games and interactive experiences.

michael-danello Data and Visualizations on all your 2020 iMessages

michael-danello Visualizing and Exploring iMessage data

jalal246 Folo: Form and Layout JavaScript Components

nhn 🍞📊 Beautiful chart for data visualization.

palerdot ⚛️React library for showing speedometer like gauge using d3.

tengge1 Cross-platform 3D scene editor based on three.js, golang and mongodb for desktop and web.

optuna Real-time dashboard for Optuna.

Jannchie Easily create data visualization animation videos

jones2000 HQChart - H5, 微信小程序 沪深/港股/数字货币/期货/美股 K线图(kline),走势图,缩放,拖拽,十字光标,画图工具,截图,筹码图. 分析家语法,(麦语法),第3方数据替换接口

boytchev Mannequin.js is a simple library of an articulated mannequin figure. The shape of the figure and its movements are done purely in JavaScript. The graphics is implemented in Three.js.

maplibre MapLibre GL is a community led fork derived from mapbox-gl-js prior to their switch to a non-OSS license.

aws-samples Amazon Lookout for Vision is a machine learning (ML) service that spots defects and anomalies in visual representations using computer vision (CV).

hot3eed objtree - tree but for Objective-C messages

kdpsingh Introducing R in JavaScript, a way to insert R code directly into websites, powered by OpenCPU.

Kanaries 自动化数据探索分析和智能可视化设计应用. Automatic insights discovery and visualization for data analysis.

mladenilic Drop-in replacement for Arduino's serial monitor with variable watches.

varkor quiver: A modern commutative diagram editor for the web.

alibaba 🦋Butterfly,A JavaScript Diagramming library which concentrate on flow layout field

rxjs-debug RxJS-Debug provides a single utility function to debug complicated RxJS streams. It visualizes the piped-operators, subscriptions and completion.

doersino A minimalist three-dimensional coding environment. Control 8x8x8 dots with a single JavaScript function.

geealbers Traditional U.S. electoral maps not only illustrate polarization, they can exacerbate it. No state is strictly red or blue, they are all shades of purple.

ooade Unstack Conf workshop on State machines and State charts

aphp A web application to find patients, build cohorts and visualize data

oceanprotocol 🦑 Ocean Protocol's Data Partners list

vega Vega-Lite provides a higher-level grammar for visual analysis that generates complete Vega specifications.