:european_castle: All the things you didn't know you wanted to know about data structures

Welcome to Itsy Bitsy Data Structures! In here are super simplified examples of many of the common data structures written in easy to read JavaScript. Reading through the guided code will help you learn about what data structures are, w

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jeffzh4ng A collection of classical data structures and algorithms implemented in Typescript. Click the 📹 emoji for tutorials. View the entire series in order here.

xFAANG AskQL is a new query and programming language that can express any data request.

bloodyowl A ReScript variant type to represent async data

sindresorhus You should use this package instead of an array if you do a lot of Array#push() and Array#shift() on large arrays, since Array#shift() has linear time complexity O(n) while Queue#dequeue() has constant time complexity O(1). That makes a huge difference for large arrays.

pbeshai Tidy up your data with JavaScript! Inspired by dplyr and the tidyverse, tidy.js attempts to bring the ergonomics of data manipulation from R to javascript (and typescript).