It is a repository that is a collection of algorithms and data structures with implementation in various languages.

Welcome to Algorithm and Data Structure Notes 📋 Our open source community is focussed on understanding the concepts and while doing so, whenever someone gets trapped, they can see one way to code in any language they w

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xFAANG AskQL is a new query and programming language that can express any data request.

bloodyowl A ReScript variant type to represent async data

sindresorhus You should use this package instead of an array if you do a lot of Array#push() and Array#shift() on large arrays, since Array#shift() has linear time complexity O(n) while Queue#dequeue() has constant time complexity O(1). That makes a huge difference for large arrays.

pbeshai Tidy up your data with JavaScript! Inspired by dplyr and the tidyverse, tidy.js attempts to bring the ergonomics of data manipulation from R to javascript (and typescript).

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