Data Visualization

Data visualization tools for the web.

Newest releases

brpapa 🌳 Input the javascript code of any recursive function and visualize your recursion tree

maximousblk Console ASCII line charts with no dependencies

ruilisi Chart Pangu is a helm chart template which inherits from the default template, but brings many conveniences originated from our daily devops. You can safely use it as the starting point of your helm chart since it is well tested.

edemaine Cocreate is a web-based shared whiteboard tool for drawing, teaching, and brainstorming together with others.

awslabs Diagram Maker is a library to display an interactive editor for any graph-like data.

david-holuck virtual blog web application

ycw Constructing shapes from glyphs at runtime for three.js.

ryohey A friendly music sequencer application built with web technology.

AdamNaj This custom panel can display your Z-Wave topology (as available to the system) in Home Assistant

Abhi-Gautam A pathfinder visualizer in Flutter. Create mazes, generate random walls, or draw your own walls and see the pathfinding algorithms in action

SIY1121 Play breakout with the GitHub contributions graph!

rainbow-me Set of components and helpers for building complex and beautifully animated charts

prometheus-community This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The code is provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features.

servermonk Visualize working of standard graph algorithms, and get good grasp of their working and traversal through all the nodes.

XSaintX This project finds the friend's reference to work in a specific company, first you choose any user and then the company where you want to work and when you press the show button shows a graphic with the friend's relation from init

react-spring Placing content in THREE.js is hard. react-three-flex brings the webs flexbox spec to react-three-fiber. It is based on Yoga, Facebook's open source layout engine for react-native.

anvaka Visualizing forces acting on nodes during force layout

kikoano Dynamically translate HTML and CSS to A-Frame 3D world for virtual reality.

ciaochaos QRBTF is a simple web app to beautify your QR code.

cloudhut Kafka WebUI for exploring messages, consumers. configurations and more with a focus on a good UI & UX.

woowa-techcamp-2020 A simple HTML chart generator that helps you easily create simple yet elegant HTML charts just in a second.This library aims to intentionally leverage the power of CSS and DOM API provided by the browsers natively.

wiwikuan Minimal piano keyboard visualizer for your videos and livestreams!

FabDevGit Bar chart race online editor

Domenicobrz Screen space refraction through depth peeling in threejs

JordanKnott A free & open source alternative project management tool.

iendeavor Visualize the JSON object to the DOM.

benyasin A highly customizable org tree built with d3.js v5

francisengelmann PyViz3D is a python package to visualize 3D scenes directly in your browser.

kninnug A small library for constraining triangulations from Delaunator

mithi Blazing fast hexapod robot simulator with React and Plotly.

gipsy-king A small library to display just one type of charts: radar charts, also known as web chart, spider chart, spider web chart, star chart, star plot, cobweb chart, irregular polygon, polar chart, or Kiviat diagram.

LeandroSQ Devolve as informações retiradas do site do ministério da saúde

schochastics Using the java script library rough.js to draw sketchy, hand-drawn-like networks.